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Milgard Windows Hardware and Accessories

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old house, here are a few facts you need to know about windows and their accessories.

Windows are your home’s eyes. They provide a view, the light, a cool breeze and they can make or break the room. They give us light, mood, sunlight for plants, keep out the weather and allow us to see our surroundings. They are such an important part of our home.

Windows are never just windows and they deserve to be the best they can. They give us so much, shouldn’t we try to make them the best they can be? Whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one, here are a few facts you need about windows and their accessories.

You’ve Got Glass

You might think all windows are basically the same, but they are not. You can get your choice of the type of glass you need for each different room and purpose. Natural light makes a big difference to a room, whether it is direct or diffused.  

Natural Light

Depending on the way your windows face, replacement windows may be exactly what you need to enhance the light in your room. Nothing helps a gloomy mood like a bright, sun-filled room. Milgard replacement windows can take your darkroom and make it shine.

It can also help with your moods. Even a rainy day is improved with a large wall of natural light. Many people work in windowless spaces so you understand how important a sunny room can help with your sunny disposition.

Studies show starting your day with a blast of bright sunlight can greatly improve moods, help with depression, sleeplessness and help start your day with less agitation.

Lower Your Energy Bill

Getting Milgard window replacements to conserve energy is a smart choice. With more windows, you get more natural light and that means you don’t need to use your artificial lighting.

They also warm the space they are shining on which means you can lower the thermostat during those hours. This works even with windows that are opaque, tinted or patterned.

energy efficient windows

Noise Reduction

Depending on where you live, noise can be a real problem for people. But you can get specially designed replacement windows to greatly reduce the amount of noise that gets in.

By choosing the right panes and window frame, you will notice a big reduction in noise levels. Ideal for babies room, those who work shift work or people who work from home.

Double glazed windows in a vinyl window frame not only reduce the outside noise but also block the noise going out of the house. Perfect for the budding drummer who rehearses in his room or your home sound recording studio.

Types of Glass

If you live in a picturesque area, with a view of the ocean, mountains or a beautiful skyline, you will want to enjoy that. Replacement windows will not only open your vista, but Milgard windows also help you choose the window most suited for space, the weather conditions, and even the curb appeal.

Tempered glass makes the outer layer tougher. It is harder to break and if it does get broken, it doesn’t fall into dangerous shards. It breaks into pebbles. It’s ideal for safety and is used for car windscreens, showers and patio doors.

Tempered Glass

This type of glass is ideal for areas that are a bit more vulnerable. Tempered glass is made extra strong.

Obscured Glass

These are great for when you want privacy but also want light. Perfect for bathrooms, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns, to match the decor of the room.

Tinted Glass

Tinted windows not only provide a little more privacy but also add a special light to the room. Choose the color you want and instantly the whole mood and feel of the room changes.

They are also becoming more and more popular for energy efficiency. Good tinted windows cut down on the amount of heat and UV rays allowed through the window, cutting back on run time for air conditioners and fans.

Laminated Glass

Milgard laminated glass is strong, protective and looks fantastic. Two panes of glass bonded with an inner layer of plastic provide security, heat reduction and noise reduction.

Light is still allowed through but without UV rays. If broken, the glass remains intact because of the plastic sheet. Perfect for bathrooms, home offices and anywhere you require a bit more privacy.

Crystal Groove

Crystal groove changes the look and feel of any room in an instant. Milgard’s gorgeous crystal groove window coverings are a popular choice. Available in a flat or polished finish, this can be added to your windows or doors.

Window Frames

The frame you choose for your windows goes much further than how it looks. While how it looks is important, there are other aspects you need to consider: Location, weather, noise, and energy efficiency.

Wood Frames

Wooden frames for doors and windows are very versatile. They add warmth and can be stained or painted to meet any color or decor. Coupled with a fiberglass exterior and Milgard’s innovative water management system, it remains a very popular choice.

While wooden frames require more maintenance, Milgard’s combination of fiberglass and wood provide extra life to window frames. With hidden drainage to prevent water damage, these frames will last longer than standard wooden frames.

Fiberglass Frames

Fiberglass frames have made leaps and bounds in recent years. These types of frames are perfect for dealing with wet and hot weather conditions. They won’t warp, rot or swell and they hold the glass tightly in place.

They are safe and secure and can be made into any color desired. Milgard has its own process for making frames and regularly test them for safety, strength, and durability.

Vinyl Frames

Perfect for damp locations, these frames resist corroding, are extremely durable and are ideal for energy conservation. Maintenance won’t be an issue with these frames as they are made to last and stand for all occasions.

Milgard has their own formula for their vinyl frames to ensure they are strong. These high-performance replacement windows are also available in a variety of colors, including the main two of tan and white. These frames can be painted over if you choose to redecorate later on.

Aluminum Frames

Sleek in design, low maintenance, durable and always popular, aluminum frames are light and strong. These are perfect for that space where the window is the focus, not the frame.

Milgard aluminum frames are specially treated to cope with particular weather conditions. Cold, hot and wet weather can damage aluminum so Milgard is one step ahead of those problems.

Styles of Windows and Frames

Now that we have covered the glass and the frame, let’s look at the style of window you want. Not all windows will be ideal in each location, you need to consider the weather, light, airflow, and privacy for each one.

Horizontal Slider Windows

These are windows that slide left and right. These are easy to use and can be perfect for any room in the house. It’s great for allowing air in both sides or only one if one side is obscured by a tree or building.

Single Hung Windows

These are windows that Move up and down. Single-hung means only the bottom of the window moves. Open a little or all the way. Available in many different styles and great for any room.

Double Hung Windows

These are a very popular choice. Both top and bottom window will slide up and down, to fully open each end or just a bit on the top and upper level. Great for kitchen, bedroom, or den. Milgard also carries tilting windows, that pulls down to allow fresh air and easy cleaning. Available in different styles.

Casement Window

These are windows that open like a door. Hinged on one side, they have a crank or can simply be pushed open. These can be large or small and have a screen on the inside. These are really nice in a kitchen over a countertop or appliances and can work in any room. Choose tinted or opaque for a bathroom.

Awning Windows

As the name suggests, awning windows open out from the top and swing out, making an awning. These work well even in the rain as the air gets in but the rain doesn’t. Perfect for under that tree-dropping-leaves, or used above a window that doesn’t open.

Picture Windows

These are often used as a main source of light and to provide maximum views. They don’t open but that’s fine. They are often large, in order to get the most of the view and natural light. They can be custom made to suit any home’s framework. Milgard has several options available.

Specialty  Windows

These are what add that special, personal touch to your home. If you have something special in mind, you can likely get it custom made.

Radius Windows

Radius windows,  are arched, have a rounded top, sides or a complete circle. These are great for any room that needs a touch of your personality.

Bay and Bow Windows

These are the windows that protrude outward and add a lot of depth and space to any room. Coupled with a great view and a window seat, you will never want to leave the space again.

Garden Windows

Imagine your very own herb garden or flower box. These are a perfect idea for placing off your kitchen or on the sunny side of the house. They stick out so they are great for those spaces outside that are not used. They have small opening windows to provide ventilation.

horizontal sliding windows

How To Choose The Best Window For Your Home

Windows provide so much more than something to look out of. There are many things to consider when buying windows, replacement windows and doors. Things to consider are your location, the weather, elements, durability, energy efficiency, and cost.

The Frame

We have now covered the different types of frames available. Choosing the ones that will work best with the conditions and weather, provide durability and still look great will take some consideration.

The Glass

Will single pane be enough or will you need two? Where is the window located, does it need to be tinted or opaque? Privacy, security, and energy efficiency need to be considered.

The Installation

While you may have your own ideas about the types of windows you want, you still need to consult an expert. You want to have the windows installed correctly and professionally.

An expert will be able to tell you if a certain window will work in a particular part of the house. How a window opens is just as important as to where it is placed. Always ask an expert.

Other Accessories

Other parts of the window to consider is the types of handles, knobs, and hinges. While they may not seem important, they should be. A push handle may be more convenient for someone who has less function in their hands than a crank.

The colors of the hardware will help with the final project when you start adding window treatments and are looking to accessorize the room. Choosing the right type of handles and hardware can make the whole room pop.

Mix and match the handles with the frames and it will elevate the entire room. The best part of choosing these items is that if you replace the windows or color scheme, later on, you can easily change the smaller hardware items, as well.

Windows  To The World

Choosing the right replacement windows is just as important as any other aspect of the home. You look out the window every single day. They are light and heat providers and are so much more than glass and frames.

They can greatly increase the overall curb appeal of your home, too. The way the light shines out of the home is equally as important as the light shining in. The window can set the mood, the pace, the feel and love of an entire room.

sliding windows in white