Milgard Aluminum Doors

Milgard Aluminum Doors

Milgard Aluminum Doors offer a slim frame profile which allows for a larger glass vista similar to the Style Line views.

Milgard Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is used in the construction of doors mainly because of its strength, rigidity, and overall durability.  Aluminum-framed interior doors and exterior doors are commonly used in large commercial buildings for several reasons, as aluminum’s characteristics make it quite suitable for large entryways.

Milgard’s aluminum door frames are manufactured for sturdiness and rock-solid operation, not just as a replacement for vinyl or fiberglass doors.  With a sleek and contemporary look, they complement traditional architecture in any home or office.  In addition, thermally-broken door frames (see below) are rated for light commercial use, which makes them a perfect fit in schools and government offices.

aluminum series patio outdoor living area

Advantages of Milgard Aluminum Doors

  • Unmatched durability
  • Sleek and rigid
  • Ideal for large windows in homes or offices
  • Typically a low-cost option
  • Built to last

US Window & Door carries the finest selection of Milgard replacement aluminum doors in San Diego.  These doors are a great choice including economically, for home and business owners not wanting to sacrifice quality for value.  Milgard understands that each client is different and can make these doors in a variety of sizes and styles.  There are two main options of Milgard aluminum doors: standard aluminum and thermally-improved aluminum.

Standard Aluminum Doors

Standard aluminum doors: originally used as a low-cost alternative to wood or vinyl, standard aluminum frames are suited for temperate environments like San Diego.  Standard aluminum door frames create a modern look, but also complement a home’s traditional architecture, creating a mixture of strength and design.  Aluminum’s natural strength provides the option to put an oversized frame in virtually any configuration, creating beautiful and unobstructed views of the outdoors, perfect for San Diego!

milgard aluminum sliding doors

Thermally Improved Aluminum Doors

Thermally-improved aluminum doors: these special aluminum doors and patio doors that are designed for locations not subject to extreme temperature changes.  For homeowners and businesses alike with locations in moist, salty-air environments like San Diego, thermally-improved aluminum doors are recommended.  These doors are also available with a hardware system made from stainless steel that minimizes corrosion.  As a bonus, the sealed and mechanically-joined corners of these doors maintain their sturdiness for years, keeping any home or office dry year-round.

US Window & Door is proud to carry Milgard’s fine aluminum doors.  Please contact us today to learn more about our unbeatable replacement aluminum door services.  We also offer professional door installation and window installation for any home or office!  We look forward to helping you realize your renovation!

milgard standard aluminum sliding doors