Color Options in Milgard Doors

Color Options in Milgard Doors

We offer a large selection of Milgard door colors to meet any customized interior or exterior door design or preference. We combine style with functionality.

Milgard is a favorite of new home builders and homeowners refreshing the beauty and practicality of their property. Whether you’re installing doors as part of your home construction or looking to buy replacement doors, our products won’t disappoint you.  Milgard doors are categorized by operating style, frame material, and product series. Across our range, we offer a variety of interior and exterior finishes, some  classic and some unique.

A snapshot of Milgard door color options

Our interior finishes include White, Tan, Clay, Douglas Fir, Natural Pine, Primed Pine, Frost, Harmony, Bark, Black Bean, Clear Anodized and Bronze Anodized.

Among our exterior finishes are Ivory, Sand, Fog, Silver, Tweed, Classic Brown, Espresso, Bronze, Pea Pod, Fern, Cinnamon, Evening Sky, Bark, Black Bean, and Twilight.

Our standard finishes comprise the same interior and exterior colors.

Options in matching door hardware include White, Tan, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Chrome, Satin Nickel and Slate Black. Make sure you have a look at our hardware for swing and sliding doors.

Getting your door color right

Warm vs cool colors

A bit of color theory is always useful in picking the right colors for your replacement doors: you definitely want the colors to harmonize with your exterior design and interior decor. Whether you’re in the midst of a new property construction or renovating an area of your home, you have the flexibility to choose the colors of your patio door or moving glass wall system.

Wish to make a room or space feel more intimate and cozy? Warm hues are a good bet. Warm colors (red, yellow, orange) remind you of warm things, such as sunshine and heat. As they appear to advance, warm shades create a feeling of closeness. Some of the warm shades available for Milgard doors include Classic Brown, Espresso, Twilight, Bark and Bronze.

Cool colors (blue, green light purple) remind you of the water, sky, and snow. They appear to recede, making spaces appear bigger and more open. Cool shades help create relaxing and meditative spaces. If you want to wind down than feel stimulated in a particular area of your home, cool colors for your decor are recommended over warm hues. Cool Milgard door color options include White, Sand, Frost, Tan, and Clay exude elegance and calmness.  

Tips on choosing door colors

‘How do I go about choosing my replacement doors and windows?’- is a common question posed by homeowners. After choosing the style of the door, the next question is often regarding the door material and color. Here are some tips that you may find useful when deciding your door color:

  1. If your home is architecturally interesting or your renovation aims to add more vibrancy and visual interest to your interiors, select a frame color that pops out – in a nice way!
  2. For traditionally styled homes, door frame and window trim colors that contrast with the house color are a safe bet. Warmer palettes tend to complement traditional decor while cool palettes exude a modern feel.
  3. More tips for different looks:
  • White is timeless, suiting both contemporary and classic designs
  • Create a subtle look and visually enlarge your interior space by choosing a door color that is the same or close to your wall color
  • For an understated yet sophisticated look, choose a color that’s a few shades lighter or a couple of shades darker than your wall color. This will also create a nice sense of depth.
  1. If you want to replace a classic white or dark brown with something new, see how a bunch of unique picks will look against your current decor. An otherwise appealing color may look out of place when it shares space with the rest of the colors and patterns in your interiors or patio. May we suggest our Pea Pod and Cinnamon door frame colors?
  2. For dark or intensely colored walls, light Milgard door color options offer visual relief while also accentuating the strong shades. White frames and trim look clean and distinct against light or pastel walls and simultaneously offer a mild contrast.
  3. While tan and beige were sought-after neutrals a couple of years ago, cooler neutrals such as grey have become alluring for homeowners, while refined shades of black and navy are also excellent choices. Evening Sky, Fog, Black Bean and Twilight shades from our Essence Series, or Bronze, Silver and Frost will complement most home colors.
  4. Concerned about how dust and dirt will show up on your doors? If you live near a busy road or next to a construction site, grays and taupes that aren’t too light or too dark, do a good job of camouflaging dirt. Dust and dirt are most obvious in dark and light colors. Have a look at Fog and Harmony in the Essence series or Tan, Frost or Silver Milgard door color options.
  5. Enjoy sunshine and heat for the most part of the year? Lighter colors for your door frames and window trims are ideal as they don’t absorb heat or fade as quickly as darker hues.
  6. Doing a deep dive into color catalogs and comparing different hues against decor can be overwhelming. If you want to keep color selection simple, coordinate your door frame, wall and decor colors to either a cool or warm palette. So, for shades of red, orange, brown or yellow, compatible window frame colors would be Cinnamon, Classic Brown, Tan, and Espresso. Cooler palettes to consider include Fern, Fog, Silver or Evening Sky.  
  7. When unsure of which colors are near-perfect for your home, engage a professional designer for expert advice. You can also lookup beautiful homes on Houzz and Pinterest, and ask for suggestions on online architectural forums.
tuscany door with grids

The practicalities of choosing a door frame material

Other than the appearance of your door frame, the characteristics of the material require your consideration. As an example, if you live in a temperate climate, wood frames’ insulating properties are helpful. Want a relatively inexpensive frame material that offers insulation? Choose vinyl door frames, which are also energy-efficient, UV resistant and low maintenance. Fiberglass is another low-maintenance option that resists swelling, warping and rotting. Our aluminum door frames are also a favorite of clients, offering exceptional strength and fitting nicely into environments where corrosion can arise from more-than-usual humidity or airborne pollutants.

Door Color Options at Milgard

Tuscany Series

A premium vinyl patio door custom engineered to your exact requirements. This is our best-selling series.


♦ Sliding doors with premium-quality rollers and our patented SmartTouch® door handle that engages with the simple, one-touch operation when opening and closing. Our innovation has won the International Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America.

♦ Available in 1,2,3 and 4-panel  configurations

♦ Swing-in or swing-out doors with elegant French rail and two-way adjustable hinges for easy door panel alignment.


♦ Standard finishes: White, Tan, and Clay (same color for interior and exterior)

♦ Premium exterior colors (white interior): Silver, Tweed, Classic Brown, Espresso and Bronze


A vinyl patio door with expansive viewable glass, a narrow frame profile and a sleek, modern style.


♦ Sliding doors with squared-off f door handles feature 90-degree angles

♦ Available in 1, 2,3 and 4-panel  configurations

♦ A narrower door handle is offered as an option


♦ Standard finishes: White, Tan, Clay (same color interior and exterior)

♦ White Interior / Black Exterior Cap Stock Finish Available

♦ Premium exterior finishes: Ivory, Sand, Tweed, Classic Brown, Espresso and Bronze

fiberglass front door in yellow

Ultra Series

A dark interior frame that matches the exterior, and a fiberglass material that resists rotting, warping and swelling.


♦ Sliding doors with top-quality rollers and a weather-strip system

♦ Swing-in and swing-out doors with two-way adjustable hinges

♦ Available in 1,2,3 and 4-panel  configurations

♦ Optional ADA compliant door handle and low-profile sill


♦ Interior finishes: Frost, Harmony, Bark and Black Bean, all with matching exterior colors

♦ Exterior finishes: Frost, Harmony, Bark, Black Bean, Sand, Fern and Cinnamon

Aluminum Series

Narrow sightlines and configurable into large combinations to maximize views. It can be ordered in standard aluminum or thermally improved aluminum.


♦ Sliding doors in 1,2,3 and4-pane ll configurations


♦ Standard aluminum doors available in White, Clear Anodized and Bronze  Anodized options

♦ Thermally improved aluminum doors available in Clear Anodized and Bronze Anodized options

Moving Glass Wall Systems

A moving glass wall system expands your living space and brings the outdoors in. Although large in size, these doors open and close with ease. Milgard glass wall systems are engineered with tandem stainless steel ball-bearing rollers that reliably carry door panels nearly double their size.

masonite front door

Stacking doors

When a stacking glass wall opens, each panel stack opens on top of another and the track slides down.

Stacking doors are a popular component of open space concepts. They blur the space between your living room and patio, ushering in brightness, warmth and fresh air.

♦ Available in 3, 4 and 6-panel configurations

♦ Choose aluminum-clad wood or all-aluminum frame styles.

♦ Modern and stylish, all-aluminum frames can be ordered in colors to match just about any décor.

♦ Aluminum clad wood features a luxurious wood interior that can be painted or stained and an aluminum exterior in designer colors.

♦ The all-aluminum option is a sleek, modern design in colors to match any decor.

♦ Accessorize aluminum clad doors with grids.

♦ All Aluminum Colors: Dark Bronze Anodized, Clear Anodized, Tan and White

♦ Aluminum Clad Wood Exterior Colors: Bark, Cinnamon, Clear Vertical Grain Fir, Dark Bronze Anodized, Pine and White.

Pocket Doors

A pocket door is a sliding door that disappears from view when open by tucking into a wall. It is ideal if there is no room to accommodate the swing of a door or to create an architectural effect. Pocket doors are yet another way to open up to the outdoors or ensure seamless, uninterrupted and safe access between various living spaces in your home.

♦ Available in 3, 4 and 6-panel l configurations

♦ Pocket doors are architecturally interesting whether open or closed.

♦ Choose between rich aluminum-clad d wood interiors or all-aluminum  in designer colors

♦ Even when they are closed, these expansive moving glass panels make a design statement.

♦ Choose between an aluminum-clad style with warm wood interiors or sleek all-aluminum in designer colors.

♦ Option to accessorize aluminum clad wood doors with grids.

♦ All Aluminum: Dark Bronze Anodized, Clear Anodized, Tan and White

♦ Aluminum Clad Wood Exterior Colors: Bark, Cinnam on, Clear Vertical Grain Fir, Dark Bronze Anodized, Pine and White


In a bi-fold system, the door panel folds on top of the panel next to it as it opens, allowing you to embrace the picturesque outdoors.

♦ When open, each panel folds on top of the panel adjacent to it

♦ An excellent way of making your garden seem like an extension of your house

♦ A 7-panel  door opens left or right; 6-panel  door opens left-right or from center

♦ Frame colors: Clear Anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized, Tan and White

Where to install Milgard replacement doors

  1. Looking for a replacement patio door? See the available space near the door. If limited, sliding patio doors are the best option.
  2. Space apart, consider how the furniture placed near the door affects the opening and closing of the in-swing door. Also, make this assessment of your patio furniture when choosing out-swing doors.
  3. Remodeling a room? Certain door styles may call for a bigger budget to allow for reinforcement prior to installation. For instance, if you’re keen on a glass wall system, extra structural support is needed to ensure that the wall can hang safely from the top.

Learn more about Milgard door color options

Request a brochure or consultation for all details regarding replacement doors from Milgard.

sliding stacking doors