Window Installation San Diego

Finding the right window installation company is important because the decision will stay with your house for years if not decades to come. With lifetime guarantees on these windows, the choice can even stick around for a lifetime. So how do you ensure you get the best window installation San Diego? There are certain key points to consider when buying and installing new windows: installation company reviews, length in business, labor and product warranties, product ratings and reviews, product materials for durability, and aesthetic design.

30 Years of Company Reviews for Window Installations San Diego

US Window & Door and is one of the oldest exclusive window replacement and installation companies that provides service in the San Diego area and throughout the Southern California region. In 2017 we celebrated our 30th year in business. As a reliable and experienced independent business, we understand the importance of doing a job right the first time. We have spent decades honing our craft for window installation San Diego. We have spent those same decades dedicated to excellence in customer service.

Fiberglass Window Installation San Diego

Our customers are our first priority. US Window & Door works to ensure that you have the best window installation possible. We work to guarantee our results and your happiness. We back up our work with a lifetime warranty on our labor and install only top quality products that mirror our guarantees. US Window & Door has hundreds of 5-star reviews online from happy customers throughout San Diego. We encourage you to read our reviews before selecting us as your installation company. Compare our results to others in the industry as we hope to earn your business and trust not just sell you a product.

Milgard Windows Product Ratings and Reviews

We use Milgard for nearly all our window installations throughout San Diego. Milgard has been in business for over 50 years and maintained the highest quality in their products. They consistently reach and exceed the standards for window ratings across the nation. These ratings include tests for heat transmission, light transmission, sound transmission, and forced entry. Milgard is consistently rated as light commercial for their residential windows because they test and improve their windows to exceed those rating standards.

If you visit Milgard’s website, you will find countless reviews on their products. They allow for customer reviews on individual products as well as window lines or their company overall. You can learn more about their products and see San Diego customer reviews for window installations with Milgard windows. Dealers also receive reviews and ratings from customers. Each dealer review contains several areas to rate for the dealer including responsiveness, expertise, knowledge, and professionalism as well as an overall grade for their experience. We rank as the highest rated dealer for Milgard in the nation, but the good news is we are right in your area San Diego. That means you get the experts for window installation right in your home town. Check out our reviews across the internet for more information about our customer experiences.

Labor and Product Warranties for San Diego Window Installation

The best products and installation companies will warranty their work. We guarantee the products and services because we have decades of experience and dedication to our customers. We only work with products like Milgard which provide high quality products with lifetime warranties. We also warranty our labor because our expertise allows us to install windows with little to no error. We want to ensure our customers have an amazing experience so we guarantee our installation/labor in order to provide you better service should anything occur during the lifetime of your window ownership.

Milgard Certified 5 Star Window Installation San Diego

Durable Product Materials for Window Installation San Diego

We offer a huge selection of custom styles and sizes that are uniquely designed to fit your home and our installation process is second to none. We start with windows that are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in the industry, whether made from wood, aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. These windows are made from the best manufacturers in the market today and are ideal for the different styles of homes that San Diego has to offer.

Many homes opt for vinyl windows. This long lasting material is sure to properly insulate your home against the variations in weather outside. Vinyl window installation helps keeps you comfortable and safe in your home. Another popular product for the industry is fiberglass window installation. These window frames are among the strongest and provide amazing results for all rated categories we discussed above. Aluminum windows are also popular for their thin frame design, and with dual pane glass, they can also insulate against weather. However, aluminum windows may not rate as high as other in the same categories nor will they meet Title 24 requirements for new construction installations. Finally, wood windows are a beautiful option for your home. They have the interior aesthetics of a wood window with the strength and durability of the fiberglass exterior.

We carry the product no matter what material you want for your window installation San Diego. We carry top brands like Milgard, Plastpro, and Phantom Screens. These window and door companies offer the finest in window design and construction and are virtually fully customizable to fit your home’s needs.

US Window & Door Window Installation Process

US Window and Door takes pride in serving our clients and helping them find windows that not only meet but exceed expectations.  Our 6-step process describes the lengths that we go to ensure that each of our clients are treated with first-class professionalism and courtesy, and we look forward to making every experience a memorable one.  From the initial consultation to the post-installation inspection and everything in between, rest assured that US Window and Door will handle your window installation needs with excellence.

1) Initial Consultation

2) Education

3) Pre-Installation

4) Professional Installation

5) Post-Installation Inspection

6) Congratulations!

Window Installation San Diego

U.S. Window & Door is proud to provide outstanding window installation in San Diego to builders, contractors, architects, and homeowners alike with the highest-quality products for all construction or renovation needs.  When it’s time to upgrade your home’s windows, don’t hesitate to call us.  To learn more about our installation process and how US Window & Door can help your home look its best, simply contact us today or get started by requesting an online quote and we’ll help you with your San Diego window installations.