Patio Doors San Diego

The San Diego climate lends itself well to homes with open designs and easy access to porches, patios, and balconies.  Homeowners are fortunate enough to enjoy outdoor activities here year-round and coming and going from a home as frequently as residents here do, finding the right patio doors is very important.  While the weather here may not be as severe as other locations, having the peace of mind of knowing that your patio door can withstand anything that mother nature throws its way is quite nice.

Patio doors are available in many architectural styles and can be simplistic in appearance or designed to become works of art in their own right.  These doors are customizable as well and can be made to fit any home to an owner’s specifications.  Three important considerations to keep in mind when looking for replacement patio doors in San Diego include operating style, security, and energy efficiency.

Tuscany Vinyl Patio Door

Operating Styles

The operating style of patio doors that you choose is dependent on your home’s unique design as well as your individual preferences and include the following:


Style Line Vinyl Patio Door

A most important feature to consider when looking at a replacement patio door or French patio door is its locking system.  Patio doors are often times a home’s first line of defense and defense should be taken seriously.  Because hardware selections may vary, the best doors always feature high-quality locks.  Locks should meet or exceed local forced-entry codes.  A door’s frame and glass should also be strong enough to withstand a certain amount of force.  The bottom line is simple: security is crucial for all sliding patio doors and standard patio doors as well as any other outside doors.

Energy Efficiency

While most doors are, in fact, energy-efficient to some degree, there are variations between them.  Make sure that the door you choose comes with the appropriate energy-saving glass and that the frame is made accordingly as well.  The proper patio door will reduce heating and cooling costs.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) voluntary program, ENERGY STAR, has created climate zones for North America and has outlined specific ratings for replacement patio doors within each zone.  Doors that are ENERGY STAR certified either meet or beat the recommended ratings for that specific zone.

US Window & Door carries wide variety of patio doors including Milgard and Plastpro – brand doors.  These high-quality patio doors are designed to enhance any home’s appearance while state-of-the-art materials and construction help each door to be as energy efficient as possible.  Count on US Window & Door to be your #1 source of sliding patio door replacement services in San Diego!