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Doors in San Diego

Browse our selection of doors in San Diego by type or by material. US Window & Door is a leading installer with over 36 years serving homeowners in the area.

Why Choose Our Products?

Like Milgard, we pay a lot of attention to detail and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We install Milgard doors because we want our customers to purchase products that they can trust to last the lifetime of their homes.

Several factors, such as architectural style and personal preference, may determine which unique material to use, but rest assured you can always rely on Milgard doors to add comfort and efficiency to your San Diego home or office. Whichever material you choose, all doors are manufactured to focus on strength, durability, and low maintenance. That’s why Milgard replacement doors come with a limited lifetime warranty that lasts as long as you own your home!

These doors are manufactured to accommodate the weather conditions in southern California and include such features as Milgard’s SunCoat Low-E insulated glass and premium color finishes that won’t crack or peel over time.  Every replacement door is built for security and designed to meet or exceed California’s forced-entry codes, which are the toughest in the United States.

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About US Window & Door

For over 36 years, we've been dedicated to enhancing homes just like yours. As the leading Milgard dealer in California and across the country, our commitment to excellence shines through our hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. When you choose us, you're not just getting top-notch products, but also peace of mind.

We stand by our work with a limited lifetime guarantee on installations, ensuring your satisfaction for years to come. With our team of skilled professionals, you can trust that your home will enjoy decades of smooth, hassle-free operation. Discover the difference US Window & Door can make for your home today.

Here’s a quick overview of our installation process:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Education
  3. Pre-Installation
  4. Installation
  5. Post-Installation Inspection
  6. You’re done!

For the best San Diego doors, choose US Window & Door!

“They were polite friendly and very efficient. Everything was clean and neat. The difference in my home is day and night. It is so much more comfortable and quiet. I would recommend to everyone.” - By Martha F. (San Marcos)

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Choose the Ideal Material for Your Doors in San Diego

Check out the available construction of each Milgard door and decide which material as well as which individual style and series is the perfect choice for your home.  The material types include:

Vinyl Doors: vinyl is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and it is energy efficient, especially when the vinyl is molded with heat-welded joints. This process makes the frames more resistant to temperature changes.  Vinyl doors are typically used as patio doors – but how do you invision your replacement doors?

Fiberglass Doors: used for its strength and durability throughout multiple industries, particularly in constructing boats, fiberglass has recently been engineered in the construction of San Diego replacement doors. Fiberglass door frames provide strength and durability with minimal upkeep.

Aluminum Doors: used for its strength, rigidity and durability, aluminum doors are typically used in commercial buildings for several reasons, while aluminum’s characteristics make it quite suitable for large openings. These doors are usually an economical choice as well.

Choose the Ideal Style for Your San Diego Doors

These are just a few examples of the types of doors that we offer at US Window & Door.

Bi-fold Doors: these doors are designed to fold and slide along a track, creating a wide opening that seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces.

French Doors: French doors are a timeless and elegant addition to any home. French doors are a type of door characterized by their frame construction, which typically consists of multiple glass panels set in a wood or metal frame.

Custom Doors: custom doors are doors that are specifically designed and made to fit unique specifications or requirements. At US Window & Door we provide custom doors to our clients.

In addition to Milgard, US Window & Door is proud to carry Masonite products.  Masonite doors are strong and beautiful fiberglass doors.  These San Diego doors utilize new technology which protects them from rotting, corrosion, warping, and mildew.  Being near the ocean, these are all great features for all doors in San Diego.  These products come in a variety of options to suit the unique need for your replacement door.  Masonite proudly manufactures their products right here in the U.S.A.

All Milgard products are innovative and stylish doors that are custom built to fit over your existing door frame or as new construction to expand your options.

U.S. Window & Door is proud to provide high-quality doors in San Diego to builders, contractors and homeowners. Contact us at any time if you have any questions about our doors in San Diego or about our installation and replacement services!

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