Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios.

Sliding Windows San Diego

Made from a variety of high-quality materials including vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass, these minimal-effort windows are sleek and they open and close without protruding.  Sliding glass windows open easier and faster than crank-style windows and are a very popular choice for contemporary-styled homes.  Whether they are to be used as new windows or as replacement windows, US Window & Door is proud to offer Milgard’s beautiful horizontal and vertical sliding windows.

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Horizontal sliding windows open with the sash sliding either left or right for easy-to-open capabilities, allowing natural light and fresh air to come through.  These types of windows are also popular for satisfying bedroom egress requirements (providing an emergency exit).  In a single slider, one sash slides to open.  In a double slider, both sashes open.  Double horizontal sliders are great for providing maximum air flow, particularly if there is only one window in the room.  Sliding windows like these are ideal for warm Summer days in San Diego!

In single-hung, vertical sliding windows, the bottom sash moves up to open and allow in both air flow and light.  The top sash is fixed in this case.  Since its flush design helps it open and close without protruding, single-hung windows are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, porches, or patios.  Double-hung sliding windows can be operated from either the bottom or top sash, sliding up and down for maximum ventilation.  Milgard offers a number of these double-hung sliders that are perfect for just about any application and are ready for installation today.

US Window & Door offers the best sliding glass window installation and replacement services in the San Diego area.  With nearly 30 years of providing the community with high quality windows and professional installation and replacement services, US Window & Door is dedicated to making your home or business look and feel the very best that it can with a great selection of Milgard horizontal and vertical sliding windows.

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sliding windows