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Milgard Windows & Doors are well known and renowned for their beauty, energy efficiency, and lifetime warranty. They have a wide variety of products to meet any home renovation needs.

You have reached our Support and Services page. Here you can find answers to your window and door related questions in our FAQ section, read about Milgard’s full lifetime warranty, or contact us with a specific question or concern via our contact form.

Window & Door FAQs

Below you can find answers to some frequently asked questions on windows and patio doors. If your questions or concerns aren’t adequately answered here, please refer to our contact form and we will get back to you within one business day.

General Questions Regarding Milgard Products

How Do I Locate my Milgard Sales Number?

The sales order number is located in the top left or right corner of your window or patio door, printed on the metal spacer between the glass panels. Having this number ready before calling customer service is essential to ensuring a speedy customer service process. The customer service representative will be able to pull up all the pertinent information on your Milgard product and will be able to more quickly and easily assist you with all your needs regarding your window or patio door.

How Do I Measure Window and Door Screens?

Measuring window and patio door screens for replacement or general reference is simple. Carefully remove the screen, and using a tape measure, directly measure the length and width of the screen. For information on how to safely remove a window screen without injuring yourself or causing damage to the screen or its frame, please refer to the FAQ below, “How do I remove a window screen?” Be sure to measure both along the top and the bottom of the screen, not only across the middle but also both sides from the corner to the parallel corner. It is important to measure this way because of the possibility of a warped or damaged screen. Do not measure diagonally. Measure from the outside edge to the corresponding outside edge; do not measure the mesh itself. Be sure to measure two or three times to ensure that your measurements are accurate, and write down your results each time.

How Do I Check for Condensation in My Windows or Glass Doors?

Milgard windows are double or triple-glazed, which means that there are multiple panes of glass that are very close to one another in each window or patio door. These windows and patio doors are designed to resist the buildup of moisture between these glass panels because chronic moisture between these panels can result in many problems like mold or mildew. It is therefore important to inspect your windows periodically and make sure the inevitable condensation on your windows and patio doors is on the interior or exterior of the home and not inside the glass panels. If the condensation is inside or outside the house, it’s best to clean it off with a household glass cleaner. If the condensation is between the glass panels, you should contact a Milgard professional as soon as possible to have your window or patio door replaced.

How Do I Clean a Milgard Window or Patio Door?

Cleaning your Milgard windows and patio doors is a simple, easy task. All you need to do is clean the frame with a  mild soap-and-water solution, a soft brush, and a cloth. To clean the glass, you should use a common household glass cleaner of your choice and paper towels. Safety glasses and gloves are advised. This video guide will instruct you on how best to maintain the cleanliness of your Milgard windows and patio doors.

Hinged Windows

How do I Adjust a Hinged Window?

Over time, tectonic shifting causes the foundation of a building to “settle,” or sink in places. This results in window and door frames no longer in their original shape and this can cause serious damage to your windows, doors, and walls.

At worst, and at best, it can cause gaps around doors and windows that let in drafts. Here we provide a guide video for you on how to adjust your casement and awning windows. Don’t forget your protective equipment. For this, you will need a Milgard Adjustment Wrench, safety goggles, and gloves.

How Do I Clean & Lubricate My Hinged Window?

General maintenance on your windows especially hinged windows like casement and awning windows, varies in practice depending on the climate, the moisture content in the air, and a number of other factors. We advise that you perform maintenance on your hinged windows at least once a year, if not, twice a year. This video guide will walk you through the process. Be prepared with the proper tools and protective equipment. In this case, you will need a sponge, a mild soap-and-water solution, silicone, lithium grease, safety glasses, and gloves.

Sliding Windows

How Do I Install and Adjust Rollers on a Sliding Window?

Here we provide you a guide video on how to adjust the rollers on your horizontal sliding window to ensure a smooth operation for as long as you have the window in your home. As always, you should remember to have the required tools and personal protective equipment ready. For this adjustment, you should have a flathead screwdriver, silicone spray, paper towels, safety glasses, and gloves.

How Do I Maintain My Sliding Window?

To perform proper routine maintenance on your sliding windows, refer to this video guide. You will need a putty knife, a pipe cleaner, a mallet, and a soft block of wood. You will also need a non-abrasive cloth, soap, and water. As always, the use of safety glasses and gloves is advised. Always be careful and be attentive when performing window and door maintenance.

Double Hung Windows

How to Remove and Reinsert a Double Hung Window Sash

Replacing the sash or both sashes of a double-hung window requires more involvement than replacing single hung windows, so be very careful when performing this kind of maintenance.  Refer to this guide video for instructions on how to do this.

How to Operate a Milgard Vinyl Double Hung Window

To operate a Milgard double-hung window, refer to the guide video on how to operate a vinyl double hung window. The process is simple and the video is easy to follow. Enjoy your double-hung windows and be sure to operate them per manufacturer guidelines.

General Maintenance

How do I remove a window screen?

You may need to remove your window screen for a number of practical or aesthetic reasons. Whether you need to remove the screen from your window or patio door to clean or otherwise perform maintenance work on your window, or because you want a clearer view, or because you need to get measurements for a replacement screen, it’s important to remove the screen carefully to avoid injuring yourself and avoid damaging the screen. For safety, we advise the use of gloves and safety glasses.

To remove the screen from your window or patio door, simply push gently on the frame of the screen and lift the clear plastic screen tabs, then carefully pull the screen out of the grooves of the window or patio door track. To reinstall the screen would be just as simple: simply slide the screen back into the grooves, push on the screen to compress the springs, and gently push in on the plastic screen tabs. Then let go of the screen and it will fall back into place.

How Do I Replace a Balance?

A prerequisite question to this may be, “What is a window balance?” In simplest terms, window balances are located on either side of a window in the track to ensure smooth operation of a window. The balances make it so that both sides of the window sash move up or down at the same time, such that the window does not jam due to one side sliding up or down more quickly than the other. Without the balances, the window sash would become crooked and it would be far more difficult to open and close the window. In times past, window balances used an elaborate system of weights and pulleys. These days, most window balances employ a spring-loaded mechanism. These are called “channel balances”. To replace the channel balance, follow this video guide. For this task, you will need a flathead screwdriver, gloves, and safety glasses. Always exercise caution when performing window maintenance.

How Do I Replace a Window Balance Shoe?

The window balance shoe is a small plastic piece on the inner edge of the window sash which helps the window move up and down along the balances. To replace the balance shoe is quite simple. All you need is a flathead screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, gloves, and safety glasses. Refer to this video guide and use due caution.

How Do I Properly Remove My Single Hung Window Sash?

To properly and safely remove the window sash from your single hung window, you will need a flathead screwdriver, gloves, and safety glasses. Located at the top corners of the window track, you will notice two metal clips. These are the takeout clips. Using the flathead screwdriver, flip the takeout clips up to a forty-five-degree angle. Remove the plastic sash stops which are also located at the top corners of the window and lift the window sash up until you feel it disengage. Carefully lift the sash out from the window and move  to the side.

How Do I Replace My Vinyl Awning Window Operator?

To replace your awning window operator you will need a Phillips head screwdriver. It is advised that you wear gloves and safety glasses when performing this maintenance.

Replacing Window Locks

How do I replace my Milgard Positive Action Lock?

To replace your Positive Action Lock requires only minimal effort.  For this, you will need a putty knife, a Phillips head screwdriver, safety glasses, and gloves. Refer to this video guide and exercise caution.

How Do I Replace My Milgard SmartTouch Lock?

While more involvement is somewhat required to replace your SmartTouch lock, it is still quite straightforward.

All you will need for this process is a Phillips head screwdriver. The use of gloves and safety glasses is advised. Refer to this video guide and you shouldn’t have any significant difficulty.

How to Replace Your Milgard Ultra Series Sash Lock

When removing and replacing your sash lock, do exercise caution and refer to this video guide, following it step-by-step. You will need a putty knife, a Phillips head screwdriver, gloves, and safety glasses.

How to Reinstall a Loose Glazing Bead

The glazing bead is the thin layer of vinyl or other material located along the inner part of the frame of the window sash.

Its purpose is to block out drafts and generally improve the thermal efficiency of your window.

If your glazing bead comes loose or for some other reason needs to be replaced, refer to this video guide. As always, be careful and use appropriate safety equipment and tools.


At US Window & Door, we take care of our customers. Not only do we provide quality services and products, but we continue to provide support and services for whatever you need after installation. As such, we want to make sure you are taken care of by offering a full lifetime warranty for the products we use. Moreover, we have made it as simple and as easy as possible for you to access the details of this warranty. This page provides all pertinent details about Milgard’s full lifetime warranty.

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