In recent years, many homeowners have decided on upgrades and renovations not simply because they were needed, but because these smart homeowners knew that upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors as well as household appliances was a great way to save money as well as earning tax credits and in some cases, cash back.  Improving a home’s energy efficiency is also much better on the environment, and in response, the government at the state and federal level have created multiple making programs making it easier to finance such home improvements.

Most of these programs are essentially the same, however, certain restrictions and regulations apply for each.  Before researching which type of home remodel financing is right for you, it’s best to check to make sure that your area as well as your specific home type are eligible for each program.

HERO Financing

The Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (known affectionately as “HERO”) is an energy efficient financing program and is currently the fastest-growing financing solution of its kind in the country.  The program ultimately lowers utility bills, lowers energy consumption, and reduces harmful carbon emissions.

HERO empowers homeowners by making energy efficient home renovations affordable.  This program is a great way to help you customize and upgrade your home while helping you save money.  Products that are eligible for the HERO program include exterior doors and windows and air sealing and weatherization improvements for them, window film, skylights, and many more.

HERO financing is available to both residential property owners as well as commercial property owners.  If approved, this financing program covers 100% of the cost to purchase and install eligible products.  HERO offers low-fixed interest rates, flexible payment terms (including 5 – 20 years) for most products, and repayments can be made through your property taxes each year.  As a bonus, interest paid on the principal balance is tax deductible.

Ygrene Financing

Ygrene offers home improvement financing for up to 20 years with low fixed interest rates and no money down and provides 100% financing to commercial and residential property owners for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation improvements.


  • Financing is repayable over the long term through your property tax bill.
  • No balloon payments. No funny business with rates.  Just one low rate locked in for the long haul.  Make payments as a line item on your property tax assessment bill thanks to a partnership with your local government.
  • No credit score required! Since Ygrene financing isn’t considered personal debt, eligibility isn’t based on your credit score.  As a result, there’s no reason to take on debt for home improvements anymore.
  • Eligible properties include: single family residences, multi-family residences (up to 4 units), and condominiums.
  • Payments stay with the property, so if you sell your home, the payments on Ygrene financing can transfer to the new owner, so you only pay for improvements while you use them.

Ygrene has trained and certified contractors in the San Diego area and a certified Ygrene contractor is your shortcut to getting your project funded and finished fast.  Contact US Window & Door today to learn more!

GreenSky Financing

The GreenSky program is very popular for its ability to provide customized credit solutions.  GreenSky can be used to finance home improvement projects including: remodeling, roofing, HVAC, siding, solar panel installs, electrical, decks, patios, and more.


  • Homeowners can easily apply online, by phone, or through a mobile application.
  • Customized financing plans for virtually every customer. Whether you would like to pay using a deferred interest plan or a fixed monthly amount, the GreenSky offers flexible consumer financing options to meet various homeowner needs.
  • High approval rates. GreenSky works with a wide range of bank partnerships to ensure you get the funding you need to complete your window and door financing.
  • Fast approvals of up to $55,000 in same-day financing for customers across the financial spectrum.

US Window & Door is more than happy to educate our clients about the various window and door financing options made possible through government assistance, and we’re confident that we can help you find the best plan to suit you and your home’s needs.

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