What Are Replacement Windows

What Are Replacement Windows

When homeowners research “What Are Replacement Windows“, they commonly find information on the differences between retrofit and new construction windows. There are minor differences between these window installation types, and there are certain advantages to buying the kind of windows and installation that befit the project. Here, we like to teach customers what new construction and retrofit window installation is, when to use each type, and how to choose from the many available product options.

What Are Retrofit Windows?

Replacement windows are often used in homes with current window openings and frames in excellent condition. As the name implies, replacement windows use the home’s existing framework. Because these windows may be built differently from the ones already in the house, they require custom measuring and manufacturing to ensure a proper fit. By comparison, new construction windows are can be sold in predetermined sizes since the opening will be adjusted to fit the desired window.

What Are New Construction Windows?

These windows are designed for new homes and additions. In some cases, they’re used when an existing home undergoes an extensive renovation, and the walls are removed down to the framework. Typically, new construction windows are sold in standardized sizes, but Milgard can customize windows to meet customers’ needs and US Window & Door offers custom new construction installation. In the sections below, customers will learn a little about their window replacement options. Follow the links to find out more.

Double-Hung Windows

If a homeowner wants a classic look during renovations or new construction, double-hung windows are an excellent choice. These windows have operable sashes and raising the lower sash while lowering the top sash will allow warm air to flow out and cold air to flow in. Many modern double-hung windows have inward-tilting sashes, which will enable homeowners to clean exterior surfaces from inside the home.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows resemble double-hung styles, but the lower sash is the only operable one. Like double-hung windows, some of these allow homeowners to move the sash inward to clean exterior surfaces.

Sliding Windows

Modern sliding windows have panels that move from side to side along lower and upper tracks, allowing users to open half the window and allow air to come in.

Accent Windows

Milgard accent windows are available in conventional rectangular designs, as well as shapes that offer additional visual variety. Most of these windows are fixed, offering no ventilation.

Picture Windows

Picture windows contain no sashes or openings. They offer the fullest view available and are great in certain locations of the home but not ideal where airflow is desired.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are similar to picture windows in that they offer a full view but they do have a crank to open the window. Not only does it help bring in air, they open outward in order to capture any passing breeze.

Deciding When to Use Retrofit or New Construction Windows for Home Improvement Projects

Knowing when to use retrofit windows vs. new construction models is difficult, especially for first-time buyers. In this section are listed several scenarios that help homeowners get a more accurate idea of which window type they should use on a particular project.

  • Building a home from the ground up: This one may seem obvious, but new construction windows are the preferred product for these projects.
  • Replacing windows in homes with solid window frames: Although a few contractors may recommend new construction windows if the frames are in relatively good condition, retrofit windows are the right choice for such a project.
  • Replacing windows in homes with poor-quality window frames: Here, a homeowner could choose either retrofit or new construction windows. If the entire frame is to be replaced, it entails a significant amount of carpentry. Therefore, it’s often as easy to install new construction windows as it is to use retrofit products.
  • Building a room addition onto a home: An addition qualifies as new construction, and therefore, it’s important to use new construction windows.
  • Adding new windows to the house: This type of home improvement project requires workers to cut and frame a new area, which makes it new construction.

Call US Window & Door Today to Get Estimates for Retrofit and New Construction Windows

As shown here, there are a few differences between new construction and retrofit windows, and it’s important to choose the right installation for each project. If area homeowners want to learn more about Milgard windows or they’d like an estimate for a new construction or window replacement project, contact us for the most in-depth information available today. In the meantime, we hope this answered your question, “What Are Replacement Windows”.