How To Clean Maintain Your Sliding Window

How To Clean Maintain Your Sliding Window

Due to prolonged use of your Milgard sliding window, it will be necessary for you to keep up regular maintenance on it. This article will guide you through the process of how to maintain your sliding window.(Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

The materials for this project include a putty knife, pipe cleaner, mallet and soft block of wood, non abrasive cloth, soap, water, safety glasses, and gloves.

The first step is to slide the sash open. Remove the tabs that hold the sash onto the window and then remove the sash. To remove the sash, first make sure that the window is clear of the last tab and the lock is not touching the door jamb. Then, lift the sash up from the bottom. Pull the sash towards you and down to completely remove it from the window.

Once you remove the sash, it is time to clean the track. Using a putty knife, lift the track up and pull it out. Using your nonabrasive cloth, soap and water, thoroughly wash the track until all debris and built up moisture is gone. Make sure that you avoid chemicals when cleaning your Milgard sliding window track as it can damage it.

Once the track is dry, replace it by sliding it into a groove away from you and push down. To snap it into place, put your block of wood onto the track and pound the block with your mallet along the track until you have snapped it back into place.

Now it is time to reinstall the sash. Reinsert it from the top and slide it in from the bottom.

The next step is to check and clean the weep hole covers and weep holes. Take your putty knife and use it to remove the weep hole covers carefully. Look to make sure the flap is moving. Finally, use the pipe cleaner to remove any debris in the weep holes. Then replace the weep hole covers.

Repeating those steps with annual regularity will help maintain your Milgard sliding window.

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