Bi-fold Doors
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Bi-fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors are a unique door style that allows an open concept through multi-panel folding doors. This modern door is perfect and is now being fitted to nearly any door opening.

Looking for a door that is innovative in both quality and design that will still offer the same classy look of other door designs, look no further than bifold glass doors designed and manufactured by Milgard and professionally installed by US Window & Door. Ideal for the San Diego climate, Bifold doors provide the very best of both indoor and outdoor living.  Bifold doors are perfect for homeowners that desire easy access to patios or pools while adding a classy touch of form and function. Let us help you find your perfect bifold doors San Diego.

What are bifold doors?

Bifold Doors San Diego

Bifold glass doors are a part of Milgard’s moving glass wall systems and is a folding door San Diego. Bifold glass doors are essentially a series of moving glass walls, these “doors” are constructed with up to six panels creating a beautiful and distinct design.  

Bifold glass walls operate with each panel folding on top of the adjacent panel to open, thus creating an open door. These panels are operated on top of tandem stainless steel ball bearing rollers allowing you to operate your bifold glass door with fluid ease.

Advantages of Bifold Glass Doors

There are several advantages to choosing a Milgard bifold glass door for your folding door San Diego:

Appearance of San Diego Bifold Doors

While bifold glass doors are unprecedented in both design and execution, there is one thing that does not change with this folding door; that is the overall appearance of the finished door. Bifold glass doors maintain the elegant styles of other simple door designs such as a French inswing outswing door or french sliding door. Therefore, you can incorporate the bifold glass door into any remodel or new construction plan whether it be a modern or classic intent.

Materials Used in Bifold Doors San Diego

But it’s not all looks with bifold doors San Diego. These aluminum frames are customizable with up to four color choices for the interior and exterior frames including: white, tan, clear anodized, and dark anodized bronze. The glass panels are thermally broken with a full weather-stripped structural interlock system for improved energy efficiency and safety.  Also, Bi-fold glass doors/walls generally include more glass panels than the pocket glass and stacking glass walls. In addition, Milgard’s bi-fold glass walls are designed with a water barrier sill to help provide protection from water penetration.  The 1.5″ interior leg helps keep water from entering the home and the back leg penetrates the track for additional protection against exterior elements. Therefore, you can feel secure in the fact that the Milgard bifold glass door will allow you to enjoy the ambiance of a storm without having to deal with the damaging consequences of water entering your home.

Spacing Issues No More

All of Milgard Moving Wall Systems require less space for installation, and bifold door installation is just as efficient. The glass panels of these “walls” are connected by hinges, and each panel simply folds on top of the adjacent panel to open. Since the panels just fold on top of one another, these folding doors San Diego require minimal space for the panels when you have the door open. This makes glass bifold doors ideal for anyone looking to add spacious gaps to connecting rooms or to the outside when the door is open. The lack of space that the glass bifold door takes up is also beneficial for interior designers as their room designs are not impeded by bulky doors that take up space when opened. Therefore, bifold doors are perfect for doors that lead to balconies, patios and any smaller room that does not have enough space to accommodate a normal inswing outswing or sliding doors.

Energy Efficiency and Protection of Bifold Doors San Diego

All of Milgard’s glass panels are thinly coated with SunCoat or SuncoatMax Low-E insulating glass finish. This addition to your glass bifold door will reflect the heat during the summer while keeping the heat inside your home during the winter. This makes for complete comfort within your home all year round and will accumulate in energy savings through the year.

The insulated glass panels of your folding door will also protect your and your home from harmful UV Rays. The glass panels of Milgard’s bifold glass door reduces UV Rays up to 84% which will help protect the carpet and furniture in your home from the wear that UV Rays can cause.


Milgard’s bifold glass doors glass panels offer clear visibility into either the connecting room or outside. Using these folding doors San Diego for patio doors or doors leading to balconies? Through these top of the line glass panes, you will be able to enjoy the outside views that only Southern California can offer. The functionality of a Milgard bifold glass door only enhances the view that you can get. Enjoy the outdoor sights from a different outlook that only the bifold glass door can bring.

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Custom Design of Bifold Doors San Diego

Worried that a Milgard bifold door will not work for your home remodel or new construction. Milgard glass bifold doors are available in custom sizes for any door replacement project. They also are available in standard sizes for any new home construction. Also, Bi-fold glass systems are available in sleek aluminum frames that are modern and can be designed with different colors to match any home decor. Therefore, no matter what the project is, Milgard glass bifold doors will enhance your home’s design.

Highest Security for Bifold Doors San Diego

Another advantage to these unique doors is the security they offer. The interlock system on all glass panels of this bifold door helps protect your home from any unwanted intrusions from outside. The glass panels are resistant to any attempts at forced entry. Therefore,  you will be able to sleep easier knowing that the bifold glass door is keeping your home completely secure.

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Installation of Bifold Doors San Diego

US Window & Door is not only a top window dealer for Southern California, they also are praised for their professional and efficient installation of doors and windows. Therefore, by purchasing a Milgard bifold door from US Window & Door, you can be assured that your installation will be done competently in a timely manner that will fit your redesign or new construction schedule.

Cost of Bifold Doors San Diego

Do bifold glass doors sound like the right fit for your home remodel or new construction project? Milgard bifold glass doors are top in quality, innovation, and design. Due to the confidence in their product, Milgard offers a limited warranty on all installed bifold doors. Within the specified time, Milgard will provide the necessary parts to fix any purchased bifold glass doors, or, if you prefer, Milgard will refund the purchase price of the bifold glass door due to bad materials or installation.

Milgard’s warranty shows a bold and unstirring faith in the quality of their product. It gives you a reason to be confident and secure when you purchase a Milgard bifold glass door. Each of these doors will be professionally installed by US Window & Door. Bifold doors are definitely an amazing investment into any home. Contact us to get a free estimate* to get the exact costs of new bifold doors San Diego.

Contact US Window & Door for Bifold Doors San Diego

Wondering if a bifold door is the right choice for your San Diego home?  Feel free to check out other Milgard doors to learn more about available styles for your home.  US Window & Door can also help you make an informed decision.  With over three decades of window installation and door replacement experience, US Window & Door is here to help and is an excellent choice for your bifold door installation.  Simply contact us anytime or request a quote to get started.  We look forward to making your search for bifold doors in San Diego an easy, worry-free experience. So when you want the best from Milgard, we’ll help you choose and install modern bifold doors San Diego.

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