How To Replace Your Milgard Positive Action Lock

How To Replace Your Milgard Positive Action Lock

Is your Positive Action Lock on your Milgard window malfunctioning? It might be time to replace it. This article will guide you through the appropriate procedure for how to replace your Milgard Positive Action lock. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

The materials required for this procedure include a putty knife, Phillips head screwdriver, and a new positive action lock.

The first step is to open the window all the way. Then remove the window sash by lifting it up and tipping the bottom out past the track. Get your putty knife and remove the cover for the Milgard logo screw port. Then, using your Phillips screwdriver, take out the lock screw in the screw port cavity. The old Positive Action lock should now be loose, and you can remove it from the vinyl frame of your Milgard window.

Now, it is time to install your new Positive Action lock. The first thing you need to do is align the new positive action lock with the holes that have already been punched in your vinyl sash. If the screw holes are stripped, you will have to slide the stiffener bar over with your Phillips screwdriver. Next, you will use the self tapping screw to attach the new Positive Action Lock to the vinyl sash of your Milgard window. Finally, reinsert the Milgard logo screw cover and reinstall the sash into the frame by inserting the top of the sash first.

You have now successfully installed your Positive Action Lock onto your Milgard window making your home even more secure for your family.

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