US WIndow & Door Product & Labor Guarantees


At US Window and Door, we want our customers to receive high-quality products along with high-quality installation. But don’t stop there – our service and products are protected with a sturdy warranty to assure that these beautiful home additions last for decades!

US Window & Door
Installation Guarantee

We invest a lot of time, money and energy in making sure our installation teams are professionally trained, fully educated and courteous to our customers.

You can expect our professional team from US Window and Door to fully prepare for a clean and quick installation. We measure – and even double-check our measurements – to assure the correct fitting for your windows and doors. Our teams will also protect the pathway from the front door to the window sills during installation, so we guarantee that our service is very clean and extremely professional.

We guarantee that our professional teams will efficiently work to install your windows and doors, they will maintain a clean and safe environment during installation, and we will inspect our installations before we consider the job to be finished.

Lifetime Limited Warranty Applies to:

  • Style Line® Series | V2502
  • Ultra™ Series | C650
  • Thermally Improved Aluminum | A250
  • ​Standard Aluminum | A150
  • V150 vinyl windows & doors

What Our Guarantee Covers

  • Lifetime for the Mainframe
  • 20 Years For IGU & Components 

We can assure you of a clean, safe installation process, but here are three guarantees that we offer to our customers:

  • We will repair or replace any defective materials prior to or during the installation process at no additional cost to our customers
  • We guarantee that our measurements will be accurate and your custom windows/doors will fit, but we will cover any additional costs for custom-fit windows/doors if our measurements are incorrect, and
  • We will reasonably protect your floors and your home from debris during the installation process

Milgard Windows & Door Warranty

US Window & Door is dedicated to providing high-quality work and giving you the best price, but we are more concerned about giving an honorable promise to our customers throughout Southern California: our staff will treat you with respect and our technicians will treat your home with utmost care during installations. In fact, this is why we teamed up with Milgard because they have similar beliefs – they provide all our customers with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

With Milgard windows and doors, you are guaranteed that they stand by their products, assuring you that US Window & Door will take care of any issue that may occur in the future – although it is rare!

Milgard’s warranty states that it will cover the costs to repair or replace your installed purchase during the lifespan of the product installed and its IGU & components within 20 years of the manufacture date for as long as you own your home. Yes, this includes parts and the labor from our technicians. As long as your window or door experiences normal everyday use, you may never need to use this warranty – just place in a safe or a desk drawer and forget about it!

Plus, if you decide to sell your home after making this wise investment in new windows, Milgard offers to add some punch to your sales pitch. For up to 10 years from the original installation, the company will transfer the warranty to the new homeowners. In other words, if you decide to sell your home after 5 years, the new owners will receive 5 years of coverage. With an assurance like this, buying a Milgard is the best investment decision you can make for your home.

Easy service request process – just call (800-MILGARD) or submit a service request online through We’ll get right on it.

Glass breakage coverage is available Tuscany® Series | V400. Optional glass breakage coverage is available on Trinsic Series | V300.

Simple optional online warranty registration makes it easy to expedite any service needs, should you ever need it, by having all of your product information on record.

If you sell your home, we’ll automatically extend full warranty coverage for 10 years from the effective date of the original warranty to the successive owners, free of charge.

Lifetime Limited Warranty:
For detailed information about Milgard’s warranty, view this PDF for the Lifetime Limited warranty.