How To Clean and Lubricate Your Hinged Window

How To Clean and Lubricate Your Hinged Window

Different seasons, especially if you live in a harsh climate, will make it necessary that you clean and lubricate your Milgard replacement hinged window at least once a year, if not bi-annually. If you are unsure of how to clean and lubricate a hinged window, This guide will cover how to complete the procedure successfully. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

To properly clean your hinged window, you will need a sponge or lint-free cloth, a mild soap and water solution, silicone, lithium high pressure grease, and safety glasses or gloves.

The first step in this procedure is to remove the screen to your hinged window. Then you want to remove the crank operator so that the window’s hardware is exposed. Now that your window’s hardware is exposed, it is now time to clean it. Take your cloth or sponge and get it wet. Efficiently wipe down the metal operator, lock bar, and hinge components so that you have removed all the dirt and grime. Finally, allow sufficient time for all the hardware to dry.

Once all the components of your Milgard hinged window are dry, then grab your silicone. Using the silicone, lubricate all of the sliding components and rotating joints of your hinged window. If you are cleaning a wooden window, use caution while lubricating. If the lubricant comes into contact with the wood, there is the serious potential that the wood might stain.

Next, you want to take your lithium high pressure grease and apply it to the operator gears. Finally, check all of the weep holes and make sure there is no debris stuck in them.

Replace the crank operator and window screen to your Milgard hinged window and open and close it a few times to make sure the operation is smooth.

If everything is operating smoothly, you have successfully cleaned and lubricated your Milgard hinged window.

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