Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum replacement windows are a low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant solution for many homes, offices, and schools and offer builders a truly cost-effective solution that often exceeds energy saving standards.

Aluminum Windows San Diego

Acclaimed for their high durability and long-lasting material, aluminum windows San Diego have long been a staple in the construction of both commercial and residential properties, particularly those in more extreme climates. Ultimately, replacing old windows with new aluminum windows San Diego provides owners a significant payback within a short amount of time.

Benefits of Aluminum Windows San Diego

Replacing old windows with aluminum windows offers a variety of advantages to home owners and business owners.

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Durability: For one thing, aluminum windows San Diego are very durable. Despite its light weight, aluminum is considerably stronger than wood or vinyl, two other popular types of window materials. Also, aluminum will never warp, crack, or split due to moisture. These factors allow for thin frames in a wide variety of designs, including extra-tall or wide frames, that will hold up well over time.

Appearance: Not only are aluminum windows available in a range of shapes and sizes, but they can also be custom-finished in a wide variety of colors and textures to match any design. Unlike paint, these finishes are virtually maintenance free. Moreover, many homeowners and business owners choose aluminum windows for their sleek appearance, with narrow lines that maximize the view.

Cost: Another benefit of aluminum windows San Diego their low cost relative to other window types. Many customers choose aluminum replacement windows because they offer a high-quality and cost-effective alternative to wood and vinyl. Not only do customers pay a lower purchase price, but they also enjoy ongoing savings in energy costs.

Energy Efficiency: One of the top reasons that homeowners choose aluminum windows San Diego for replacement windows is that they are energy efficient. Choosing aluminum replacement windows with a high energy performance rating will cut down on energy costs significantly. Thermally improved aluminum windows also protect from ultraviolet radiation, thanks to the specially coated insulated glass.

Sustainability: Finally, aluminum windows are sustainably produced since they contain a high percentage of recycled material and can be easily recycled again when no longer in use. In fact, you can recycle aluminum with no loss of quality whatsoever; thus, it takes far less energy to recycle aluminum than to produce new metal from its ore. Consequently, aluminum windows have a small carbon footprint.

Applications For Aluminum Windows San Diego

While aluminum may be a practical option for many applications complete with versatile options in color and texture, it isn’t necessarily intended to entirely replace the overall appearance of wood or vinyl windows in some homes. Consumers particularly value aluminum for its robust and lasting properties in commercial use with consideration to the surrounding climate.

The dependable nature of the material is highly sought after for long-term operation of high-rises, restaurants, hotels, or office buildings in areas where corrosion is not a factor due to salt content and above-average precipitation. Aluminum windows are ideal for warm climates like San Diego.

Another reason why aluminum replacement windows are attractive options for commercial use is that they allow for oversized designs.  For example, in addition to providing superior ventilation, aluminum casement windows offer sensational views because of the vast areas of unobstructed glass that an oversized design allows.

Types Of San Diego Aluminum Windows

There are two basic types of aluminum windows that US Window & Door carries.  Both are made by Milgard and represent the absolute finest in materials, workmanship, and warranty coverage.

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Standard Aluminum Windows

These windows are rigid, strong, and durable, and consumers choose them as a low-cost alternative to wood or vinyl windows. Milgard’s standard aluminum windows San Diego and even their patio doors offer a variety of grid styles and a choice of color finishes that require little to no maintenance.  Corners are mechanically joined and sealed so that they maintain their shape for many years. Plus, they are manufactured to include the Positive Action Lock system, where the window automatically locks when it is closed, ensuring the security of your home or office.

Thermally-Improved Aluminum Windows

Milgard’s thermally-improved aluminum windows San Diego and patio doors are given a light commercial rating, which makes them an ideal choice for schools, restaurants, or government buildings. Milgard manufactures these windows with a thermal break A thermal break is a barrier between the interior and exterior window frames that is filled with an insulating material to prevent energy loss. The thermal break not only helps with the heating and cooling of the building, but it also prevents condensation.

These windows also include SunCoat Low-E insulating glass for added protection from ultraviolet rays.  For salt-air climates like the San Diego coastal region, an option is available to add a stainless steel hardware to minimize corrosion.

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Aluminum Replacement Windows

There are several reasons why homeowners replace existing windows with aluminum windows San Diego. In many cases, the original windows have become worn from age. If a window becomes warped or swollen due to moisture and temperature changes, it may not be providing the insulation a home needs anymore. Old windows are probably letting in too much heat in summer and too much cold in winter. Aluminum replacement windows San Diego can increase a home’s energy efficiency immediately.

Another reason why people seek out replacement aluminum windows is that they want to update their home’s appearance and add to its curb appeal. Initially popular in the mid-20th century, aluminum windows have recently come back in style. Now favored by architects, expansive aluminum windows San Diego can add beauty and style to any home. Not only that, new aluminum windows add value and make a home easier to sell at a higher price.

Other homeowners opt to replace their windows because they’re tired of doing maintenance.  They’re looking for windows that won’t need regular painting and will stay new-looking for years to come. Milgard’s anodized and baked-on color finishes on their aluminum windows are long-lasting and maintain their quality over time, making the windows virtually maintenance free.

Whatever your reason for updating your home with aluminum replacement windows San Diego, you want to make sure that you have them installed by experienced technicians who guarantee their work. With over thirty years of experience, US Windows & Doors has developed a reputation for installing top-quality products and providing excellent customer service. Our products come with a lifetime guarantee, and we guarantee our labor as well. We make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their new aluminum replacement windows.

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The Installation Process

Homeowners who purchase aluminum windows San Diego can expect a five-step installation process that begins with a free consultation and estimate. To do this, our experienced and highly trained professionals measure the area where the window is needed and evaluate the complexity of the installation process. We, then, educate our customers about the different types of windows we offer and help them determine the best type of aluminum replacement window for their home, their style preferences, and their budget. Our next step is to collect the materials, tools, and team we need, and after that, our technicians perform the installation quickly and professionally.

Because we guarantee our materials and labor, the final step in our installment process is a follow-up inspection to make sure that everything is perfect and meets the customer’s expectations. Not only do we take responsibility for making sure the windows are an exact fit, but we also protect our clients’ homes and floors during the installation process.

Cost Of Aluminum Windows San Diego

If it sounds like aluminum windows are the right choice for your home or business, please contact US Window & Door for a free price quote. Since every job is custom, we take our own measurements and quote each installation individually to ensure that our customers get the most accurate estimate possible. We can also help customers determine what the best options are for their needs. Ultimately, the price of an installation will depend on the size and type of window as well as the complexity of the installation.

For homeowners who are seeking to finance replacement aluminum windows, we are happy to provide information about several different funding programs, including HERO, Ygrene, and GreenSky financing, all of which offer benefits to homeowners who are making energy-efficient improvements to their homes.

If you need help deciding which aluminum replacement windows to install in your San Diego home, you should contact US Window & Door today.  We’re more than happy to help our clients find the best aluminum windows in San Diego!

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