Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass windows are made with some of the strongest materials around giving you windows that can withstand any weather and can be painted to any color desired.

Fiberglass has long been used for its strength and durability throughout multiple industries, including constructing boats.  Lightweight and long-lasting, fiberglass has now become a more-than-adequate substitute material for wood and aluminum doors.  In years past, manufacturers were unable to mold fiberglass into door frames.  However, new and innovative engineering techniques have helped create the way for the construction of fiberglass door frames that provide reliable performance.  Installing fiberglass doors in San Diego is becoming quite popular in new homes and renovations and it’s easy to see why.

Fiberglass doors by Milgard offer clean lines that complement any building’s architecture, while providing incredible sturdiness that is created during an industry-leading manufacturing process.  Homeowners and builders alike have many options with this style of door frame, as Milgard also offers a fiberglass patio door that looks like it has a regular vinyl frame or a genuine wooden frame on the inside.

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Fiberglass door basics:

  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Can be painted with the right preparation
  • Sturdy, unique manufacturing process
  • Exteriors can have the appearance of wooden frames

Fiberglass doors carried by US Window & Door and proudly manufactured by Milgard include the Ultra Series.

The Ultra Series door has a high-quality frame that’s strong, beautiful, and adds a touch of extra warmth to your home.  The frame has the sturdiness and low-maintenance characteristics of fiberglass, but it looks much more like a traditional wood frame profile.  The frames of these doors are permanently joined without using nails or staples, giving them a much cleaner look.

The Ultra Series selection also includes French doors, with your choice of an in-swing or out-swing style, as well as a French-style sliding door.  

Each door comes with standard SunCoat Low-E insulated glass to keep the indoor temperature at a steady level allowing maximum light in, but keeping harmful rays out.

Milgard’s Ultra Series are preferred doors for upscale communities all over the country, especially the San Diego area.  Builders install these doors due to their rich wooden appearance, even though they offer a sturdy fiberglass frame.  With a clean profile, Ultra Series fiberglass doors will please the architectural purist who wants to keep a particular style, but also appeal to the needs of any builder or contractor. These doors will not absorb moisture, which can cause them to stick.  They also won’t crack, split, peel, or warp over the years that you own your home.

They can be made into a French door as well, whether you choose an out-swing version or prefer an in-swing style.  Lastly, like the Ultra Series, the Ultra Series is energy efficient, thanks to the standard SunCoat Low-E insulated glass.

Call on US Window & Door to make your fiberglass door replacement and installation process a hassle-free experience!  We look forward to helping you find the very best fiberglass doors in San Diego.  Contact us today for more information!

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