Sliding Glass Doors
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Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors have options beyond just a two panel door and can even open entire rooms by folding or hiding into the walls creating a unique indoor-outdoor living environment.

Sliding glass doors San Diego offer great space-saving qualities and are ideal for porches, patios, balconies, and much more.  These doors are also popular inside of homes where little or no “swing” room is needed.  Sliding glass doors San Diego can be custom-made to a variety of specifications, and they provide a clean, stylish look that is also durable and long-lasting. With wide panes of glass that maximize natural light, sliding glass doors can improve the look and ambiance of any home. Available in a wide variety of brands, styles and materials from US Window & Door, sliding glass doors have many advantages over other types of exterior and interior doors.

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Benefits Of Sliding Glass Doors San Diego

One of the top benefits of sliding glass doors San Diego is the amount of natural light they allow into a home. That means the need for electric light is decreased, and the house itself will look brighter and more appealing.

Also, sliding glass doors San Diego offer a year-round view of the outdoors, which has been shown to reduce stress by helping people feel close to nature. Also, since glass doors offer such an expansive view, parents can easily keep an eye on children playing in the yard.

Sliding glass doors San Diego also provide easy access to the outdoors without taking up extra space. Because doors just slide to the side, you can open and close them without crowding or changing the overall look of the room. The result is a sense of extended living space, which makes the patio, barbecue, pool, or other outdoor areas a more inviting space for spending time or entertaining.

Improved air circulation is another benefit of sliding doors. The amount of air that can enter the house through the area of a sliding glass door is enough to make a significant difference in the air circulation and air quality inside the home. Bringing in fresh air not only cuts down on cooling costs in the summer, but it can also make a home smell cleaner and feel better.

Modern sliding glass doors San Diego are also energy efficient, with frame materials and glass construction designed to minimize heat transfer. This means that summer heat stays outside, and indoor warmth doesn’t escape in the winter.

Modern doors are also much safer and more secure than sliding glass doors of the past. Built with shatter-proof glass and high-quality locks, new sliding glass doors are designed to meet forced-entry codes.

Due to the attractiveness, functionality, and overall popularity of sliding glass, they can add value to a home, making it a more pleasant place to live and easier to sell when the time comes.

Styles of Sliding Glass Doors San Diego

US Window & Door is proud to offer high-quality Milgard sliding doors in either standard-style or French doors in San Diego that are perfect for the San Diego lifestyle.

Standard-style sliding glass doors San Diego are a space-saving, affordable way to open up any room.  Sliding glass doors San Diego need no in-swing or out-swing room at all, unlike hinged doors that require objects be placed well away from them to accommodate opening and closing of the door.

These doors truly brighten and open up any room, offering great views while adding light as well as beauty to a home.

Standard Sliding Glass Doors San Diego

The frame of a standard sliding glass doors San Diego is commonly made from aluminum or vinyl.  They open by simply sliding along horizontal tracks and can have either a right-hand or left-hand operation.

Sliding glass doors San Diego can often be made with “grids” between the panes of glass which provide a multi-pane look.  This gives the door the style and feel of an elegant French patio door and is one of the most popular styles of sliding glass doors in San Diego.

Compared with French-style doors, standard sliding glass doors have a more contemporary appearance, and they are easier to adjust when the house experiences are settling. They are also usually less expensive than French-style doors.

Milgard doors are offered in standard sliding door options in the following series: Tuscany, Montecito, and Style Line.  Also available are standard aluminum as well as thermally-improved aluminum sliding doors.

Sliding Glass Doors San Diego Frame Materials

When choosing your sliding glass doors San Diego, the frame materials for your sliding door is a paramount decision in choosing which sliding door is the best for your home. When looking for an exterior sliding door that can withstand the elements, the best options for you are vinyl or fiberglass door frames.

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Benefits Of Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

Vinyl sliding doors offer some of the best protection for sliding glass doors in San Diego. Homeowners in Southern California are choosing vinyl door frames for their homes due to their durability and stability. The vinyl is formed together with heat-welded joints which make the vinyl sliding doors unaffected by varying weather changes. These exterior doors with glass are also very energy efficient, meeting or exceeding Energy Star requirements. Vinyl sliding doors are also relatively inexpensive and low maintenance making these modern sliding doors the right answer if you want a simple yet graceful sliding glass doors San Diego.

US Windows & Doors sells and installs vinyl sliding doors from Milgard’s Tuscany Series. These Milgard vinyl sliding doors are architecturally elegant and sound. There are seven exterior colors to choose from for your vinyl sliding doors San Diego. These exterior doors with glass are also highly secure and include the SmarttLock handle system. So, if you are looking for top-of-the-line sliding doors San Diego, Milgard’s vinyl sliding doors sold and professionally installed by US Window & Door is your answer.

Benefits Of Fiberglass Sliding Door Frames

If vinyl sliding doors do not fit the overall design of your home, fiberglass door frames for your sliding doors are another excellent option. Fiberglass door frames are relatively new to the game for top-of-the-line door frames for modern sliding doors. People are choosing fiberglass door frames for their fortitude and longevity knowing fiberglass sliding doors are going to be reliable for the life of their home. Another upside fiberglass frames have for your exterior sliding door with glass is that they are visually stunning.

US Window & Door offers and installs fiberglass French sliding doors from Milgard’s Ultra Series. We sell each fiberglass sliding door with SunCoat MAX insulated glass. This glass will regulate the temperature inside your home while keeping out damaging sun rays. Therefore, if you are looking for a fiberglass sliding door for your door replacement, Fiberglass sliding doors from Milgard’s Ultra Series will provide long lasting durability and comfort that is ideal for any sliding door with glass.

Benefits Of Aluminum-Framed Sliding Glass Doors

Looking for another option for your door? Try an aluminum-framed door for your replacement Sliding Glass Doors San Diego. Aluminum frames will generate a contemporary look and at the same time mirror the home’s traditional architecture. Also, aluminum is a solid material for its weight because the process of extruding thin aluminum frames strengthens the metal. In fact, it is three times stronger than vinyl and more than forty times stronger than wood. All aluminum frames for exterior sliding doors with glass are made with a light-weight, durable, and long-lasting material. Thus, if you purchase aluminum doors, you will be secure in the decision for your large sliding glass doors.

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US Window & Door is proud to offer and install high-quality aluminum sliding glass doors from Milgard. In addition to their standard model, Milgard also has a thermally-improved aluminum door that is extra energy efficient. These doors include a thermal barrier between the exterior and interior glass panels that minimize heat transfer, meaning that the home will not get too hot when the summer sun shines through, and it will not lose interior heat in the winter. No matter what kind of frame will best suit your sliding doors San Diego needs, US Window & Door has you covered. Call for a free quote today.

Cost of Sliding Glass Doors San Diego

Any remodel or redesign of your home is going to cost money, but installing or replacing sliding glass doors San Diego can pay off by adding value to the home. Sliding glass doors, whether they are framed with vinyl or aluminum, have a similar basic price, which can increase with the addition of optional features. Other factors that can affect the cost of sliding glass doors are the style, size, and installation process.

However, there are also several factors that can mitigate the cost of replacement doors over time. For one thing, through Milgard’s energy-efficient materials, the cost of new sliding glass doors will turn into a lifetime investment into your home that is unprecedented. Due to your replacement sliding glass doors San Diego being more energy efficient, you may be able to earn a tax credit or even be eligible for cash back (ask your tax advisor for current tax credits or rebates on energy-efficient home improvements).

However, the investment pays off in Milgard’s lifetime warranty, which covers all glass sliding doors no matter which variation of frame you go with (Moving Glass Wall Systems excluded). The fact that Milgard stands behind their product for life can give you confidence in the doors you purchase and eliminate any future financial concern over replacing or repairing them. Because Milgard takes full financial responsibility for the quality of their product and does not push that burden on you, you are sure to come out ahead with your investment.

Also, beautiful sliding glass doors San Diego add value to a home, making it easier to sell at a higher price. In fact, many homeowners have been able to recoup the cost of replacement sliding glass doors San Diego when selling their house.

Because every installation is custom, US Window & Door is happy to provide a quote. Call us today for a free in-home estimate* for your replacement sliding glass doors San Diego.

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French-Style Sliding Glass Doors San Diego

French-style sliding doors are some of the most popular sliding doors in San Diego.  They have wider stiles and rails, making them great choices for virtually any San Diego design including traditional and classical architectural types or for adding a touch of luxury to any home.

These doors offer added natural light while providing an entry that looks beautiful from both the inside and outside of any home.

These doors truly brighten and open up any room, offering great views while adding light as well as beauty to a home.

French-style doors are available with a variety of grid options between the panes of glass.  Interior and exterior grids that snap-in are available and can create a classy and authentic look of a door that’s composed of small, individual panes. French-style sliding glass doors are the best choice to complement a traditional architectural style.

French-style doors are constructed of materials including vinyl and fiberglass, and popular choices include the Tuscany and Ultra series.

What should you look for when selecting a sliding glass door for your San Diego home?  First, one of the most important factors is to designate where the door(s) will be installed.  A sliding patio door providing outdoor access and a simple indoor sliding door, for instance, will have different construction characteristics. Because an outside or patio door will be exposed to the elements, it’s imperative that the materials used to make it can protect it.

Other important considerations include style, appearance, functionality, and security.

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4 Panel Sliding Glass Doors San Diego

If you are looking for modern sliding glass doors San Diego to update the look of your home, US Window & Door sells and professionally installs 4 Panel Sliding Glass Doors. These sliding glass doors are innovatively composed of four different glass panels that come together when opening and separate when closing your four-panel sliding glass doors. These extra-wide doors are ideal for moving furniture in and out of the house and for indoor-outdoor entertaining since they can allow more than one person to pass through the doors at once. They were particularly popular among homeowners who have larger homes and enjoy entertaining guests. There are several popular options for four-panel sliding glass doors: the standard model with two fixed and two sliding glass doors, the bi-fold door, and the sliding pocket door.

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Standard 4-Panel Doors

One way to add extra space and a sense of luxury to a home is to install a four-panel sliding door that opens to the width of two standard two-panel doors. Milgard designs the four-panel model with two fixed panels on the outside and two sliding interior panels that slide in opposite directions, opening up the middle space between the two fixed doors. This style is sometimes known as the “French slider” because it mimics the look of French doors. It is one of the most popular types of the four-panel door due to its clean, stream-lined look and simple operation.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are an exceptional fresh option for your sliding glass Doors San Diego. These options are a part of Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems and are made up of several glass panes connected with hinges and surrounded by an aluminum frame. The aluminum frame of the bi-fold door is modern and available in different colors to match whatever theme best suits your home. The glass panes of the bi-fold door also are securely interlocked together promoting higher security and energy efficiency. Finally, equipped with a complete water barrier sill, the bi-fold door keeps out all water from any storm or other inclement weather. All these innovative qualities of Milgard’s bi-fold door make it a modern sliding door that will upgrade the creative standards of any house.

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Pocket Doors

If there is a need for a large sliding glass doors San Diego, Milgard’s glass pocket door is an excellent four-panel sliding glass door option. Glass pocket doors are a fresh option because they take up less floor space than other door types. Running on a sliding door track that goes into a pocket within the wall, the glass pocket door completely disappears into the wall when opened. Therefore, this modern sliding door allows for innovative room design where space is limited, and it is a perfect option for parties, moving things in and out of the room, or just letting in a cool breeze on a warm day.

So, if you are looking for a new fresh door for your sliding glass door San Diego need, try either one of these modern four-panel sliding glass doors from Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall System. Each door is sold and installed by US Window & Doors.

Interior Glass Sliding Doors

If you are looking for a replacement sliding door for the interior of your home, US Window & Door offers an excellent line of interior sliding doors manufactured by Milgard. Any sliding glass door can be installed on the interior of the home between rooms or sections of large areas. Milgard has several lines of interior sliding doors to choose from.

Additional Benefits Of Interior Sliding Glass Doors San Diego

While sliding doors are most often installed as exterior doors, they can also function well as interior doors. Adding a glass door can create a feeling of spaciousness by making a small room feel bigger and widening narrow interior spaces between rooms and hallways. Also, while adding a partition to a large room can help to organize space better,  installing a sliding glass door between the two sections can keep the new sections from feeling too small. Interior glass doors also contribute to a sleek and modern style of interior design.

Therefore, if there is a need to redesign any room in your home with replacement interior sliding glass doors San Diego, US Window & Door offers an incredible variety of interior sliding doors from different manufacturers that will raise the level of your room’s aesthetic beauty.

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Quality Sliding Glass Doors San Diego

Aside from the obvious “inside” vs. “outside” question, you should always look for quality.  Always consider the following:

** Frame materials: consider a door’s durability as well as its maintenance requirements.  Doors made of vinyl and/or fiberglass offer high durability and low maintenance.  If choosing an outside or patio door with little to no protection from the elements, vinyl and fiberglass are ideal.

** Appearance: French-style sliding doors offer the appearance of an elegant, traditional French in-swing or out-swing doors but function as sliding doors.

** Operation: sliding doors should feel snug in their tracks but offer easy movement.  They should feel more like they’re floating than sliding.   Examine how smoothly the rollers allow the door to slide while taking into account how much effort it takes to open and close the door.

** Security: check the locking system.  Because hardware selections may vary, the best doors always feature high-quality locks, such as Milgard’s SmartTouch lock and multi-point locking system.  Locks should always meet or exceed local forced-entry codes.

** Ease of Maintenance: wood-framed doors eventually need to be re-painted or re-stained, and they may warp when exposed to moisture and changing temperatures. Vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum frames, on the other hand, require little to no maintenance. However, it is important to choose the color carefully since it may not be easy to change later on.

** Energy Efficiency: be sure the new or replacement sliding door that you select is well-insulated and is built with energy-saving glass and is overall designed to reduce heating and cooling costs.  Most doors currently being built offer features like this.

To learn more about the many ways that doors open and close, check out US Window & Door’s recent blog about the different operating styles of popular doors. When you’re ready to begin your search for sliding glass doors and sliding door installation in San Diego, feel free to contact US Window & Door today or simply request an online quote.