How To Reinstall a Loose Glazing Bead

How To Reinstall a Loose Glazing Bead

If your Milgard window is letting a bit of a draft in, it might mean that your glazing bead might be loose, and you should reinstall your glazing bead. A tight glazing bead is critical because it helps the Milgard window to block unwanted drafts from coming into your house. However, since most homeowners do not know what the glazing bead is and does not know how reinstall one, is article will help guide you through the process of how to reinstall a loose glazing bead. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

The materials required to reinstall a loose glazing bead include one household item to serve as a low impact hammer like a small wooden block. Also, as always, use safety glasses and gloves when working on any window maintenance project.

Reinstalling the bead is a simple process that does not take much knowledge of your Milgard window. When reinstalling the glazing bead, you want to start in the corner where the bead has been released from the bead channel. You want to take the forty-five-degree end and place it back into the bead channel.

Then, using the selected household item, like a wooden block or a roll of masking tape, lightly tap the bead back into the bead groove at the corner. Once again, since it does not take a lot of striking pressure to reinsert the glazing bead into the bead channel, do not hit the glazing bead very hard. Also,  you can use most household items for the low impact hammer, so do not worry about finding just the right tool for the project.

Now, you have successfully reinstalled the loose glazing bead back into the bead channel of your Milgard window.

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