Milgard Moving Glass Wall Systems

Milgard Moving Glass Wall Systems

These premium moving glass wall system doors can open up large spaces to the outdoors or even interior sections of the home.

Looking for a unique style for your business or home that features innovative concepts on design and structure, try Milgard’s moving glass wall systems. Milgard’s moving glass wall systems have introduced a whole new way to make San Diego homes more beautiful.  Once considered an exclusive product for high-end, upscale properties, Milgard has made glass door technology accessible to more homeowners with an array of different sizes to choose from.  Spectacular views are everywhere you turn in San Diego, and now they can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home, in virtually any room.

Milgard Moving Glass Wall Systems

Milgard Moving Glass Wall System: The Basics

The Milgard moving glass wall system is a new approach to exterior doors. They are both unprecedented in their design and manufacturing process allowing for many benefits above and beyond other door options. Different configurations are available, with three and four-panel arrangements and 12 standard sizes.  Each system can be installed as part of new construction or added as a retrofit update on existing homes.  Milgard glass doors were designed to be large enough for optimum visual appeal and natural illumination, yet are lightweight so anyone can easily operate them.  A handful of stock finishes are available as well so homeowners can match the doors to their existing décor.  Matching hardware is also available for each finish, completing a custom look for any home or patio!

Milgard Glass Door Types

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to remodeling a home’s entry points.  Every home is different, which is why Milgard has produced different door types in an attempt to create custom doors whenever possible. That is why, with Milgard’s moving glass wall systems, Milgard provides different top of the line innovative door options that can suit the need of any home redesign or new construction project. Therefore, San Diego homeowners can choose the style that offers the best functionality and visual elements for their living space.  The available door types include:

glass pocket doors

Glass Pocket Doors

Pocket glass wall systems are a unique option in Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems. Being a sliding glass wall system, pocket glass wall systems are designed to require less floor space. Glass Pocket Doors offer the same grace and elegance of a sliding door while incorporating the innovative qualities of a Milgard Moving Glass Wall System. This is the smallest option available. When the door is completely open, it disappears into a pocket within the wall. The look is seamless and allows for a complete opening that’s convenient for open houses, parties, moving furniture, or simply when you want to enjoy more fresh air on a beautiful summer day. Another advantage of glass pocket doors from Milgard’s glass pocket doors is that it expands the space of the room from the inside to the outside. It allows for any function within a room to extend outside without any unnecessary barrier of a physical open door.

pocket glass door

Glass Bi-Fold Doors

glass bifold door

Milgard bi-fold doors offer a unique, stylish look that provides easy operation. Instead of sliding, these accordion-style doors fold up to reveal a large opening. Individual panels are secured to one another using sturdy hinges, allowing the corner to pivot and create a smooth folding motion as the doors are pushed to the side. Milgard bi-fold doors offer an exquisite outside view of through their glass panels; however, Milgard bi-fold doors offer more advantages than just spectacular views; they are both durable and safe. These Milgard folding doors are installed with aluminum frames that resist the usual wear. The glass panels feature a structural interlock system that emphasizes protection from unwanted outside intrusions. Finally, a water barrier sill keeps water outside your home allowing for top comfort and peace during the most inclement storms.  All the benefits of these Milgard folding doors make them a wonderful addition to any home.

Glass Stacking Doors

milgard stacking doors

Milgard’s glass stacking doors are akin to what most people envision when they think of traditional sliding glass doors. This particular moving glass system includes large glass panels that literally slide on top of one another. Like Milgard’s bi-fold doors, Milgard’s stacking glass walls include the same structural interlock system that not only allows for increased protection, but it makes these moving glass wall systems more energy efficient. Available in several exterior frame color options. You can enjoy a relaxing breeze and still get excellent illumination through both the opening and overlapping glass panels.

sliding glass stacking doors

Benefits of Milgard Glass and Sliding Door Systems

Milgard has completely changed the way San Diegans view glass doors.  Homeowners are no longer forced into one option because of the size or layout of their home.  Each glass door system includes a number of attractive benefits that can make any home more appealing to those who live there, guests, and even potential buyers.  So, what can a Milgard moving glass wall system or Milgard sliding door offer your home? Milgard moving wall system benefits include:

Original Design

Milgard has truly perfected the classic sliding glass door.  The company produces an array of sizes and configurations so you can find a setup that makes your home stand out. Milgard’s moving wall systems availability in custom sizes makes them a novel option for both replacement projects in your home and new home construction. Give your living space more personality and a little more style by skipping the cookie cutter door system in favor of something more modern and exciting by Milgard!

milgard moving glass wall systems

Convenient Functionality

Milgard doors don’t just look good, they also work well. High-quality materials and clever designs make each system reliable and easy to use. Milgard moving glass wall systems are installed with tandem stainless steel ball bearing rollers that have incredible strength. It takes minimal effort to push open any of the three door types. Even children will have no trouble operating a Milgard moving glass wall system.

Works with Minimal Space

All of the options that are included in Milgard’s Moving Wall Systems are innovative in spacing issues. The panes of Milgard bi-fold doors fold together when the door is open taking up minimal space in the room. The same applies to Milgard’s glass stacking doors as the panels will stack upon each other when the door is open. The glass pocket door is probably the most innovative door in the Milgard moving wall system when it comes to working with little space. Milgard’s glass pocket door is installed with a pocket in the wall. When the door is open, the glass panels slide easily into the pocket, so the design of the room has to only allocate room for the door itself. When Milgard’s glass pocket door is open, it is like the inside and outside of your home become one big living area with no barrier in-between. This option works wonderfully for doors leading to balconies or any other small room in your home.

moving glass wall systems

More Options

Options are important to homeowners and home builders alike.  Milgard has created a product that comes with more options. Milgard moving wall systems’ array of options make it easier for any home or business interior designer to work with the space and theme that is allocated to them. This is essential to your design needs because Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall System doors can fit into the overall theme of the room instead of the rest of the room’s theme having to fit into the design of the room’s door. Overall with a Milgard moving glass wall system, you get a standard door or sliding glass door that’s tailored to your home.  Choose the size, door type, panel configurations, and frame finishes that your home deserves.

bifold doors

Luxurious Style

No matter which Milgard moving glass wall system you prefer, each creates a look of luxury. The luxurious look of either the Milgard’s folding doors or sliding glass wall systems are extremely advantageous for your home. Not only do they offer a breathtaking view, but the look and style of a Milgard moving glass wall system will enhance the visual value of your home making it the perfect choice for a remodel or new construction waiting to go on the market. From seamless designs to smooth transitions, these doors will make your living space far more comfortable and inviting.

Breathtaking Views

One huge benefit to Milgard’s Moving Wall Systems is the glass panels clear visibility. Any type of Milgard sliding glass door allows you to get a better view of the beautiful outside scenes that are quite prevalent in San Diego.  Milgard has gone to great lengths to maximize both the size and functionality of its glass doors, enhancing views and ease of use.  Enjoy a better perspective and more of the view!

milgard glass sliding doors

Excellent Illumination

Natural light can be very warm and uplifting.  Milgard glass doors allow you to let in more natural light to warm and brighten your home without the unnecessary harm of damaging UV rays. Milgard door’s glass panels are made to bring in the most light without the unwanted exposure to ultraviolet rays.  No matter which configuration you choose, every panel includes crystal-clear glass that will keep outside illumination pouring in.

Easy Integration

Milgard moving glass wall systems are made to integrate easily with existing Milgard patio doors and windows.  Each system includes a weather-stripped interlock system, so you can expect the same quality and protection as you’d find with other Milgard products.

Milgard Moving Glass Wall System Cost

Milgard moving glass wall systems are not only a beautiful upgrade for your windows and doors, but moving glass wall systems will also modernize your home. Upgrading your house with doors that incorporate the newest top of the line technology will add to the value to the home. Therefore, moving glass wall systems are not just a beautiful, innovative addition to your home, they are an advantageous investment that should not be passed up.

All Milgard Moving Glass Wall Systems come with a limited time warranty on materials and installation of their moving glass wall systems for any home or business construction or remodel. Within a specific time, Milgard will, at no cost, provide the necessary parts to make repairs on any door within their moving wall system line. If you prefer, Milgard will also refund the purchase price of any defective moving wall system due to bad materials or installation during the limited time warranty period. Therefore, there is security behind the decision to go with Milgard’s Moving Wall Systems.

Moving glass wall systems, once to be believed to be only available to the wealthy, are now more affordable than ever. If you are ready to make an incredible investment into your home, call US Window & Door, top Southern Californian dealer, and installation company of Milgard products, for a free consultation and quote.

Milgard Glass Stacking Doors

Why Milgard?

Milgard backs its products by providing a full lifetime warranty.  Certified dealers, like US Window & Door, are available to inspect the home and make recommendations for door installation in San Diego.  The company is constantly working to improve its products, and has already created some of the most cutting-edge developments in the industry.  For the customer, that means better functionality, longevity, protection from the elements, and safety.  From SunCoat and SunCoatMAX Low-E insulating glass to low maintenance exterior material and finishes, Milgard knows how to make life easier for homeowners.  Their moving glass wall systems are another way the company is bringing comfort and convenience to more San Diego families.  To request a quote or if you have any questions about Milgard moving glass wall systems, Milgard sliding doors, or any Milgard product in general, feel free to contact us today!