Sliding Glass Patio Doors
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Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Check out our wide variety of glass sliding doors including pocket sliding doors, bi-fold sliding doors, and 4-panel sliding doors to meet any design or style.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors San Diego

Get the elegance and appearance of French doors with the convenience of sliding glass doors. See our wide selection of quality sliding glass patio doors San Diego.

Why Should You Choose Sliding Glass Doors for Your Patio?

Sliding glass patio doors offer the elegant and sophisticated look of classic French doors with the convenience and superior design inherent in a sliding glass door. This style of a patio door gives a modern look and feel to your San Diego home. It offers  better security and withstands severe weather far better than typical French doors.

What Are Some Differences Between Sliding Glass Doors and Other Types of Patio Doors?

While there are several different styles of patio doors, sliding glass doors are distinct for a number of reasons. Typical French doors open inward or outward, and allow more light to come through and fill your home. It provides  a far more expansive view of the landscape outside your home so that you can enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your own home. This makes for a much more open feel, even when the doors are shut, and makes it possible to marvel at the beautiful view of rolling dark clouds over the surface of the ocean, or the rolling hills of an expansive field, or even the view of the bustling city beneath your towering downtown flat. All in all, sliding glass doors are an ideal addition to your home to make for a freer feeling within the confines of your four walls, no matter  your setting and location. We are here to make your experience of choosing and getting the right door for you as smooth as possible.

Latching and Locking Mechanisms in Sliding Glass Doors

The latching mechanisms in a typical French door are similar to those of a conventional interior door however, it comes in pairs. As a result, the latch and lock do not slide into a door frame, but into another door; whereas a sliding glass door latches more securely into a door frame with one or two metal hook latches, providing better home security. You can also lock these doors in a vented position for both security and airflow.


Sliding glass doors are weatherproofed using superior weatherstripping in the frame and the edge of the door. This further helps seal out cold or heat from the outside, while also sealing in the cold and heat you want to keep in your house. In addition to the energy-efficiency inherent to all our products, weatherstripping literally and figuratively seals the deal, making a truly optimal weather-proof experience and maximizing the comfort of your home.

Head and Sill Slides

Sliding glass doors are set in two slides, one on top (the head) and one on the bottom (the sill), which hold the door securely in place without fear of it lifting out. This not only makes for better home security against intruders but also helps the doors withstand severe weather conditions without being damaged. This makes them the superior choice for any coastal areas or any other areas prone to strong  weather and high winds.

Milgard Styles Offered for Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio doors are available from Milgard has these styles at this time: Tuscany Series, and Ultra Series. Each has its unique benefits for your San Diego home, both practical and aesthetic. No matter which style you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Each of our products is Energy Star rated, made from reliable materials, expertly installed by our highly-trained professionals, and is sure to be a beautiful conversation-starter for your home.  Listed below are various aspects that make Milgard the right choice of sliding glass door for you.

Tuscany Series Sliding Glass Doors

The Tuscany Series sliding glass door is a beautiful, sturdy and energy-efficient option. It lends a modern look and feel to your home and is expertly designed to allow an optimal amount of light into your home. As with all our patio doors, this option is secure and is covered under the Milgard Lifetime Warranty, which includes glass breakage coverage.

Ultra Series Sliding Glass Doors

Our Ultra Series is the fully-fiberglass option. Fiberglass is an excellent material for any window frame or glass door frame and is made from glass fibers and resin. It withstands the test of time, every time. It is a reliable and inexpensive option, and our Ultra Series sliding glass doors are a beautiful and modern choice for your patio. Fiberglass is a sturdy and energy-efficient material that helps insulate your home from harsh weather all year-round.

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Additional Options for Your Sliding Glass Patio Doors

In addition to our three style series, we also offer other customization and optimization options for your doors, including obscured glass, and grid options.

Obscured Glass

Obscured glass is glass that is intentionally made difficult to see through. This is done by sand-blasting or acid-etching the glass to create a blurring effect so that vision through the glass is obscured, but so that light still passes through. This is ideal for settings in which privacy is a key concern. Obscured glass is often chosen for use in the exterior window of a bathroom or a shower door. However, if you prefer to choose this option for a sliding glass door in your home, whether it is for the patio or anywhere else, we would be more than happy to oblige.

Grid Options

You can choose from several grid options for your sliding glass doors if you prefer a grid, or else you can maintain the modern look of a single-pane appearance in your doors. Grid options vary for each of the three style series offered. You can choose between two internal grid options, meaning that the grid is in-between the two panes of glass – the flat (or plain) grid and the sculptured (or beveled) grid. You can also choose an external grid option, meaning that the grid is on top of the glass, offering a more textured look and feel and lending more character to your doors.

The Ultra Series comes with six grid options – three internal and three external – all varying somewhat in thickness and design, with different bevels at the edges. Lastly, the Tuscany Series comes with three grid options, two internal and one external, again with the same flat grid and sculptured grid. Whatever grid you choose, you inevitably add a great deal of beauty to your home, in addition to the beauty already contributed by the patio doors themselves. A grid can add a more classical and structured feel to your doors and is a great customizable option in general.

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Energy-Efficient Glass

We are proud to offer energy-efficient glass to make your sliding glass patio doors even more ideal for use in your home. Energy-efficient glass helps  insulate your home and keep your energy costs down, saving you money every year. Energy-efficient glass is formulated to slow the process of temperature changes inside your home due to exterior weather conditions, using multiple panes of glass filled with a harmless, odorless gas which facilitates the efficiency of your patio door and sealed with a spacer containing a desiccant to prevent moisture buildup. The glass also has a special coating to block and absorb short-wave and long-wave radiation from the sun, keeping your San Diego home cool in the summer and warm in the winter and protecting your belongings from sun damage.

Together with the superior frame materials in each of these three style series, our energy-efficient glass makes for a significant upgrade in what is already the best choice you could make in terms of a patio door.

STC (Noise-Reducing) Glass

Whether you live in a noisy, high-traffic area like a big city, or by the ocean with the tendency for high winds and severe weather, you may choose our STC (Sound Transmission Class) glass option. This addition to your patio door is essential if you are sensitive to noises. By using thicker, more massive glass, and by putting a larger space between the panes, we can help reduce the amount of sound transmitted into your home. The thicker glass muffles sound far better than glass with standard thickness, and the space between the glass allows for more dissipation of whatever is left of the sound waves entering your house after that.

Full Lifetime Warranty on All Patio Doors

All of our sliding glass patio doors are under Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty, which includes coverage for glass breakage. Milgard will also repair or replace any part of the purchased product, for as long as the purchaser owns his or her home. This warranty extends to ten (10) years from the date the purchased product was installed, and is transferable to successive owners within that time frame, all free of charge. Milgard will pay for all costs regarding parts and labor under this warranty. While this exact warranty applies only to most of our products, and not all, every sliding glass patio door does fall under this warranty and is fully covered. Again, this includes glass breakage coverage.

When the installation of your Milgard product has been completed, US Window & Door will provide you with a copy of your warranty. When you receive your copy of the warranty, it’s very important to register your warranty so that we have your information on file to make your repair process smoother. We want to make your experience as simple and easy as possible at every opportunity, so if you ever do lose your copy of the warranty, you can always go to to find a copy of your warranty. All you need to do is answer three questions regarding the time frame of the installation of your patio door, and the form will provide you with a link to the PDF version of your warranty.

We look forward to taking care of all of your sliding glass patio door needs. Every installation is custom and US Window & Door is happy to provide a quote. Call us today for a free in-home estimate for your sliding glass patio doors in San Diego. Thank you for choosing US Window & Door.

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