Horizontal Sliders

Horizontal Sliders

US Window & Door provides horizontal sliding windows in San Diego. Our Horizontal Sliders come in aluminum, Vinyl, and more. Horizontal windows open sideways.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Choosing the right windows for your home or office is extremely important. Aside from being a reflection of your style, choosing the right windows can drastically improve the overall curb appeal and increase the market value of your real estate, as well as significantly lower your electricity bills by improving energy efficiency. With so many options available on the market today, finding the windows that are just right for you can also be somewhat difficult.

Horizontal sliding windows, also known as patio windows, are the most common choice in a wide variety of homes. They consist of two sashes in a single frame that can slide left and right or be opened simultaneously for maximum ventilation. Some people prefer these windows over crank-style variants since they’re easier to open. Horizontal sliding windows can be used in many different ways to make your San Diego home more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking to give your home or office a modern look, horizontal sliding windows are a great choice. They work great in all spaces, from kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms.


Horizontal sliding windows offer many benefits over other types of windows. Most importantly, horizontal sliding windows open and close without protruding, which means they don’t require any extra space for operation. This makes them a popular option for walkways, porches, patios or any scenario where a classic window just won’t work. They’re also a great choice for areas that need to be ventilated quickly and efficiently, like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Since their operation requires minimum effort, horizontal sliding windows are a great option in areas where you need ventilation but the window is somewhat hard to reach.

If a room has more horizontal than vertical space available, a horizontal sliding window will fit without looking like it’s out of place. One large horizontal sliding window can cover the same wall area as several other windows of a different type, which can generally cut down costs. As horizontal sliding windows don’t protrude beyond their frame, it’s easy to add insect or security screens. Finally, horizontal sliding windows are incredibly easy to maintain. The panes are usually removable, which allows you to easily clean both sides of the glass safely from inside your home.

Milgard Horizontal Sliding Windows

A manufacturer that’s well known and renowned for the quality of its products, energy efficiency and lifetime warranty, Milgard offers a variety of products to meet your needs, whether you’re remodeling or building your dream home. Combined with US Window & Door’s five-star installation and a lifetime warranty on labor, you have a perfect team for any home improvement. With endless options and combinations of styles, colors, grids, and coating, Milgard offers horizontal sliding windows in the following product lines:

Tuscany Series

Top of the line, premium vinyl windows, designed with the customer in mind. Elegant design with unlimited possibilities.

♦ Milgard’s proprietary vinyl formula for exceptional results

♦ Innovative and convenient SmartTouch® Lock

♦ Even sightlines that provide a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look

♦ An ENERGY STAR® specification customized for your region for an energy-efficient home

♦ Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty which includes Glass Breakage Coverage

Trinsic Series

Trinsic Series is a modern vinyl window designed with a narrow frame, featuring an expansive glass area for modern home design.

♦ A modern narrow frame for an unobstructed view

♦ Even sightlines that provide a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look

♦ Low profile hardware, designed exclusively for this series, that practically disappears from view

♦ An ENERGY STAR® specification customized for your region for an energy-efficient home

♦ Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty for your comfort and peace of mind

Style Line Series

The clean lines of Style Line Series help breathe new life into your space, making it more comfortable and allowing you to enjoy the view of the outdoors. Style Line Series offers:

♦ Milgard’s proprietary vinyl formula for exceptional results

♦ A Positive Action lock to operate your windows with a single motion

♦ Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty for your comfort and peace of mind

Ultra Series

Stunning, high-performance fiberglass windows will help you create the home you always dreamed of. If you’re looking for unmatched durability coupled with exceptional beauty, Ultra Series offers:

  • a robust fiberglass frame resistant to swelling, rotting, and warping
  • attractive window hardware that is durable, secure, and easy to operate
  • an ENERGY STAR® specification customized for your region for an energy-efficient home
  • Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty which includes Glass Breakage Coverage

Aluminum Series

Milgard Aluminum Series can provide a contemporary, yet timeless look for your home. Aluminum’s exceptional durability makes it a great choice for larger windows that still retain sleek frames. Aluminum Series offers:

♦ Narrow sightlines to highlight expansive views

♦ Sealed, mechanically-joined corners that keep their shape over time

♦ Milgard SunCoat® Low-E glass for improved energy efficiency

♦ Thermally improved aluminum which offers less heat/cold transfer, improving insulation ability

♦ Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty

Quiet Line Series

Engineered for ultimate sound control, Quiet Line windows ensure any noise stays outside, keeping your home quiet at all times. Quiet Line Series offers:

♦ Milgard’s proprietary vinyl formula for exceptional results

♦ A Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of up to 48, based on glazing options you can choose

♦ Standard SunCoatTM Low E insulating glass for energy efficiency

♦ A 10-year warranty

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Aside from selecting the frame material, size and placement of your horizontal sliding windows, you should always keep an eye on quality to ensure your windows will serve you for decades to come. Consider the following factors:

♦ Operation

Horizontal sliding windows contain two sashes that can slide either left or right, as well as open at the same time. Pay attention to how smooth the operation is, as horizontal sliding windows can often be placed in locations that are somewhat hard to reach.

♦ Security

Check the lock system if present. Depending on the size and placement of horizontal sliding windows, there’s usually nothing to worry about. Since no two installations are the same, security shouldn’t be ignored. It’s important to note that Milgard’s products meet or exceed California’s forced entry codes.

♦ Ease of Maintenance

Windows with a wooden frame need to be painted or stained after a certain period. Being exposed to moisture and/or varying temperatures, they also may warp. On the other hand, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum frames require little to no maintenance. It’s still important to choose the color carefully as repainting these materials can be somewhat challenging. Horizontal sliding windows have removable panes, which makes cleaning both sides of the glass a lot easier than any other type of window.

♦ Energy Efficiency

Make sure the windows you select are well insulated and are built with energy efficiency in mind. Going “green” is becoming more and more important, so most windows currently on the market include some energy-efficient options. Horizontal sliding windows can provide better energy efficiency than some other types of windows. Their construction is simple, they’re easy to operate and there aren’t many parts that stand in the way of a tight seal. That means there’s no heat transfer between the inside and the outside of your home. Energy-efficient windows can be a great investment and even pay for themselves over time by reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

♦ Frame Materials

The material you choose for your window’s frame plays an essential role in deciding which horizontal sliding window is the ideal option for your San Diego home. Every frame material has unique benefits and characteristics that distinguish it from the rest. We’ll briefly cover the most important benefits of each frame material.

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Benefits of Vinyl Horizontal Sliding Windows

♦ Affordable

♦ Energy efficient

♦ Weather resistant

Offering fantastic protection, vinyl is a great choice for horizontal sliding windows. Homeowners in Southern California choose vinyl window frames for their durability and stability. Vinyl is formed together with heat-welded joints, making the windows resistant to weather changes. These windows are also energy-efficient, meeting or exceeding ENERGY STAR® requirements. Vinyl is also relatively inexpensive and requires a minimal amount of maintenance. US Windows & Doors sells and installs horizontal sliding windows from Milgard’s Tuscany, Trinsic and Style Line Series. These windows are architecturally elegant and sound, with three internal and eleven external color options to choose from. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line horizontal sliding windows in San Diego, Milgard’s vinyl windows sold and professionally installed by US Window & Door are the solution for you.

Benefits of Fiberglass Horizontal Sliding Windows

♦ Incredibly durable

♦ Stunning design

Fiberglass window frames are a relatively new option on the market. People usually go for fiberglass window frames because of their endurance and longevity, knowing that these windows will be reliable for decades. US Window & Door also installs fiberglass horizontal sliding windows from Milgard’s Ultra Series. Both lines of products offer various combinations of styles, colors, and grids to complement any San Diego design. Each fiberglass horizontal sliding window comes with SunCoat® Low-E insulated glass, which regulates the temperature inside your home while keeping out damaging sun rays. If you’re considering fiberglass sliding windows, Milgard Ultra Series provides unmatched durability and comfort.

Benefits of Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows

♦ Great budget option

♦ High durability

♦ Ideal for large windows and doors

Aluminum frame provides a modern look while still complementing the home’s traditional architecture. It’s a solid material for its weight because the process of extruding the aluminum frames reinforces the metal. Aluminum is three times stronger than vinyl and more than forty times stronger than wood. US Window & Door proudly sells and installs high-quality horizontal sliding windows from Milgard’s Aluminum Series. In addition to the standard model, Milgard offers thermally improved aluminum windows with increased energy efficiency. These windows include a thermal barrier between the exterior and interior glass panels which reduces the heat transfer to a minimum.

Choose the Best

Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty is unmatched in the industry. They promise to repair or replace any defect in material, as well as cover the costs of all parts and labor as long as the product buyer is the homeowner. They also provide glass breakage coverage for certain product lines. In other words, as long as you own the home, your Milgard products are covered, including parts and labor. Even if you sell your home, the full warranty coverage extends for ten years from the effective date of installation to the successive owners, absolutely free of charge. These benefits provide peace of mind for you and eliminate any future concerns you may have over replacements or repairs.

US Window & Door is a reliable, insured, independent family business and one of the oldest exclusive window and door replacement companies in Southern California. We’ve spent over 30 years honing our skills when it comes to window installations and replacements. We take pride in our work, as excellence and customer service are our main focus points. We only work with the best materials and the highest quality models on the market while adhering to all industry standards. That’s the only way to be sure our products will last for decades to come. Our team is fully licensed, so we promise a smooth purchase and an installation process that has been refined over three decades. On top of that, you get the assistance of an AMMA-certified installer that doesn’t rely on the work of subcontractors to get the job done.

Contact us at any time if you have questions, feel free to request an online quote to get started or call for a free in-home evaluation and estimate for your project.

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