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Door Replacement San Diego

As one of the most trusted installers of interior and exterior doors in the greater Southern California area as well as the top door replacement experts in San Diego, U.S. Window & Door is proud to offer a selection of the highest-quality doors on the market.

Some of the brands of replacement doors that we carry include: Milgard Windows & Doors, and Masonite Doors.

Milgard Windows & Doors

Modern Bifold Doors San Diego

US Window & Door is a certified Milgard installer.  With a full line of doors in six product series, with different operating styles, frame materials, and other customization options, we’re sure you’ll find the right door to complement your home. Milgard offers a variety of options to choose from:

Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors with Grids

Vinyl Door Replacement

Vinyl Doors offer affordability along with durability to make a perfect match for your home.

Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass Door Replacement

Fiberglass doors are some of the strongest doors on the market and can also be painted after installation.

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors San Diego

Aluminum Door Replacement

Aluminum Doors are a good option for a slim frame profile offering large glass vistas.

Tuscany® Series

Milgard’s top of the line vinyl patio door that will make a world of difference for the look and feel of your home. Each door is custom made from your measurements using Milgard’s signature vinyl formula which consists of top quality ingredients. Featuring award-winning hardware as well as eleven exterior frame colors to choose from. With Milgard’s coating technology that allows UV rays to pass through the paint and reflect off the frame, preserving the color and finish. Elegant, durable and energy-efficient even in harsh climates, the Tuscany® Series is a great option for remodeling projects as well as replacement patio door needs.

Trinsic™ Series

Latest and the most contemporary vinyl sliding door in Milgard’s lineup. Offering narrow frame profiles for maximum viewable glass area, along with newly designed sleek hardware that features 90-degree angles for a modern flair. Made with Milgard’s signature vinyl formula, Trinsic™ Series doors have durable frames that don’t absorb moisture and don’t require painting. Strong and energy-efficient, yet sleek and stylish, the Trinsic™ Series is the perfect way to create a modern look for your home, while the large viewable glass area highlights and accentuates the view.

Ultra™ Series

Built to last for decades, Ultra™ Series fiberglass patio doors present a simple way to add intricate detail to any home with seven exterior frame colors to choose from. Strong and durable, fiberglass patio doors are resistant to swelling, cracking, warping, peeling, splitting, corrosion and water. Ultra™ Series features attractive and secure hardware that’s easy to operate. Available as French-style sliding and in-swing or out-swing French doors, they’re a great option for door replacement or new construction, providing your home with a touch of elegance.

Aluminum Series

Aluminum patio doors offer extremely robust frames with narrow sightlines for unmatched design freedom. Being three times stronger than vinyl and more than 40 times stronger than wood, aluminum patio doors are designed with clean and narrow frames. This makes them a fantastic option where maximum views are desired. Milgard’s thermally improved aluminum patio doors are equipped with a thermal barrier that reduces the flow of heat, making them more energy-efficient. Highly resistant to outside elements, rigid and durable, aluminum patio doors are a great way to accentuate the clean, thin lines of contemporary design.

Moving Glass Wall Systems

Available in custom sizes for replacement projects in addition to standard sizes for new home construction, Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems offer an innovative way to experience indoor-outdoor living. Despite the large size, these doors are easily operable to bring the outside in or expand your living space. This is achieved by stainless steel ball-bearing tandem rollers capable of carrying door panels nearly double their size. A perfect combination of functionality and design, Moving Glass Wall Systems are a great way to bring the outside in and add a touch of luxury to any home.

Rely on Milgard doors to add comfort and efficiency to your home or office.  Whichever material you choose, all doors are manufactured to focus on strength, durability, and low-maintenance.  In addition, Milgard doors come with a full warranty that lasts as long as you own your home!

These doors are manufactured to accommodate the weather conditions in Southern California and include such features as SunCoat Low-E insulated glass and premium color finishes that won’t crack or peel over time.  Every door is built for security and designed to meet or exceed California’s forced-entry codes, which are the toughest in the United States.

Masonite Doors

Are you looking to replace your front door? If you would like to give your home a new look, check you out our Masonite doors. These doors are designed to be functional and beautiful and guaranteed to boost the exterior appearance of your home. Moreover, they are energy efficient and they help reduce noise pollution. Masonite creates extremely durable exterior doors that are sure to last. You won’t have to worry about any issues, and you won’t have to replace or refinish them for many years. They offer a wide variety of new designs that look great on just about any home. Installation is handled by a seasoned professional so that all you have to worry about is which beautiful door works best for your home. Masonite is sure to provide you with the perfect one.

Understanding that a door reflects the overall attitude of a home, Masonite offers a wide variety of design options, frame materials and customization combinations in their product series. The possibilities are endless, so we’re sure you’ll find the ideal door for your home whether you’re remodeling or replacing your old doors. Here’s what Masonite has to offer:

Fiberglass Doors

Combining the classic look and feel of real wood with superior durability and low maintenance of fiberglass, these doors will last for decades. Enhanced construction features and improved durability allow for larger glass panes for truly impressive entryways. With a large glass area and numerous grid options, the VistaGrande series presents a perfect fit for front and patio applications. Barrington series offers premium fiberglass doors for unmatched luxury. Heritage series features authentic craftsman design combined with wide glass panels. With thousands of glass options and distinct architectural details, the Belleville series presents a great choice for any design style. Finally, the Oakcraft series offers performance and durability combined with cost-efficiency, making it a great budget option both for replacement, remodeling or new construction.

Glass Doors

Masonite also offers a wide variety of glass doors with a wide number of features, designs, and functionality, as well as different cutouts and glass options to choose from. Decorative glass presents a great way to add charm and sophistication to any door. If you value your privacy more than aesthetics, textured glass is the choice for you. The glass used in Masonite doors doesn’t just offer a brilliant view, but also improved sound reduction, superior durability, and fantastic energy efficiency. There’s also a variety of grids to choose from, as well as vents to fill your home with fresh air whenever you need it. Endless combinations make Masonite’s glass doors a perfect choice for replacement and new construction.

Masonite Door Surrounded by Windows

Choose the Best

Any remodel or redesign of your home requires a certain financial investment, but replacing doors can pay off by improving the look and feel of your home, along with adding to its market value. Another important factor to consider when replacing doors in your home’s energy efficiency. A door that’s energy-efficient and properly installed will reduce your heating and cooling bills, mitigating the cost of the replacement over time and increasing the comfort of your home. Milgard’s doors are covered by their Lifetime Warranty, while Masonite offers lifetime limited warranty for all their fiberglass doors, 20-year limited warranty on wooden doors and different warranty options for steel doors. This provides peace of mind and eliminates any possible concerns you may have over replacement and repairs in the future.

US Window & Door is a reliable, insured, independent family business. We’re one of the oldest exclusive window and door replacement companies in Southern California. When it comes to door installation and replacement, we’ve been honing our skills for over three decades. We take pride in our work, as excellence and customer service are our main focus points. We only work with the best materials and the highest quality products on the market, while adhering to all industry standards. That’s the only way to be sure our work will last for decades to come. Our team is fully licensed, so we promise a smooth purchase and an installation process that has been refined over 30 years. On top of that, you get the assistance of an AMMA-certified installer that doesn’t rely on the work of subcontractors to get the job done.

Contact us at any time if you have questions, feel free to request an online quote to get started, or call for a free in-home evaluation and estimate for your project.