French Patio Doors

French Patio Doors

We sell high quality French patio doors in San Diego. We have both in-swing French patio doors and out-swing French patio doors for any patio preference.

What are French patio doors?

Traditionally, French doors in San Diego come in pairs and are symmetrical. Generally speaking, they have a wooden frame with a grid that  holds many glass frames in place. These glass frames serve to allow the maximum amount of light possible and create a more free and expansive feel to the space in which they are installed.

Typically, French doors swing open, hinged on the sides, and there is a latch between the doors to secure them when they are not in use. In this case, there is often one operable door and one which is generally left closed. The one that is used less frequently may be reinforced with a top latch, to help secure the operable door more effectively. French doors are most often used as exterior doors that open onto balconies, patios or other outdoor areas, but they can also be used, and often are, as interior doors which lead  to larger rooms, such as dining rooms or studies. This gives a more grandiose and upper-class feel to the interior of one’s home.

The glass panes of traditional French doors have historically been small panes secured in the door with a grid made of the same material as the frame which are traditionally wood. Modern French doors have glass panes that consist of a single, large pane of float glass which will be  expounded below. This single, large pane of glass is often either overlaid with a similar grid to give a more traditional appearance, or the grid is set between two layers of glass for the same reason.

The three types of French patio doors

Not all French doors are the same. As stated above, French doors traditionally open on hinges secured on one side of each door. In more recent applications, however, French doors can be placed on tracks, so that they can slide open and closed. As such, there are now  three types of French patio doors. The first type is called in-swing French doors, the second we will mention are called out-swing French doors, and the third, being a more recent development in the field of French doors, are called sliding French doors. They’re sometimes called sliding glass patio doors, sliding patio doors or something like that, but they are still considered to be French doors, given their operation mechanism – one door is operable and the other door is stationary.

In-swing French patio doors

In-swing French patio doors are, of course, French patio doors that open inward. They contribute to the look and feel of a Southern or coastal home.

Out-swing French patio doors

Out-swing French patio doors are French doors that open outward. They are ideal for many real-world applications, including environments with severe weather, high winds, etc. They also offer improved security over in-swing French patio doors. They have a more traditional look and feel as well, more European and more grandiose.

Sliding glass French patio doors

Sliding glass French patio doors are the more modern application of the French door concept. They are still considered as such, in spite of their less traditional appearance and operation, because they are dual symmetrical doors that consist mainly of glass.

However, they are indeed much different in their operational style, as they are set on tracks instead of hinges, and they slide from side to side instead of swinging in or out.

What are the benefits of French doors?

Regardless of their operating style, French doors are a wonderful choice for any situation in which the owner of the home wishes to maximize the amount of natural light in their living space. French patio doors provide the best and most expansive views of the landscape surrounding the home and make the best use of space in any outdoor or indoor living area. Milgard French doors also have options for energy-efficiency and added security, depending on what extra features and security package you pick for your doors.

What kind of French doors should I go with?

You should weigh each factor of your home, taking into consideration both indoor and outdoor spaces. Is the interior of your home lacking in space? Is the outdoor area small and cramped? For example, a balcony that would not allow the door to swing open all the way, or would else encroach upon the space? Do you prefer a modern look for your home or one that is more traditional? You should consider these things and many other factors to make the best choice of French patio doors for your San Diego home. Each of the three operating styles of French patio doors is best suited to particular placements and environments, as well as aesthetic applications. Below we will attempt to  effectively explain which operating style may suit your home best.

The best placement for in-swing French patio doors

These doors would be best placed in homes where the owner may desire a more traditional feel for either a coastal or Southern-style home. Homes with in-swing French patio doors have an inherently more inviting atmosphere, simply because these doors open inwards. When opening these French patio doors, the host is already in an ideal physical posture to welcome guests into the home. They are also ideal for smaller balconies or other outdoor areas with a small amount of space, as they do not take up much space outdoors.

The best placement for out-swing French patio doors

This type of French patio doors would perhaps be best placed on a balcony or terrace. These doors are better suited for conditions that may have periodic or regular high winds and other kinds of extreme weather. They are also better for home security for the same reason that they are better for areas with severe winds and weather. The reason for both of these is that out-swing French patio doors have more give on the interior than the exterior. That is to say, it is more difficult to force them open from the outside because they are made to open from the inside toward the outside.

The best placement for sliding glass French patio doors

These patio doors would be best placed in nearly any kind of home.  They lend a more modern look and feel to any home and do not necessarily clash with the aesthetic of the rest of the home. In general, and in particular, with Milgard’s sliding glass French patio doors, there are several style series that offer a range of modern to traditional aesthetic styles that are highly customizable.

Sliding glass French patio doors are also the perfect choice for those who do not wish to sacrifice space, whether indoors or outdoors. Because they open side to side, they don’t require any extra room for operation, as they do not encroach upon the space of your indoor or outdoor living space. This makes them suitable for small balconies, expansive terraces, and also for older homes as well as those with a more modern aesthetic.

french sliding glass doors

What else should I know about my French patio doors?

It is important to keep in mind every aspect of how your patio door works, the additional options you can choose to include in the overall make-up of your doors, the price, the materials chosen, and other practical issues. Also important, albeit perhaps less so from a practical perspective, is the aesthetic side of the matter. You should consider what operating style will best suit the look and feel you wish your home to convey, the color you choose, whether to include grids for a more traditional appearance, whether you want them to appear more modern, etc. Finally, it is important to know the various ins and outs of the company policies both of the manufacturer of the product purchased and the vendor through which you chose to purchase said product. In this case, the manufacturer is Milgard, and the vendor is US Window & Door.

What customization options are available for French patio doors?

Your Milgard French patio doors are highly customizable, being available in a range of colors and styles, along with many extra attributes you can choose. Every style series has a frame made from a particular material that offers definite benefits and potential drawbacks. The different materials mean varying effectiveness in different environments, as well as different prices, of course.

Milgard offers several options for as far as frame materials are concerned. The material has a lot to do with how energy-efficient a patio door is, as well as the cost of the door. Milgard has these options in vinyl; one in full fiberglass and one in aluminum. Respectively, the Tuscany, Trinsic, and Style Line are the vinyl options. The Ultra Series offers a full fiberglass option. The Aluminum Series, as the name suggests, feature aluminum frames. You can read about each Style Series in detail in various areas on our website, as well as on the manufacturer’s website.

Depending on your needs, some materials might suit your home better than others. Vinyl, for example, is low-maintenance, lightweight, and inexpensive. Fiberglass costs a bit more, but it’s still lightweight and offers higher durability than vinyl. Aluminum is a strong material, and the Milgard Aluminum Series is specially engineered to be more energy-efficient than most other aluminum-framed windows and doors. Whatever your needs may be, we at US Window & Door will help you make the best choice and make sure you make an informed decision.

What kind of warranties are provided with the French patio doors from US Window & Door?

US Window & Door is a proud vendor of Milgard products, including patio doors, windows, and Moving Glass Wall Systems – another amazing type of glass patio doors. While you’re here, you should probably check those out, too.

Your Milgard French patio doors come with Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty. If you decide to sell your home, the warranty is even transferable to subsequent owners for 10 years from the date of purchase. It also includes glass breakage coverage, and fully covers all repairs and replacements. Milgard covers all costs of replacement parts and labor, providing you with peace of mind and knowledge that your purchase is covered no matter what happens. It is also worth noting that the warranty information is extremely easy to access. The information is free and readily  available on Milgard’s website. The customer service at Milgard, as well as here at US Window & Door, is unmatched in the industry.


You should always keep everything in mind when choosing any product for use in, on, or around your home. Always choose the best quality products and weigh all the costs, but never forget that the company or companies through which you choose to purchase your products and services should also be given a great deal of consideration. Consider their company policies, any warranties provided and their details, how accessible the information is, any caveats and fine prints, etc. Consider the materials used in the products and how much information is provided by the manufacturers and by the vendors. Keep in mind the way your home is laid out in terms of architecture and aesthetic styles, and make choices that will complement those aspects.

In any case, don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. If the vendors or manufacturers do not provide you with satisfactory answers or at least do their very best to educate you and advise you to some extent, then keep shopping. You should never settle for less when you can have the best. We look forward to helping you pick the best French patio doors for your San Diego home. Contact us at any time if you have questions, feel free to request an online quote to get started, or give us a call for a free in-home evaluation and estimate for your project. Thank you for choosing US Window & Door.