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Patio Doors

Patio doors have several different styles to suit the needs for any scenario. We can replace existing doors with similar options or create new exiting patio door options for you.

The San Diego climate lends itself well to homes with open designs and easy access to porches, patios, and balconies.  Homeowners are fortunate enough to enjoy outdoor activities here year-round, and coming and going from a home as frequently as residents here do, finding the right patio doors San Diego is critical.  While the weather here may not be as severe as other locations, San Diego has its share of rain and high winds. Thus, having the peace of mind of knowing that your patio doors San Diego can withstand anything that mother nature throws its way is quite nice.

Patio doors San Diego are available in many architectural styles and can be simplistic in appearance or designed to become works of art in their own right.  These doors are customizable as well and can be made to fit any home to an owner’s specifications.

Due to the optimal climate for patio doors San Diego and the modern patio door’s unique designs, patio door replacement is a great investment for your home. However, there are many considerations when picking the best patio doors San Diego.

Reasons For Replacing Patio Doors

Homeowners choose to replace their patio doors for several reasons. The most common is that they have an old door that is no longer in good condition. This is especially likely to be true of wooden doors because wood is a soft and porous material that can absorb moisture. When moisture gets inside wood, it can cause the wood to expand and warp, especially if the water freezes.

outward opening exterior door

Another reason why people replace old patio doors is to be free from maintenance. Wooden doors need repainting or re-staining on a regular basis, but vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum door frames are virtually maintenance-free.

Also, a new patio door can provide increased security. Old sliding glass doors were hard to secure, and burglars often see them as easy to break into. Modern doors, however, are made with shatterproof glass and multi-lock systems that are harder to break into and thus much safer.

Finally, one of the most popular reasons why US Window & Door customers purchase new patio doors is to improve the appearance of their home. A new door can significantly improve a home’s interior and exterior appeal by adding more light, creating a more generous sense of space, and updating the style of the house to a more contemporary look.

Whatever your reason for replacing patio doors, you will be sure to add value to your home by purchasing attractive and high-quality patio doors from brands like Milgard.

Top Brands Of Patio Doors San Diego

US Window & Door sells and installs only the top makers of patio doors, and our assessment of quality is based on 30 years of experience. We are proud to offer Milgard and patio doors because they are two of the most trusted names in the business.

Milgard has been manufacturing high-quality patio doors for more than 50 years, and in that time they have established a reputation for innovation, customer service, and excellence. Their industry-leading full lifetime warranty is their way of standing by their products and guaranteeing that their clients get the best possible service.

Considerations For Choosing Patio Doors San Diego

Three of these important considerations to keep in mind when looking for replacement patio doors in San Diego include operating style, security, and energy efficiency. Three important considerations to keep in mind when looking for replacement patio doors in San Diego include operating style, security, and energy efficiency.

Styles of Patio Doors San Diego

Through US Window and Door, there are many different styles of Patio Doors available to homeowners in San Diego. There are simpler designs that will fit within the complete flow of your house, or you can choose more elaborate styles that will become the focal centerpiece of the whole home.

When it comes to patio door replacement, there are many types of patio doors available to you for your San Diego patio door needs. Some of the patio door replacement options include more traditional french patio doors, space efficient sliding patio doors, and, if you are looking for more modern patio doors, there are innovative options from Milgard’s moving wall systems. Below, you will see summaries of some of the best types of Milgard patio doors to choose from:

French Patio Doors

For a traditional style choose a french (in-swing or out-swing) patio door San Diego. This timeless design is ideal for homeowners who want a larger entryway. The double-door design makes it easy to move large furniture in and out of the house or accommodate a flow of guests. The french in-swing door allows for more for usable space outside while the french out-swing door is advantageous for usable space inside. It’s worth noting that doors that swing outward are designed so that they cannot be kicked in or removed from the hinges, so they provide extra security.

Simple and yet exquisite, these doors are customizable in material and design to accentuate the landscape outside or match the exterior design of the home. Another advantage of the french swinging doors is the amount and quality of natural light let into a room. French swinging patio doors, which can come with blinds inside the glass, are the perfect patio doors, allowing you to control the amount of natural light coming into your home.

Standard Sliding Patio Doors

If you are looking for the best patio doors San Diego that will affordably occupy a significant amount of space, try Milgard’s standard patio sliding doors. Milgard’s doors slide easily open on door sliders and shut without needing any extra space that is required for doors that swing open and closed. Not only are these doors space-savers, but they also create a clean and uninterrupted design, making the outdoors feel like added living space. Offered in aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl frames, these sliding doors, well suited as backyard doors, will offer gorgeous views outside all while brightening the inside of your home. A couple of other advantages of traditional sliding doors are the fact that they are easy to adjust when the house settles, and they are a relatively low-cost option.

French-Style Sliding Glass Doors

If you are looking for something a little more elegant than the simple style of sliding doors, US Window & Door recommends french-style sliding doors for your next Patio Doors San Diego. Milgard’s french-style sliding doors are one of the best french doors on the market. They offer the graceful appearance of traditional french doors along with the ease of sliding doors. With a variety of grid options available between the panes of glass, your French sliding door will maintain the classic authentic look of other French doors.

bifold-door replacement

Bi-fold Patio Doors

If sliding doors are not what you are looking for, maybe bifold doors will suit your patio doors San Diego needs. Including a group of multiple glass panels that fold upon each other when opening, the glass bi-fold door has a distinct, elegant and advantageous design. Bi-fold doors are an excellent way to maximize space, since the open doors fold against each other, taking up almost no room. The bi-fold design also offers more options regarding how you open the door. For example, you can fold open just one side of the door for a smaller opening and quicker exit or entry. Milgard designs each glass sheet of the bi-fold door with a water barrier protecting the inside of your home from any inclement weather that might hit. Finally, Milgard constructs each bi-fold door with specific frames that increase the door’s energy efficiency and security. We know Bi-fold doors would make an excellent visual and structural decision for your patio doors San Diego.

Glass Pocket Patio Doors

Other Patio Doors San Diego for sale are glass pocket doors and glass stacking doors. When opening a glass pocket doors, the panel disappears into a pocket within the wall. Since this style of patio doors for sale takes up less floor space, they are a perfect option for a balcony door as well as efficient for hosting parties or moving furniture. They are also a very stylish design that offers a large opening that’s perfect for moving furniture or providing wheelchair access.

Glass Stacking Patio Doors

Finally, glass stacking doors are primarily a combination of the sliding door and bi-fold door. When you open a glass stacking door, the glass panes slide on top of each other allowing for an excellent view and the comfort of a flowing breeze through the stacked panels.  This type of door works well in extra-wide spaces. Some homes have stacking glass doors that fill the space of an entire wall, creating a modern, elegant, and above all spacious feeling. All of these options make up Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems and are perfect for your custom patio doors San Diego.

bifold-door replacement

Patio Doors San Diego Operating Style

The operating style of patio doors that you choose is dependent on your home’s unique design as well as your individual preferences and include the following:

  • In-swing French doors
  • Out-swing French doors

No matter whether it is a french-style swinging door, sliding door, bi-fold door, glass pocket doors, or glass stacking doors, Milgard has the right patio door for sale for your home’s unique design. Contact US Window & Door to get your free in-home consultation* for brand-new Patio Doors San Diego.

Types of Milgard Patio Doors San Diego

US Window & Door knows that your home is an expression of your styles and tastes. So, when it comes to patio door replacement, they know that you will want to choose a replacement patio door that reflects your home’s personality. Therefore, US Window & Door is proud to offer several different types of Milgard patio doors to fit your home’s unique style.  Some of these unique types of patio doors include Milgard aluminum patio doors, Milgard vinyl patio doors, and Milgard fiberglass patio doors.

patio door

Milgard Aluminum Patio Doors

If you are looking for a sturdy option for your modern patio door replacement project, Milgard aluminum patio doors San Diego will offer the strength and durability you need for your San Diego patio door. Milgard uses long-lasting, reliable, and robust materials to manufacture this type of patio door helping fight against wear that is relevant in San Diego’s temperate climate. Thermally improved aluminum patio doors are also available; Milgard makes these doors with a thermal barrier in between interior and exterior panes of glass. This barrier serves to prevent the transfer of heat from the indoors to the outdoors, and vice versa. Thermally improved doors can help homeowners cut down on their heating and cooling costs.

In addition to being the strongest frame material, clients choose aluminum for its light weight. Because thin aluminum frames are strong enough to hold large glass panels, these doors are an excellent choice for maximizing the view. More affordable than either wooden or vinyl patio doors, aluminum patio doors offer an economical, heavily built modern option for your San Diego patio door.

Milgard Vinyl Patio Doors

Milgard vinyl patio doors San Diego are becoming more and more popular due to their stability and durability. There are several benefits to choosing a vinyl patio door for your patio door replacement project. Like aluminum frames, they are comparatively inexpensive to manufacture; therefore, they are a cheaper option than wood or fiberglass, and they can effectively mimic more expensive door types. They are also durable, which makes them a reliable addition to your home for many years. Vinyl replacement patio doors are also extremely weather resistant, and they keep inclement weather elements out of your home. Finally, vinyl frames are relatively easy to operate and, therefore, maintenance free. The frames are available in a variety of colors and never need to be painted. Resistant to cracking and peeling, Milgard vinyl patio doors are excellent options for both traditional french patio doors and modern sliding patio doors.

Milgard Fiberglass Patio Doors

Milgard’s fiberglass patio doors San Diego are quickly becoming an in-demand substitute for aluminum and wooden patio doors.  A recent option for San Diego patio doors, new manufacturing techniques have led to solid fiberglass patio doors that can mirror the appearance of classic wooden patio doors. Besides keeping with traditional structural designs, one of the biggest benefits of a fiberglass patio door is its strength and durability. Like Milgard’s vinyl patio doors, fiberglass frames are long lasting. Resistant to splitting and warping, they will be a reliable addition to your home for years. Fiberglass frames also regulate temperature making your home comfortable year-round. And because the door frame is made of a type of glass, it will expand and contract at approximately the same rate as the panes of glass it holds. This puts less stress on the seals and eliminates fog. An energy efficient option, Milgard’s fiberglass patio doors are an exquisite choice for your replacement patio door project.

fiberglass patio door

Whether it is a wood, aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass frame, US Window and Door offers only the best Milgard manufactured San Diego patio doors. There, you will find the right replacement patio door that fits with your home’s architectural theme and style.

San Diego’s Best Patio Doors

If you’re looking for patio doors, you want to work with experienced professionals who understand their products and their customers. At US Window & Door, we sell only the brands that we know to be of the highest quality, and our staff can help you make the right choice in patio doors for your home. We can also let you know what to expect concerning pricing and the installation process, and we start every job with a free consultation and quote.

US Window & Door offers the best patio doors in the Southern California region. Residents in San Diego are now more than ever turning to vinyl patio doors exclusively for their homes. Due to its inexpensive nature and energy efficiency, Milgard’s vinyl patio doors will be a beautiful staple in San Diego homes for many years to come. Though it is extensively popular, vinyl patio doors are not the only way to go, and many customers have been one hundred percent satisfied with the quality and installation of all patio doors from Milgard as well as the sale and installation by US Window & Door. As one reviewer remarked, US Window & Door “stood out from the rest of the competition.” So, no matter your needs, make sure you get the highest quality replacement Patio Doors San Diego by choosing US Window & Door.

San Diego Patio Door Security

One of the most important features to consider when looking at a replacement patio door or French patio door is its locking system.  Patio doors are often a home’s first line of defense, and you should take your home’s security seriously. Because hardware selections may vary, the best doors always feature high-quality locks.  Locks should meet or exceed local forced-entry codes.  A door’s frame and glass should also be strong enough to withstand a certain amount of force.

The bottom line is simple: security is crucial for all sliding patio doors and standard patio doors as well as any other outside doors. Therefore, understanding that safety is paramount for any San Diego replacement patio doors, US Window & Door installs all of Milgard’s patio doors with premium locks that exceed the local forced entry codes.  In fact, in 2014, Milgard was the first patio door manufacturer to introduce a second bolt that secures a sliding glass door at the top of the door frame. So, you know you are safe choosing Milgard patio doors to protect your home and family.

exterior sliding door

Energy Efficient Patio Doors San Diego

While most doors are, in fact, energy-efficient to some degree, there are variations between them.  Make sure that the door you choose comes with the appropriate energy-saving glass and that the frame is made accordingly as well.  The proper patio door will reduce heating and cooling costs.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) voluntary program, ENERGY STAR, has created climate zones for North America and has outlined specific ratings for replacement patio doors within each zone.  Doors that are ENERGY STAR certified either meet or beat the recommended ratings for that specific zone.

US Window & Door carries wide variety of patio doors – brand doors.  These high-quality patio doors are designed to enhance any home’s appearance while state-of-the-art materials and construction help each door to be as energy efficient as possible.  Count on US Window & Door to be your #1 source of sliding patio door replacement services in San Diego!

Price of Patio Doors San Diego

Prices for replacement patio doors in San Diego range depending on the style, the length of the opening, and the type of replacement patio door. The simple vinyl sliding patio door from Milgard’s Style Line Series is usually the most affordable and standard door installation. Sliding doors from Milgard’s Tuscany series door and other french doors will cost slightly more and range higher depending on the size of the patio door installed. Pricing then goes up for fiberglass doors or wood doors and especially for bi-fold doors, glass pocket doors, and glass stacking doors which are part of Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall System.

Though the cost may make it seem challenging to replace your patio door, replacement patio doors are an incredible investment in your home. Milgard offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty on all replacement doors except patio doors from their Moving Glass Wall Systems. Therefore, your replacement patio door will not only be a visually excellent upgrade, but Milgard backs the durable nature of your replacement door no matter which patio doors San Diego you choose. That means you can rest easy knowing the quality of Milgard’s product and US Window & Door’s professional door installation is guaranteed.

Replacing your patio doors with more energy efficient doors, such as the ones that US Windows & Door sells and installs, may earn you a tax credit and, in certain cases, cash back (ask your tax accountant about current rebates or tax incentives for energy efficient home improvements). Besides that, there is no question that new patio doors will increase the curb appeal and the value of your home. Therefore, despite the patio door installation costs, replacing your patio door is not just an upgrade of the overall aesthetic appearance of your home, it is a great investment as well.

Fiberglass Patio Doors San Diego Options

No matter what style of patio door you are looking for, US Window & Door sells and professionally installs different Milgard doors and Plastpro doors. If you are looking for french doors, whether they are swinging or sliding, Milgard offers an excellent selection of San Diego Patio Doors with hard-working fiberglass exteriors that will protect the patio door from the elements. If you’re looking for a safe and sturdy fiberglass single porch door, US Window & Door sells and installs top-rated fiberglass doors. These doors are manufactured with a high degree of fire protection, which allows the door to withstand high temperatures for a minimum of twenty minutes and gives it the potential to withstand up to ninety minutes.

Vinyl Patio Doors San Diego Options

If you are looking for top of the line vinyl Patio Doors San Diego, US Window & Door sells and installs some of the best vinyl patio doors made from Milgard’s Tuscany series door line. Whether you are looking for a swinging or sliding patio doors, Milgard’s vinyl patio doors are a durable option. The materials that go into the vinyl frame are uniquely and creatively blended so that the doors offer long term protection from harsh weather, high impact, and the sun’s harsh rays. These patio doors are not just durable, but they are also safe. The glass’ strength coupled with top of the line locking mechanisms creates an unbeatable vinyl patio door that exceeds California’s forced entry codes. It’s important to choose the color carefully when selecting vinyl doors because vinyl can be a difficult surface to paint. Fortunately, vinyl doors never need painting.

fiberglass patio door

Aluminum Patio Doors San Diego Options

If you are in the market for a bi-fold patio door, US Windows & Doors sells and installs bi-fold doors with Milgard’s top of the line aluminum frames. Milgard’s modern aluminum frames offer a natural strength and are available in a variety of different colors allowing you to match your bi-fold patio door to the rest of your home’s décor. Finally, the aluminum frames have interlock systems that have been fully weather stripped allowing for higher energy efficiency and safety.

Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems

Finally, Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems are available if you desire Glass pocket doors or glass stacking doors for your patio doors San Diego. The glass frames from these glass wall systems allow for an ultimate visual experience while the frames remain light enough for simple operation.

So, whether it be french patio doors, sliding patio doors or modern patio doors from Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems it comes replacement patio doors, US Window & Door has all the best options for your patio doors San Diego. So contact us today for your free in-home estimate*.