Aluminum Windows San Diego

Acclaimed for their high durability and long-lasting material, aluminum windows have been a staple in the construction of both commercial and residential properties, particularly those in more extreme climates.  Aluminum replacement windows are a low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant solution for many homes, offices, and schools and offer builders a truly cost-effective solution that often exceeds energy saving standards.  Ultimately, replacing old windows with new, aluminum windows provides owners a significant payback within a short amount of time.

While aluminum may be a practical option for many applications complete with versatile options in color and texture, it isn’t necessarily intended to fully replace the overall appearance of wood or vinyl windows in some homes.  Aluminum’s primary use is to utilize its strong and lasting properties for commercial use with consideration to the surrounding climate.  The dependable nature of the material is highly sought after for long-term operation of high rises, restaurants, hotels, or office buildings in areas where corrosion is a factor due to salt content and above average precipitation.

Aluminum Windows Exterior Night
Aluminum Windows

Another reason why aluminum replacement windows are popular options is because they allow for oversized designs.  For example, in addition to providing superior ventilation, aluminum casement windows offer sensational views because of the large areas of unobstructed glass that an oversized design allows.

There are two basic types of aluminum windows that US Window & Door carries.  Both are made by Milgard and represent the absolute finest in materials, workmanship, and warranty coverage:

Standard Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows

These windows are rigid, strong, and durable and are often used as a low-cost alternative to wood or vinyl windows. Milgard’s standard aluminum windows and even their patio doors offer two different grid styles, as well as a variety of grid styles and a choice of color finishes.  Plus, they are manufactured to include the Positive Action Lock system, where the window locks automatically when it is closed, ensuring the security of your home or office.

Thermally-Improved Aluminum Windows

Milgard’s thermally-broken aluminum windows and patio doors are given a light commercial rating, which makes them an ideal choice for schools, restaurants, or government buildings. They also include SunCoat Low-E insulating glass for added protection from ultraviolet rays.  For salt-air climates like the San Diego coastal region, an option is available to add a stainless steel hardware to minimize corrosion.

Aluminum Windows Interior

If you need help deciding which aluminum replacement windows to install in your San Diego home, feel free to contact US Window & Door today.  We’re more than happy to help our clients find the best aluminum windows in San Diego!