Milgard Quiet Line Windows (Discontinued)

San Diego

Milgard Quiet Line Windows (Discontinued)

Milgard Quiet Line Windows provide some of the best noise reduction of any replacement windows San Diego, making your home a peaceful sanctuary.

Milgard Quiet Line Series has been discontinued to allow Milgard to expand its capacity for new products and color options by concentrating on producing market-preferred goods on schedule and in full. Check out the latest products we have from Milgard today.

Cars, barking dogs, street sweepers, and the 7 am Thursday morning trash truck are all typical San Diego neighborhood noises.  The outdoor world can be overwhelming and a bit noisy at times.  However, you can keep outside noises where they belong – out!  Milgard’s Quiet Line windows are the perfect solution!  Light sleepers, home offices, families that live near an airport or highway, and in-home sound studios are a few examples of why the Quiet Line Series was designed.  Produced with the same craftsmanship and high-quality vinyl that is used in other Milgard windows, the Quiet Line window is built with a high-performance, noise-reducing glaze that keeps outdoor noise outside!

milgard quiet line windows in the city

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of Milgard Quiet Line noise-reducing vinyl windows:

  • Noise-reducing
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable vinyl construction
  • Low-maintenance
  • Meets or exceeds federal Energy Star and other state requirements

Standard windows typically have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) level of 30, which is moderately effective in reducing the sound from a ringing telephone or barking dog.  Other than making major structural changes to a window, the most effective way to reduce outdoor noises that pass through standard windows is to simply replace your existing windows.  Replacing windows with upgraded and heavier glass as well as a noise-reducing glaze will help block out other noises such as power tools and lawn mowers, but these methods will only raise the STC level to 34 or 35.  The Quiet Line by Milgard can boost the STC level to an incredible 44, surpassing the levels of ambulance sirens and even your neighbor’s motorcycle.  Noises from nearby highways or airports can also be significantly reduced.  And thanks to Milgard’s exclusive SunCoat Low-E insulating glass, Quiet Line windows not only help with noise but also meet or exceed the Energy Star requirements.

The superior design and quality of the Quiet Line Series will keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, keep out 84% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, help reduce your energy bill and perhaps best of all, keep out unwanted outside noise.

Milgard Quiet Line windows are the ideal noise-reducing vinyl windows for San Diego homes in sometimes noisy areas.  Keep annoying noises outside where they belong with these beautiful vinyl windows built with both style in substance in mind.  Contact US Window & Door to get started on your window replacement and window installation today!