How To Operate a Milgard Vinyl Double Hung Window

How To Operate a Milgard Vinyl Double Hung Window

Just purchased and installed a brand new replacement Milgard double hung vinyl window. This article will guide you through how to operate a Milgard vinyl double hung window including how to properly open, close, and lock it. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

To open the window, lift up on the SmartTouch lock and slide the bottom sash open. You can, also, tilt the sashes on your vinyl double hung window inwards. To lean the window, locate the tilt latches on the top of the bottom sash. Slide the sashes towards the center of the sash, and then pull towards you so that the sash will disengage from the frame. To operate the top sash, you need to turn the bottom sash downwards until it rests upon the bottom sill. Then, pull the pull rail down until the bottom of the top sash is around six inches from the open bottom sash. Then, you can tilt the top sash in until it rests upon the lower sash.

To reinsert the sashes with the jamb, turn the upper sash until the tilt latches click into the jamb track. Then, you need to pull up on the high sash until it is in the closed position Make sure the top sash is fully inserted into the sash pocket so that the locks can properly engage. Finally, rotate the bottom sash until both latches engage into the track. To close the bottom sash, you need to push down and in on the sash until it is engaged with the lock. If the window is closed, it is properly locked. It is crucial that, when closing your window, you do not pull inward, or the locks will not engage properly.

Now you can properly open, close and lock a Milgard vinyl double hung window.

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