Milgard Aluminum Windows

Milgard Aluminum Windows

Milgard Aluminum Windows are the standard for thin frames on windows to provide the greatest possible glass area for viewing the outside world and letting in light.

Acclaimed for their high durability as well as the long-lasting material they are made of, aluminum windows have long been a staple in the construction of both commercial and residential properties, particularly those located in extreme temperate climates.  Installing windows like Milgard’s aluminum windows is a great choice for homes, offices, and schools because they offer a low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant solution.  Aluminum windows are also cost-effective because they often exceed energy-saving standards ratings such as Energy Star, giving owners with a significantly shorter payback period on their investment.

Replacing your windows with aluminum frame windows like the aluminum models offered by Milgard provides many advantages.  Here are the basics:

  • Durable, long-lasting
  • Sleek and strong
  • Low-maintenance
  • Ideal for large openings where strength and rigidity is required

While aluminum windows are a practical option for many applications and have versatile options in color and texture, aluminum isn’t intended to fully replace the overall appearance of wood windows or vinyl windows in some homes.  Aluminum-framed windows are primarily used for their strong and lasting properties for commercial use and climate consideration.

This dependable nature is highly-sought after in the long-term operation of high rises, restaurants, hotels, office and government buildings, or any establishment in a corrosion risk area from salt content and above-average precipitation.  Milgard aluminum windows are a popular choice in many San Diego buildings because of the close proximity to the ocean and the moisture-laden salty sea air that is present virtually year-round.

Aluminum also allows for oversized design options.  Individual units like aluminum casement windows, for instance, provide superior ventilation while offering a sensational view through large areas of unobstructed glass.

Lastly, Milgard’s aluminum windows are available in a standard aluminum series, which is ideal for the southern California climate and San Diego; and the thermally-improved series, which is a high-performance window providing energy efficiency in cooler climates.

US Window & Door would be more than happy to assist you in finding the right aluminum replacement window for your home or office.  Feel free to contact us at any time of you have any questions or request a quote to get started on your renovation!