How To Adjust a Hinged Window

How To Adjust a Hinged Window

Due to a building settling, windows can change over time. Therefore, you might be required to adjust your hinged window.  This guide will tell you how to adjust a hinged window: casement and awning window. The materials needed for this project are a Milgard Adjustment Wrench (purchase through Milgard) and safety goggles and gloves. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

First, when beginning the process of adjusting a hinged window, you want to see if the window has uneven sightlines. Then, take the screen out and open up the window.  Locate the stud between the support arm and the track of the lower hinge and place the adjustment wrench on its base. Rotate the stud away from the lock side of the window to decrease the amount of sash drag. You will reach the maximum amount of sash drag adjustment when the stud flats line up with the track.

If you are struggling with severe sash drag, you can make a similar adjustment on the upper hinge. To adjust the upper hinge, turn the stud towards the lock side of the window. As before, once the stud flats are parallel to the track, you have reached the maximum adjustment possible. (One note of warning: adjusting the sash drag to the maximum may cause binding as you close the window) Finally, open and close the window several times to make sure the adjustment is correct.

If you want to adjust the sash for a balanced reveal, you want first to open your Milgard casement or awning window. Then place the adjustment wrench onto the base of stud located between the support arm and the track of the lower hinge.

Next, you are going to adjust the top and bottom studs in the same direction, moving the sash left or right. This movement will modify the reveal of the sash within the frame. If you are dealing with a window frame that is not square, then you will still rotate the studs in the same direction; however, it will not be to the same proportion. This will allow the sash to open smoothly.

Open and close the window to make sure the alignment is appropriate.

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