Exterior Sliding Doors
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Exterior Sliding Doors

Exterior doors come in many different styles and materials to suit the many different exit and entry points to your house and the many different uses of each.

Exterior sliding doors offer unmatched space-saving features and present a great solution for any San Diego home, especially when there’s no swing room available. Choosing the right exterior sliding door reflects your personality, as it’s a passageway for your guests into your home that also welcomes sunlight and offers protection from the elements. A perfect choice for various applications, exterior sliding doors provide a clean, stylish look along with durability which you’ll appreciate for decades.

Exterior sliding doors come in a variety of combinations to complement and improve the ambiance of any home. US Window & Door offers exterior sliding doors with many different styles and materials that can drastically change the look and feel of your living space. If you’re looking for the perfect exterior sliding door, you’re in the right place. We’ll show you how exterior sliding doors can enhance your San Diego home.


One of the greatest benefits of exterior sliding doors is the amount of natural light they bring into your home. This reduces the need for artificial light and keeps your living space brighter and more appealing. Sliding doors also provide a stunning view of the outdoors throughout the year, which has been proven to reduce stress as it helps people feel more in touch with nature. The seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors also helps parents keep an eye on their children while they’re playing outside.

Exterior sliding doors don’t require a lot of space, as their sliding mechanism allows them to be opened and closed without clearing the area around the door or rearranging furniture. This results in a feeling of extended living space, making your patio, barbecue, pool, yard or any other outdoor area a more attractive space to  spend time in or provide entertainment .

Made with frame materials and glass construction and engineered to minimize heat transfer, modern exterior sliding doors also offer superior energy efficiency. This keeps the temperatures lower in the summer and higher in the winter. Modern exterior sliding doors also offer increased security and safety with shatter-proof glass and high-quality locks that meet or exceed forced entry codes. Finally, the appeal, functionality and overall popularity of exterior sliding doors can make your San Diego home a more enjoyable place to live, as well as raise the curb appeal and increase its market value.


US Window & Door proudly offers high-quality Milgard exterior sliding doors in either standard-style or French-style combinations that are perfect for any San Diego home. Standard-style exterior sliding doors offer an affordable way to open up any room. Unlike hinged doors that require clear space for operation, sliding doors need no swing room at all. They brighten up any room by offering an amazing view of the outdoors, adding natural light as well as beauty to your living space.

Standard Exterior Sliding Doors

The frame of standard exterior sliding doors is usually made from vinyl or aluminum. These doors open by sliding on horizontal tracks and can accommodate the right-hand or left-hand operation. They can be made with grids between the glass panes for a stylish and sophisticated multi-pane look. This provides the elegance of an elegant French patio door, which is one of the most popular choices of exterior sliding doors in San Diego.

Compared to French-style doors, standard exterior sliding doors have a more contemporary look and they’re usually more affordable. Milgard offers standard exterior sliding doors in their Tuscany, Montecito and Style Line series. Standard and thermally improved aluminum options are also available.

French-style Exterior Sliding Doors

Classic and elegant, French-style exterior sliding doors are a perfect solution for any home because they present an ideal way to take full advantage of Southern California’s fantastic climate. The wider stiles and rails make these doors a fantastic choice for any San Diego design, including traditional architectural types, or for adding a touch of luxury to your home.

French-style exterior sliding doors are available with a wide variety of customization options. The snap-in grids create a classy, authentic look of a door that’s comprised of small individual panes. French-style doors are made of vinyl, and fiberglass. Popular choices include Milgard’s Tuscany, and Ultra series.

4-Panel Exterior Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for modern exterior sliding doors to update the look and feel of your San Diego home, US Window & Door sells and professionally installs four-panel sliding glass doors. These doors are made of four glass panels that come together when opening and separate when closing. The extra width makes them perfect for moving furniture in and out of your home, and also presents an ideal solution for entertaining guests by allowing more than one person to pass through the door at once. Four-panel sliding doors are particularly popular among owners of larger homes who enjoy having  guests over. Several popular options for four-panel exterior sliding doors include the standard model with two fixed and two sliding doors, the bi-fold door, and the sliding pocket door.

Standard 4-Panel Doors

Milgard designed the standard four-panel model with two fixed panels on the outside and two sliding interior panels that slide in opposite directions, opening up the middle space between the two fixed doors. This style is also known as “French slider” since it mimics the look of French doors for a clear, streamlined look. It is one of the most popular types of four-panel doors.

four panel exterior sliding door

Bi-Fold Doors

As part of Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems lineup, bi-fold doors present a refreshing option for any home. They’re made up of several glass panels connected with hinges and surrounded by a modern aluminum frame. The glass panes are securely interlocked together, providing higher security as well as energy efficiency. Bi-fold doors also feature complete protection from water.

Pocket Doors

Exterior sliding pocket doors present a refreshing option because they take up less space than any other door type. They stack and hide in the pocket of the adjacent wall so they’re completely out of sight when opened. If you have the required wall space next to the wall opening where you plan to place your doors, you have a great option for a stacking pocket moving glass wall system.


When choosing the right exterior sliding door for you, there are numerous things to keep in mind. You should always look for superior quality in every aspect, while also considering the following factors:

Sliding doors must feel snug in their tracks while still providing easy movement and operation. They should feel more like they’re floating than sliding. Examine how smoothly the rollers allow the doors to slide while also taking into consideration how much effort is required to open and close the doors.

♦ Operation

Check the locking system. While hardware options and features may vary between models, you shouldn’t make compromises when it comes to security. The best doors always feature high-quality locks for your peace of mind, such as Milgard’s SmartTouch lock and multi-point locking system. Milgard’s hardware meets or exceeds Southern California’s forced entry codes, which are among the most strict in the US.

♦ Security

Doors with a wooden frame eventually need to be painted or stained. They also may warp from extensive exposure to moisture and temperature changes. On the other hand, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum frames require little to no maintenance. Since wood needs to be painted every once in a while, changing the color of a wooden door is fairly easy. If you’re going with any other material, make sure they choose the color of your doors carefully as it may not be that easy to change it later on.

♦ Maintenance

Ensure the exterior sliding doors you selected are well insulated and built with energy efficiency in mind. Going “green” and being environmentally conscious is becoming more and more important, so most doors on the market today offer these features. Energy-efficient exterior sliding doors are also a great investment as they’ll reduce your heating and cooling costs and reduce  your electricity bills for years to come.

♦ Energy Efficiency

glass sliding door for your home

Frame Materials

Frame material plays an essential role in the look, feel and all other characteristics of exterior sliding doors, so picking the right option for your San Diego home is very important. Here we’ll list some of the key differences between the materials used in Milgard’s exterior sliding doors, as well as the most important benefits.

Benefits of Vinyl Exterior Sliding Doors

Providing great protection, vinyl is a great choice for exterior sliding doors in San Diego. Homeowners in Southern California choose vinyl frames for their durability and stability. Made from Milgard’s own vinyl formula, these doors are built to last. Vinyl is formed together with heat-welded joints, making the doors resistant to varying weather changes. These exterior sliding doors are also energy-efficient, meeting or exceeding Energy Star requirements. Vinyl is also relatively inexpensive and requires almost no maintenance. US Window & Door sells and installs vinyl exterior sliding doors from Milgard’s Tuscany Series. Architecturally elegant and sound, these doors offer seven exterior colors to choose from. They’re highly secure and include the SmartLock handle system. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line exterior sliding doors in San Diego, Milgard’s vinyl sliding doors sold and professionally installed by US Window & Door are the right choice for you.

♦ Affordable

♦ Energy-efficient

♦ Weather resistant

Benefits of Fiberglass Exterior Sliding Doors

Fiberglass door frames are relatively new on the market. People are choosing fiberglass door frames because of their sturdiness and longevity, knowing fiberglass sliding doors are going to be reliable for the life of their home. Milgard’s Ultra series offers fiberglass frames with amazing strength and durability, along with seven frame colors to choose from. Each fiberglass exterior sliding door is sold with SunCoat MAX insulated glass, which regulates the temperature of your home while keeping out damaging sun rays. If you’re considering fiberglass sliding doors, Milgard’s Ultra Series doors will provide unmatched comfort and reliability.

♦ Incredibly durable

♦ Stunning design

glass sliding door for your home

Benefits of Aluminum Exterior Sliding Doors

Aluminum exterior sliding door frames provide a stylish contemporary look without clashing with a home’s traditional architecture. Aluminum is a solid material for its weight. The process of extruding the aluminum frames strengthens the metal, making it three times stronger than vinyl and more than 40 times stronger than wood. US Window & Door proudly offers and installs high-quality aluminum exterior sliding doors made by Milgard. In addition to their standard aluminum model, Milgard offers thermally improved aluminum doors with increased energy efficiency. These doors include a thermal barrier between the exterior and the interior glass panel that reduces heat transfer to a minimum. This keeps warmth outside in the summer and seals it in during the winter.

♦ Great budget option

♦ High durability

♦ Ideal for large doors

Choose the Best

Milgard stands behind the quality of their products. Their Full Lifetime Warranty is unmatched in the industry, as they guarantee to repair or replace any defect in the material, as well as cover the cost of all parts and labor as long as the homeowner is the product buyer. Additionally, Milgard offers glass breakage coverage for certain product lines. Even if you decide to sell your home, the warranty extends to the new owner for 10 years from the effective date of the original warranty, absolutely free of charge. All these benefits provide peace of mind for you and eliminate any possible concerns you may have over replacements or repairs in the future.

US Window & Door is a reliable, insured, independent family business. We’re one of the oldest exclusive window and door replacement companies in Southern California. When it comes to exterior sliding doors installation and replacement, we’ve been honing our skills for over three decades. We take pride in our work, as excellence and customer satisfaction are our main focus points. We only work with the best materials and the highest quality products available on the market, while adhering to all industry standards. Our team is fully licensed, so we guarantee a smooth purchase and an installation process that has been refined over 30 years. On top of that, you get the assistance of an AMMA-certified installer that doesn’t rely on the work of subcontractors to get the job done.

Contact us at any time if you have questions, feel free to request an online quote to get started, or call for a free in-home evaluation and estimate for your project.

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