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Window & Door Inspiration

Trinsic Series

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines intrinsic as “belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing.” Knowing this, it isn’t hard to see the reason for the name of this style series. With the Trinsic Series in your home, you’ll wonder where these windows have been all your life. The thin profile frame allows for the best possible viewing experience of the landscape outside your home. You will hardly give it a second thought, you’ll be so taken in with the view.

Made from Milgard’s original vinyl formula, this is an inexpensive energy-efficient option for your San Diego home. Like fiberglass, vinyl eliminates the concern inherent to more traditional wood frames that tend to show more severe effects of weathering. Vinyl will hold its shape regardless of long-term exposure to the elements, such as extreme weather and climates with high moisture content in the air. Vinyl is also a lighter material than fiberglass, so you are likely to have an easier time with this style series if you have difficulty lifting or moving heavier objects. Overall, if you are looking for a highly modern look a  a lower price, the Trinsic Series is the right choice for you.

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Ultra Series

The Ultra Series is Milgard’s fully fiberglass style series. This series is an excellent choice for those seeking the most energy-efficient windows and patio doors on the market. Fiberglass consists of resin reinforced with glass fibers, and is used in a wide range of practical applications – from airplanes to boats, to insulation for attics and crawl spaces, to formula one race cars, and now exterior windows and doors, all due to its extreme durability.

Fiberglass, as exemplified in its application in crawl spaces and attics, has excellent insulating properties. For this reason, it is a wonderfully energy-efficient choice, helping to keep cold air out in the winter and to keep the interior cool in the summer. As energy-efficiency goes, this may be the best option. Fiberglass is also low-maintenance. It doesn’t warp or otherwise wear like wood, so it never has to be replaced  painted. With fiberglass, you’ll save money on your energy bills and upkeep costs.

Tuscany Series

The Tuscany Series is another vinyl option offered by Milgard. It’s a good choice for those who are looking for a more traditional look and feel for their San Diego home, while also trying to save money on both up-front and long-term costs. Vinyl, as stated above, is a less expensive option for the frame material of a window or a door that doesn’t require you to sacrifice much in terms of practicality or appearance.

Aluminum Series

Most businesses will tend to choose aluminum for the frame material of their windows and doors due to the low cost, sturdy nature, and the clean, modern look that aluminum gives to a building. Aluminum is not only for businesses, however. The Aluminum Series is a good choice for home-owners looking for a more modern feel paired with a low-cost and the well-known reliability of aluminum. Normally, aluminum is not an especially energy-efficient option due to it being a good conductor of heat and cold. However, Milgard uses polyurethane inside the frames of their Aluminum Series windows and doors, giving them fantastic insulating capabilities.

Milgard Aluminum Series windows and doors are a good, reliable option for those looking for a clean, modern look for their home or business. The only exception to this applies to coastal regions and other regions where your windows and doors will be exposed to high levels of moisture and salt in the air. These can cause the metal to corrode over time, so we advise you to consider this option carefully. That said, the Aluminum Series is an elegant and reasonably-priced choice among the several Milgard style series.

Moving Glass Wall Systems

Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems effectively enable you to eliminate an entire wall of your house to allow for a truly astonishing openness to the outdoor area of your choice. Distinct from a sliding glass patio door, which generally only allow for one or two working elements (one or two moving doors), Moving Glass Wall Systems have up to four large moving glass panels. This allows opening up your living space to the outdoors more than you could have imagined possible, certainly far more than would be achievable with a conventional sliding glass patio door.

moving glass wall

Stacking Glass Walls

Stacking Glass Walls are a simple application of this revolutionary concept, with each glass panel sliding in front of the others when you open them.

Pocket Glass Walls

Pocket Glass Walls are certainly the most well-integrated operating style among Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems. When opened, the glass panels are completely unseen, tucked away into a pocket in the wall itself. This is perhaps the most modern option among the three, and certainly the most unobtrusive.

Bi-fold Glass Walls

The Bi-fold Glass Wall System is the final operating style of this elegant execution of such a beautiful, modern idea. The panels of the Bi-fold Glass Wall fold  on top of the other when it’s opened, a simple yet elegant option to lend a modern look, feel and practical application to your San Diego home.

Window Operating Styles

Milgard offers a wide range of window operating styles to suit the practical needs of your San Diego home. Each of these operating styles is well thought out and has its unique practical benefits. Take a look at these options and choose what works best for you and the needs of your home.


Casement windows are a good choice for areas in your house where you may need to lean over to open the window – over the kitchen sink, for instance. It is a better choice for this kind of application because the operation does not require as much leverage as with a traditional vertically-opening window (such as a single or double hung window). All it takes to open this kind of window is to turn a rotating handle at the base of the frame. Hinged on one side or the other,  the window will open outward.

Double Casement

The double casement window, as you may know, has the very same operating style concept as the casement window. The difference is that the double casement window contains two casement windows within the same frame. This makes for a larger area when both windows are open, as well as offering a more

symmetrical appearance, often much more aesthetically pleasing than a single casement window. A single casement window, however, may be best applied on either side of a window seat, whereas the double casement is a better choice as a standalone window.

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Awning Window

The Awning Window is a similar concept to that of the casement window, the principal difference being that where the casement window is hinged on the side, the hinge of an awning window is located at the top of the window. This means that the window opens outward and upward, giving the awning window a significant advantage over the casement window, as it inherently makes the window better resist the elements. An open casement window can easily allow precipitation into the house, whereas you don’t need to worry about that issue with an awning window. An open awning window will deflect any precipitation while still allowing ventilation. It also provides a modern touch to the room in which it is installed.

Single Hung

The single hung window  has a more traditional operating style. A single hung window is fitted with a stationary pane of glass at the top of the window and an operable sash on the bottom, allowing the user to open and close it easily without any risk of obstruction to those who may be stationed outside the window or who may pass by outside.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows, like single hung windows, save space by sliding open vertically, not outwardly or inwardly, so there’s no risk of obstruction. The difference between single and double hung is that in double-hung windows, both panes of the window are operable sashes. This allows for more variable use. and not only open the bottom, but the top as well if you choose.

Horizontal Slider

Horizontal slider windows, as the name suggests, open horizontally whereas traditional single and double hung windows open vertically. This is a similar concept to those operating styles, but one doesn’t need to worry about gravity with this kind of window, as there is no possibility of the window falling closed.

Radius Window

A radius window is a window in which part or all of the window is rounded. This can accent the symmetry of all or part of the home, or simply give it a more pleasing aesthetic. There’s a wide range of usage scenarios for this kind of window. Radius windows are generally inoperable and are often used to offer a contrast to the sharp, straight corners of classic rectangular windows. The term radius window is a somewhat catch-all term that includes arch windows listed below, and other kinds of windows with round portions. A radius window can be entirely circular, ovular, or be an arch.

Arch Top Window

An arch top window is a type of radius window which, as the name suggests, is arched at the top. It can lend a more symmetrical appearance to a home or else accent the symmetry already present by being placed in the center of a wall or by placing several in a row. An arch window can also be a sort of “quarter window” – a half arch or a quarter of a circle.

Bow and Bay Windows

Bow windows and bay windows provide a beautiful panoramic view and are positioned in a semicircle, often around a window seat. There are several rectangular windows placed in a row around this semicircle in both bow and bay window styles. The difference is that bay windows have three glass panels, sometimes with a central panel larger than the two on the sides, while bow windows have four or five panels that are generally the same size.

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