Awning windows

Awning windows

We offer Milgard awning Windows in San Diego. Milgard awning windows open on a hitch, are stylish and let you leave windows open on even the rainiest days.

What are awning windows?

Whereas typical windows slide up and down to open or are sometimes hinged on the side to open outward or inward, awning windows are hinged on top to open outward and upward. These windows lend a more sophisticated look and feel to your home, and are better for leaving open on even the rainiest afternoon without having to worry so much about letting the weather in, making them ideal for homes in coastal regions and other damp climates. Awning windows are often installed high in the wall and are used for privacy and ventilation. With the locking mechanism positioned how it is, it makes it difficult for anyone to climb in, making it more secure than a conventional window or even a casement window.

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What are the benefits of installing an awning window?

Perfect for Damp Climates

Awning windows are ideal for damp climates with frequent or generally severe precipitation, given their weather-tight construction and a downward-slanting open position. These windows are perfect for leaving open on those warm, rainy days when you want to enjoy the weather without having to deal with it at the same time. You can leave the window open in a thunderstorm without having to risk water damage to your furniture or floors.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Midgard awning windows are made with energy-efficient glass, saving you hundreds on your energy bills  while keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Ask about the different types of energy-efficient window panes offered by Milgard.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Awning windows offer a sleek and modern look to your home with their unconventional yet tasteful style and application. Their intuitive efficiency and ease of use also make for an impressive addition. It is perfect to install in places where you may have to reach out to open a window, including over the kitchen sink. Just a turn of the knob and you’ll be enjoying the fresh air while  being protected from the weather. In addition to the modern look of every one of these window series, some (including the Tuscany Series) is also balanced with a more traditional look, giving you the perfect option for any setting in which you see fit to make a home.

Materials and Versatility

Awning windows are highly customizable, both in size and design. You can choose any size and dimensions you like, and we will fit them to the specifications of whatever window we are replacing for you. Milgard offers a range of excellent materials to frame your awning window, including aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl. Aluminum is not advisable in coastal areas due to its tendency to corrode in moist conditions and exacerbated by the presence of salt. Wood is more expensive and prone to swelling and warping. However, vinyl and fiberglass are inexpensive and ideal for any environment. They do not swell, warp or corrode, and as a result, they help  maintain a seal for your home to keep moisture out and optimize your windows’ energy efficiency.

Milgard Life-Time Warranty

Milgard awning windows come with a full repair warranty. We will happily repair any product covered under this warranty and pay all costs for parts and labor, under the condition that the purchaser is the owner of the home. Products covered under this warranty include the Tuscany Series, Trinsic Series, Montecino Series, Style Line Series, Ultra Series, and Aluminum Series. The Moving Glass Wall Systems have a ten-year limited warranty. The Tuscany Series, and Ultra Series products include a glass-breakage warranty, as well. Whichever window series you choose, you can’t go wrong. Each window series has been painstakingly developed and improved to the point of near perfection, and we are proud to present you with your options in the descriptions laid out below.

Milgard Offers

At Milgard, we offer a variety of options for further customization to meet the unique needs of your home, including their Quiet Line sound control vinyl windows, which help block sound and keep the peace in your home. In addition to this, we offer a number of different materials with their own particular benefits (which are manifold) and drawbacks (which, be they few, we will be pointed out and explained below). Regardless of your decision, you can’t go wrong with any of these options, whether due to the superior materials and dedicated craftsmanship on which we so pride ourselves at Milgard or due to the full lifetime warranty offered with almost all of our products. We have given a great deal of consideration, time and effort to the development of our energy-efficient windows and patio doors, incorporating practical technological advancements and beautiful, clean design into each product we offer. Each of our windows is EnergyStar certified to ensure that your home is well-sealed and well-protected from the elements.

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Tuscany Series

The Tuscany Series awning window is one of the vinyl, or PVC, options offered by Milgard. PVC is a durable and inexpensive choice of window frame material. It is not susceptible to moisture damage, warping or rotting like wood is prone to. Wonderfully, our Tuscany Series window frames have a wider profile, imitating the more traditional look of a wooden window while simultaneously giving you the protection, efficiency, and clean look of vinyl, and all for a lower price to boot. This window series is naturally more energy-efficient, given its weather-tight design and due to the low-cost, insulating material from which it is made. The energy-efficient nature of this window series will inevitably save you money on your yearly heating and cooling costs. This window series is a perfect marriage of modern, practical design and traditional beauty and presentation. The equal sightlines offered by this particular series add symmetry into your home, imbuing it with a peaceful balance.

Trinsic Series

As with the Tuscany Series, the Trinsic Series awning window is another vinyl option. Offering the same effective and low-maintenance performance as its counterpart. The difference is in its frame. The Trinsic Series frame is thinner, making  a more modern look than the Tuscany series. The thinner frame allows for a more viewable glass area, perfect for enjoying a beautiful panoramic view. You’ll hardly even notice that the frame is there at all. This window series is as modern as it gets, and when you pair that specifically with the contemporary  look and practicality of an awning window, what you get is a staggeringly futuristic home tempered with gorgeous views of the landscape outside your home, making a perfect balance between worlds. With the Trinsic Series awning window, you will be able to effortlessly enjoy every aspect of nature in the comfort of your own home . When you think about it, it’s  in the name, just how natural these windows will look on your house . Webster’s definition of ‘intrinsic’ is ‘belonging naturally; essential,’ and that is precisely what you’ll get with this window series – a natural belonging.

Style Line Series

The Style Line Series awning window is yet another vinyl option that offers wide views with its thin, clean lines. There is essentially no upkeep necessary for this choice – no need to repaint, no warping and,no corrosion. Just a sleek and modern design that maximizes the expansiveness of your home’s interior at a lower cost than some other materials. The style of this window series works better with the natural light of your home with its slimmer frame, which also lends a more modern look. You can further manipulate the use of natural light by choosing tinted glass, including Low-E (or low-emissivity) glass, which helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without raising your energy bill at any season of the year. Low-E treated glass absorbs UV rays that can damage your hardwood floors, rugs, and furniture, while reflecting infrared rays which cause objects to heat up – whether those IR rays come from outside the home or inside, thus reflecting heat from outside, back outside, and reflecting heat from inside, back inside. Truly a technological marvel made into a simple, household product that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

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Ultra Series

The Ultra Series awning window is Milgard’s fiberglass option. Fiberglass is an excellent material for a window frame. Fiberglass is made from glass fibers and resin, and has similar thermodynamic properties to your glass window panes, being made mostly of the same material. As a result, a fiberglass window frame will give you a more consistent experience, with the window frame expanding and contracting at the same rates as the windowpane. Both materials will also insulate with similar effectiveness to the glass with which it is paired. Fiberglass also does not rot, warp or corrode, so it is ideal for all kinds of environments, wet or dry, as they are durable and low-maintenance. Who knows? This may be the last window purchase you’ll ever have to make.

Aluminum Series

The Aluminum Series awning window is, as the name suggests, made of aluminum. Aluminum is an inexpensive option, and it is sturdy and reliable. While it is prone to corrosion in coastal areas with a lot of moisture and salt air, it is by no means an inferior material. Being such a sturdy metal, these Aluminum Series frames will stay true and square over time, not warping or bending. The Aluminum Series is also Thermally Improved, making it more energy-efficient by insulating better than other aluminum frames elsewhere on the market. The Aluminum Series comes in three colors, from white to black (or Bronze Anodized), and has narrow sightlines that are perfect for panoramic views.

What are some differences between window styles?

There are numerous window styles on the market, and specifically several aesthetically-pleasing and practical options offered by Milgard. Awning windows are very flexible in their application and can be used in conjunction with any other window style, whether the awning window is installed above or below its counterpart window. Casement windows are of a similar style and are quite popular in many homes, but the practicality and versatility of the awning window are unmatched, being perfect for use in settings where privacy is your goal. They can be placed high on the wall to bring light to any room, still offering the privacy of the wall below. In this kind of setting – and any others you can think of – they are also ideal for ventilation, even in the pouring rain. The downward slant of this window style in its open position deflects any precipitation, whatever its concentration, physical state (rain, sleet or snow) or even direction (even those sideways rains that completely wreck your favorite umbrella). There could be books written on the differences between window styles, but with our awning windows, the difference is clear and striking. Besides being subtle, they are yet bold and beautiful.

We look forward to taking care of all your energy-efficient window needs.

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