Milgard Ultra Doors

Milgard Ultra Doors

Milgard's fiberglass door line - Ultra Doors - is one of the strongest frame options for new doors which can even be painted after installation.

U.S. Window & Door is pleased to offer the ultimate door for your San Diego home: The Ultra Series door by Milgard.  Milgard’s Ultra is a high-quality fiberglass door replacement that offers a durable frame that’s both strong and beautiful, and adds a touch of extra warmth to your home.  The one-of-a-kind frame provides the sturdiness and low-maintenance characteristics of fiberglass, but looks more like a traditional wood frame.

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Fiberglass is one of the best materials for construction and the folks at Milgard produce the strongest and best-looking version of it in the market today.  Manufactured using pultrusion, a process in which glass rovings and mats are pulled through a resin bath with tremendous force, Ultra doors are a great example of science, ingenuity, and practicality.  The result of pultrusion is an unparalleled level of strength nearly three times stronger than wood and up to eight times stronger than vinyl!

The Ultra Series may look like painted wood, however, in this case, a typical wood frame is eliminated by using Milgard’s proprietary fiberglass.  As an added touch, these fiberglass door frames are permanently joined without using nails or staples, giving the frame a cleaner look with sleeker lines.

Milgard’s Ultra Series includes French doors, with a choice of in-swing or out-swing styles, as well as a French-style sliding door.  Each door comes with standard SunCoat Low-E insulated glass to keep the indoor temperature at consistent levels.  As an added bonus, Ultra doors allow maximum natural light in, but keep harmful UV rays out.

Both standard French door and sliding French door models come with security standards that meet or exceed California’s forced-entry requirements: the French doors have five-point locking hardware while the French-style sliding doors offer a dual-point locking system.  Plus, the internal mechanisms and rolling system found in each is designed to prevent corrosion for as long as you own your home, which is ideal for most San Diego homes.

Even better, all Milgard doors come with a standard lifetime warranty for private homeowners which covers both parts and labor.  Commercial buildings or multi-family homes are given a 10-year warranty.

US Window & Door is convinced that Milgard Ultra doors represent the absolute finest in fiberglass door replacement in San Diego.  If your home is ready for a replacement door installation or if you have any questions, please contact us today!

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