Milgard Stacking Sliding Doors Installed by US Window & Door

Door Installation San Diego

With almost 30 years of door replacement and installation experience, US Window & Door is one of the oldest exclusive companies of its kind in San Diego.  We offer a huge selection of styles, sizes, and colors that can be custom-made to fit your home.  Our doors are manufactured with the highest quality standards in the industry from the finest wood, fiberglass, metal or vinyl sources in the market. We focus on customer service and a job well done for all our clients. Need door installation San Diego? We’re the right professionals for the job.

What truly sets US Window & Door apart from the others is our commitment to excellence from start to finish.  This is best described in our 6-step installation process:

1) Initial Consultation

When thinking about purchasing new doors and having them installed, feel free to come into US Window & Door’s showroom for a free consultation.  We can even come to you!  We want our customers to be aware of our professional attitude toward making your home even better with modern, secure, and energy-efficient doors.

2) Education

During your consultation, we will strive to educate you about our products and installation services.  We believe that an educated customer is the best type of customer!  We know that there are plenty of options to compare when purchasing new doors, but it’s always beneficial to know why one product might be better than another.  US Window & Door wants you to be fully satisfied with a beautiful addition to your home.

3) Pre-Installation

When you decide to purchase from US Window & Door, our team of installation experts will go through a detailed pre-installation process to assure that your custom doors are made to your specifications.  We don’t like stock doors and we prefer to take the approach that each door is specifically designed for your home!

4) Professional Installation

Our professional team will make sure that your home is clean throughout the installation process.  We take precautions and make preparations ahead of time to prevent any unfortunate accidents.  We know how home construction and renovations can sometimes be messy, but US Window & Door is determined to make each door installation in San Diego process a neat and tidy one!

5) Post-Installation Inspection

Following the installation of your new doors, we thoroughly clean up the area and make sure we haven’t left any unforeseen messes behind.  We then go through an inspection process, assuring that the caulking has set property, that everything is aligned properly, and making sure that the locks function accordingly.  Basically, we check anything that could have gone wrong during the installation process and we then check it again after we’re done.  US Window & Door wants you to be fully satisfied with your San Diego door installation and we strive to make sure the job is completed in accordance with our own high standards.

6) Congratulations!

Your home will look amazing with newly-installed doors!  In addition, you may even start to see the effects of your modern, energy-efficient doors when you receive your energy bills.  US Window & Door is glad to have your business and we’ll still be here if there are any concerns or warranty issues!

What brands of doors to do we carry and install?  It’s simple, really: only the best.  US Window & Door provides outstanding installation services of Milgard doors and Masonite Doors.  For our clients who may also be thinking about upgrading and replacing their windows along with their doors, we also provide industry-leading window installation.

If you have any questions about home door installation in San Diego, feel free to contact us today!