Does Your Renovation Require New Construction?

Does Your Renovation Require New Construction?

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New construction windows and doors don’t need to be included in a house when it’s built. They can also be added during your next renovation project. If you’d like to change the doors or windows in your home, or add more, US Window & Door can help. Use these frequently asked questions to learn more about new construction replacement windows and doors and to see if this is the right option to make your home look the way you want.

Why Choose New Construction?

New construction doors and windows are often chosen because the homeowner doesn’t like the current setup of their doors or windows. They might have large windows and a small door overlooking a patio but would prefer a much larger sliding glass door to provide access to the patio. Or, they might have a smaller window but want to install a larger window so they can get more natural light inside their home. Some homeowners will add in a patio door, even without having to replace an older door or window, so they can enjoy their patio more. With Milgard new construction doors and windows offer the chance to completely adjust or add to the windows and doors in the home, letting you decide exactly what you want without restrictions on size.

How is New Construction Different from Retrofit?

Retrofit doors and windows are new windows and doors that are made to fit into the existing space. The old window or door is removed and the new one is installed in its place. This lets you replace outdated doors and windows that might not function properly anymore but doesn’t change how your home looks. The Milgard retrofit door or window must fit into the space created by the old door or window.

New construction, on the other hand, allows you to change the size of the window, the size or style of the door, or replace a window with a door. You’re not limited to the size of the existing doors and windows, so you have far more freedom to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Can a Door or Window be Added Anywhere?

Yes and no. Some installations may be complicated because of the structure of the home or because of what’s inside the walls. In most cases, a new door or window can be installed anywhere and existing windows and doors can be replaced with something larger. However, there may be times when it’s far more difficult to add a new window or door because of plumbing or electrical products inside the walls where the door or window might go. These may need to be relocated or planned around so the new door or Milgard window will fit in the space.

Can a Window be Changed to a Door?

Yes. The window will need to be removed and the framing around the window will need to be adjusted to fit the new door. However, a smaller window can be replaced with a larger window, a standard door, or a sliding glass door, depending on what you prefer and how much space is available to use. You can also replace a standard door with a sliding glass door.

Do All Window and Door Companies Offer New Construction Installations?

No. Many window and door companies are not going to provide new construction installations because of how much needs to be done for the installation. This is one of the ways US Window & Door is unique. Expert installers are able to provide new construction installations so you can choose the exact windows and doors you might prefer, even if they aren’t a precise replacement for older windows and doors.

What are Challenges to Be Aware of for New Construction?

New construction includes cutting an opening into a wall or expanding the opening for the current window or door. Because of this, it requires removing some of the studs, replacing headers, adjusting electrical work, and more. In most places, this work is going to require permits. It’s also going to take more time than a retrofit installation, so that needs to be planned for. You should also make sure everything will be done by the time the installation is finished, including refinishing drywall, painting around the new door, moving electrical work, and anything else that needs to be done to fit your new door or window.

What is the New Construction Process Like?

The first steps are to choose what’s going to be placed in the wall, whether it’s a larger window, a different type of door, or a door to replace a window. You’ll want to think carefully about what you want and what’s going to look great in the space. Then, careful measurements need to be taken to ensure the new door or window will fit properly and that the installation will be successful. If permits are required, they need to be obtained before the construction begins.

After this, the installation occurs. This often requires removing parts of the wall, moving or creating new headers for the opening, and ensuring the space is ready for the window or door to be installed. Next, the new window or door will be installed and then the drywall around everything can be replaced. From there, the space will need to be cleaned and painted. All finishing touches should be done to ensure the new door or window works properly and looks fantastic.

If you’re not happy with the doors or windows in your home, make sure you can have exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t need to stick with the same sizes and styles in your home if you’re not happy with them. Instead, contact US Window & Door today to discuss custom options that might be a better fit for your home and that you’re going to love seeing every day. A larger window or huge sliding-glass door can provide plenty of benefits for your home and can easily be installed for you by the right professional.