Milgard Tuscany Windows

Milgard Tuscany Windows

Tuscany Windows are Milgard’s leading vinyl window. They are a perfect contemporary choice for one of the best vinyl windows around.

Milgard Tuscany Windows are a flagship product for Milgard Windows throughout San Diego. They are one of the most popular choices for homeowners due to their beauty and functional design. Tuscany Windows are known for their durability which is backed up by an excellent lifetime warranty which US Window & Door matches with our installation warranty. The vinyl frames for the windows in the Tuscany line have a unique design meant to capture attention both inside and out. Beyond the aesthetics of these beautiful San Diego windows, Milgard Windows are known for their energy efficiency, safety, low maintenance, lifetime warranties and award-winning series of windows. If you are looking for a great vinyl window replacement in San Diego, you can’t go wrong with a Milgard Tuscany Window installed by US Window & Door.

Milgard Tuscany Windows Awards

Milgard wins countless awards for their windows, and that applies in particular to the vinyl window lines. In a 2015 Builder Magazine Brand Survey, Milgard took Best in the West. Milgard was rated the best quality vinyl window, most used vinyl window brand, and most used patio door brand. The awards for best quality vinyl window and most used vinyl window brand show the strength of the Milgard brand and product lines. The Tuscany vinyl windows are one of Milgard’s leading products and have evolved over many years to become ranked as a highly desirable product for modern home renovations. Don’t miss your chance to include these award winning windows in your home.

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Benefits of Milgard Tuscany Windows

Not interested in product awards? Neither are we if the product can’t do what your home needs! Luckily, Milgard’s Tuscany Vinyl Windows are up to the challenge of meeting the modern home’s requirements. Throughout the next several sections we discuss the benefits of the Tuscany Series vinyl replacement windows from Milgard. Tuscany vinyl windows from Milgard offer a strong and beautiful profile, low maintenance and come with a lifetime warranty that includes glass breakage.  If you are looking for the finest replacement windows in the market today, look no further than the Tuscany window series by Milgard.

Using a proprietary formula, Milgard extrudes their vinyl making it easy to ensure that they manufacture every window to exact specification.  It’s no wonder that Milgard vinyl windows have been named the “most preferred vinyl window” by Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines.  A creative functionality and innovative design demonstrate why the Tuscany Series are the best vinyl replacement windows available not only in San Diego, but throughout California as well.

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Milgard Tuscany Windows are Energy Efficiency

Milgard produces these products to meet and exceed Energy Star qualifications as well as stringent State regulations for energy efficiency. These unique replacement windows come with Milgard’s premiere SunCoat Low-E insulating glass, reducing UV ray exposure while keeping the temperature of your home reasonable. Between the improvements in the glass, UV reduction, and frame materials, Milgard products provide some of the best energy efficiency for San Diego homes. The Tuscany Series replacement windows will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, ultimately lowering your energy bill through better engineering and materials

Manufacturing Process of Milgard Tuscany Windows

Milgard makes their products with an exclusive blend of high-end vinyl specially extruded by Milgard to maintain the quality control of their products. They produce their own vinyl compound formula and regularly test to ensure quality for their customers. Once created, Milgard extrudes their frame materials locally at the plant here in Temecula. They also cut and create the insulated glass units which increase the benefits of these energy efficiency windows at the warehouse. All of these manufacturing processes mean that San Diego residents are guaranteed the highest quality vinyl window products.

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Available Styles and Colors for Milgard Tuscany Windows

Milgard Tuscany Windows come in a variety of operating styles to match the function of your windows and their location. Several windows operating styles for Tuscany Milgard Windows include sliding windows, double hung windows, casement windows, picture windows, radius windows, and bay windows. Those window types are some of the most common, but Milgard makes a variety of windows that include additional operating styles. Milgard Tuscany Windows are also available in a wide variety of colors to uniquely match any San Diego home. Milgard handles the coloring of the vinyl frames at the factory to ensure the permanence of the color and look.

While it does take longer to produce a painted product, many residents opt for unique colors due to their home’s style or local requirements as well as to match existing product. Milgard is sure to have a color for your Tuscany windows which compliment your home and style.

Home Security and Milgard Tuscany Windows

Tuscany Windows are produced with the same high safety standards as all Milgard replacement windows. The Tuscany series of windows come standard with the SmartTouch lock. The SmartTouch lock is one of the many user-friendly safety features of Milgard’s Tuscany window, providing one-touch operation with added security.  The SmartTouch lock ensures that if the window is closed, it’s locked, helping Milgard windows not only meet but exceed the residential standards for forced entry.  The Arthritis Foundation has awarded Milgard a commendation for the SmartTouch lock’s ease of use, and the prestigious “IDEA” award was presented to Milgard in 2008 by the Industrial Designers Society of America. The Tuscany Series will protect you and your home from intruders as well as high energy costs.

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Purchasing Process and Costs of Milgard Tuscany Windows in San Diego

While you could purchase Milgard windows from several box stores in your area, it’s always good to get a professional to look at the entire renovation project to ensure it’s success. That’s where we come in. We offer free in home project estimates. We will send our sales team to your home to take measurements, understand what you are interested in doing for your windows and doors, and then get you a professional quote using Milgard’s quoting system within a few days. Why get an expert opinion? All too often we see window or door projects that require more work than expected. Sometimes new construction projects are needed to ensure the right window in the right place for the right reason. That being said, like many home improvements it can be cheaper if you do it yourself. Though we don’t recommend it unless you have experience with framing, stucco, and installing home renovation projects as any number of window projects except retrofit windows will require more than expected.

Milgard windows with US Window & Door installation range from a few hundred to a thousand or more depending on the size, energy efficiency, and style of the window (cost of the product) and if it’s a simple retrofit or new construction style install (cost of labor). Unfortunately, since there are no standard size windows and each project will require unique installation, we generally need to see the renovation project to ensure that Milgard Tuscany windows are the right fit. However, if you don’t want to schedule an appointment but still need a quote, we can also accept your sizes via email or over the phone with specifics, and we will send you our sight unseen estimate. Don’t worry; nothing gets made until we go out for the production measure or your contractor verifies your measurements.

Milgard Tuscany Windows Installed by US Window & Door

We have a special relationship with Milgard Windows & Door and have been using their Windows almost exclusively for quite some time. Their windows are custom made to order for your home’s application. There are no standard sizes, and we proud to install windows that are as unique as the homeowners. We even offer custom installation work to allow for conversions of doors to windows, windows to doors, and extremely large windows. You get what you want when you work with US Window & Door to purchase and install Milgard Tuscany Windows San Diego.

Feel free to contact US Window & Door by filling out our form or by calling when you’re ready to start your renovation. We proudly purchase and install Milgard windows, and we look forward to helping you tackle your San Diego vinyl replacement window replacement today!

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