Radius Windows

Radius Windows

Radius windows and arch windows can be added to any existing window to improve window style and viewing. Check out our stylish radius windows in San Diego.

Radius windows combine interesting forms with traditional functionality. Ideal for front-facing windows, adding charm and style, radius windows will enhance the design of your San Diego home along with allowing more natural light. A true classic that never goes out of style, radius and arch windows add a softness to a room and contrast the straight corners of rectangular windows. These windows can be operable to allow fresh air inside or fixed to only let in more light.

A popular way of enhancing the design of a radius window is by adding grids. Grids are bars that split up the window glass into smaller panes for aesthetic purposes and are available in exterior and interior options. This improves simulating real divided lights while internal grids facilitate glass cleaning.


Radius windows are extremely versatile as they can be combined with the windows you already have. Whether you’re looking to add a little flair to your San Diego home or create striking, dramatic effects, or arch,radius windows will do the trick. A radius window usually has the traditional rectangular bottom half while the top is an arch or a half-circle. However, there are hundreds of possible combinations to choose from, as arch and radius windows are built to your specifications.

The most important benefit of radius windows is the fact that they can easily be combined with other windows to improve your view, bring in more light, and improve ventilation. They also offer outstanding insulating properties and require very little maintenance so there’s no need to worry about leaks or any other problems.

Along with improving the look of your home, radius windows can also increase the overall value of your home. Since they’ve been around for centuries, you know they’ll never go out of style. Finally, another major  benefit of radius windows is the price, as they are generally affordable, especially if you decide to combine them with the windows you already have.


US Window & Door proudly offers high-quality Milgard radius and arch windows in a variety of combinations of materials, shapes, grids, along with glass variations and color options that are ideal for any San Diego home. The  possibilities are endless so you can let your imagination run wild; we’re sure to offer a combination that will fulfill your needs.

Radius Windows

An ideal solution for improving the overall aesthetics of your home are radius  windows. They provide the appeal of never going out of style which makes them a great addition to traditional and contemporary San Diego home designs. When it comes to sizes, shapes, and functionality, radial windows offer unlimited flexibility and provide outstanding value for new construction and  remodeling.

Arch Windows

Modern homes are designed with elevated ceilings and more open space. Arch windows are an ideal solution for utilizing extra wall space with elegance and individuality. Arch windows bring more light into your home by capturing more sunlight while also allowing you to enjoy the view. Along with the traditional archtop  design, you can choose from a variety of other shapes.

Milgard Arch and Radius Windows

As a manufacturer that’s well known and renowned for the quality of its products, energy efficiency and lifetime warranty, Milgard offers a variety of products to meet the needs of any San Diego home. Combined with US Window & Door’s five-star customer-based installation and a lifetime warranty on labor, you have a perfect team for any home improvement. With endless options and combinations of styles, colors, grids, glass types and coating, Milgard offers arch and radius windows in the following product lines:

Tuscany Series

Top of the line, premium vinyl windows, designed with the customer in mind. Elegant design with unlimited possibilities, Tuscany Series offers:

♦ Milgard’s signature vinyl formula crafted for exceptional results

♦ innovative SmartTouch® Lock for easy operation

♦ even sightlines that provide a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look

♦ an ENERGY STAR® package customized for your region for an energy-efficient home

Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty which includes Glass Breakage Coverage

radius aluminum windows

Trinsic Series

Trinsic Series is a modern vinyl window designed with a narrow frame and it features an expansive viewable glass area to help you embrace modern home design. Trinsic Series offers:

♦ a modern narrow frame to highlight your view

♦ even sightlines that provide a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look

♦ low profile hardware, uniquely designed for this series, that practically disappears from view

♦ an ENERGY STAR® package customized for your region for an energy-efficient home

♦ Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty for your comfort and satisfaction

Style Line Series

The clean lines of Style Line Series help refresh and renew your space and allow you to enjoy your view. Style Line Series offers:

♦ Milgard’s signature vinyl formula crafted for exceptional results

♦ a Positive Action lock to open and close the window with one motion

♦ Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty for your comfort and satisfaction

milgard radius windows

Ultra Series

Ultra Series is a stunning, high-performance fiberglass window that will help you create the home you always dreamed of. If you’re looking for long-lasting durability coupled with exceptional beauty, Ultra Series offers:

♦ a fiberglass frame resistant to swelling, rotting, and warping for longevity you can count on

♦ attractive window hardware that is durable, secure, and easy to operate

♦ an ENERGY STAR® package that suits your region for an energy-efficient home

♦ Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty which includes Glass Breakage Coverage

Aluminum Series

The Milgard Aluminum Series can create a contemporary, yet timeless look in your home. The frame material is very strong. The Aluminum Series offers:

♦ narrow sightlines to highlight expansive views

♦ sealed, mechanically-joined corners that keep their shape over time

♦ Milgard SunCoat® Low-E glass for improved energy efficiency

♦ thermally improved aluminum provides less heat/cold transfer, improving insulation ability

♦ Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty

radius windows essence series


Aside from selecting the material, type of glass and placement of your radius windows, you should always keep an eye on quality. Consider the following factors:

♦ Operation

Radius and arch windows can be operable or fixed. Both options should provide proper protection from the elements as well as adequate energy efficiency. If the window can be opened, examine how smooth the operation is because radius and arch windows can often be placed in places that are a bit harder to reach.

♦ Security

Check the locking system if present. Depending on the size and placement of radius and arch windows, there’s usually nothing to worry about. However, no two installations are the same. Milgard’s products usually meet or exceed California’s forced entry codes.

♦ Ease of Maintenance

Windows with a wooden frame eventually need to be painted or stained. Being exposed to moisture and/or varying temperatures, they also may warp. On the other hand, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum frames require little to no maintenance. Still, it’s important to choose the color carefully as repainting these materials can be somewhat challenging.

♦ Energy Efficiency

Make sure the windows you select are well insulated and built with energy-saving glass, as well as designed to reduce the expense of heating and cooling. Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important, so most windows currently on the market offer these features.

♦ Frame Materials

The material you choose for your window’s frame plays an essential role in deciding which radius window is the ideal option for your San Diego home. When you’re looking for an exterior window that can withstand the elements, the best solution for you is vinyl or fiberglass window frames.

radius bay windows

Benefits of Vinyl Radius Windows

♦ affordable

♦ energy efficient

♦ weather resistant

Offering fantastic protection, vinyl is a great choice for radius and arch windows. Homeowners in Southern California choose vinyl window frames for their durability and stability. Vinyl is formed together with heat-welded joints which make the windows resistant to varying weather changes. These exterior windows are also energy-efficient, meeting or exceeding ENERGY STAR® requirements. Vinyl is also relatively inexpensive and requires a minimal amount of maintenance. US Windows & Doors sells and installs vinyl radius and arch windows from Milgard’s Tuscany, Trinsic, and Style Line Series. These windows are architecturally elegant and sound, with three internal and eleven external color options to choose from. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line radius and arch windows in San Diego, Milgard’s vinyl windows sold and professionally installed by US Window & Door are the solution for you.

Benefits of Fiberglass Radius Windows

♦ incredibly durable

♦ stunning design

♦  can be built to look like wood

Fiberglass window frames are a relatively new option. People are choosing fiberglass window frames because of their endurance and longevity, knowing they are going to stand the test of time and be reliable for the life of their home. US Window & Door installs fiberglass radius windows from Milgard’s Ultra Series. Both lines of products offer various combinations of styles, colors, grids, and glass types fit for any San Diego design. Each fiberglass radius and the arch window is sold with SunCoat® Low-E insulated glass, which regulates the temperature inside your home while keeping out damaging sun rays. If you’re considering fiberglass radius windows, Milgard’s Ultra Series provide unmatched durability and comfort.

Benefits of Aluminum Radius Windows

♦ great budget option

♦ high durability

♦ ideal for large windows and doors

The aluminum  frame provides a modern look while still mirroring the home’s traditional architecture. It’s a solid material for its weight because the process of extruding the aluminum frames enforces the metal. It’s three times stronger than vinyl and more than forty times stronger than wood. US Window & Door proudly sells and installs high-quality aluminum radius and arch windows from Milgard’s Aluminum Series. In addition to the standard model, Milgard offers thermally improved aluminum windows with increased energy efficiency. These windows include a thermal barrier between the exterior and interior glass panels that reduce the heat transfer to a minimum.

Cost of Radius Windows

Any remodeling or redesigning of your home will require a certain financial investment, but installing or replacing radius windows can pay off by improving your home’s design and adding to its value. Whether they’re framed with vinyl or aluminum, radius windows have a similar price which can increase by adding optional features. Other factors that affect the cost are style, size, and installation process. Several factors can mitigate the cost over time. With the use of Milgard’s energy-efficient materials, the cost of adding radius or arch windows to your San Diego home will turn into an unprecedented lifetime investment into your San Diego home. Milgard’s Lifetime Warranty covers all radius and arch windows. The fact that Milgard stands behind their product for life can provide confidence in the windows you purchase and eliminate any possible concerns when it comes to replacement and repair.

US Window & Door is ready to help you select the ideal radius windows for your home. Since every installation is custom, we’re happy to provide a quote. Call us today for a free in-home estimate for your arch and radius windows in San Diego.

aluminum radius window with grid