Have you ever really thought about your front door? Have you wondered what your home would look like with a different front door? If you’re having problems and need to replace an exterior door or you’d like to give your home an entirely new look during a renovation, you might want to check out the Masonite doors available now. Designed to be functional and beautiful, these doors are going to really help boost the exterior appearance of your home.

About the Masonite Company

Masonite has been in the business of creating exterior and front doors for more than 80 years. They offer a huge number of different doors to fit just about any style. With their large collection of doors available, it’s easy for you to find the perfect door to look great with your home and to fit your personal tastes.

The company strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible, yet still ensures superior quality control to make sure you’re going to be satisfied with your door for many years. Just in case anything does happen, they offer a manufacturer’s warranty that is competitive for the industry, so you have nothing to worry about. Your door is guaranteed to work properly and look great for years.

Masonite works hard to create exterior doors that are going to be durable to ensure you don’t have to worry about any issues and that you won’t have to replace or refinish them for many years. They also work to create new designs that look great on just about any home, so you’re certain to find a door that’s going to be perfect for your home, your style, and your budget.

If you’re looking for a new front door or another exterior door for your home, Masonite has one that’s going to be perfect for you. Installation is easily handled by a professional, so all you have to worry about is deciding which one of the beautiful doors you want for your home and how you’ll want it finished so it looks great once it’s installed for you.

Masonite Front Door

Design and Function of Masonite Doors

A fully integrated design process means Masonite spends years researching and developing ideas for new doors to add to their collection. They don’t just pick a design and create a door; they spend the time making sure it’s going to be perfect and work properly before they take the design any further and create the door.

The manufacturer strives to discover new technology and materials to use to create their doors to ensure they’re the best possible options and to ensure they’re going to be as durable as possible while still being environmentally friendly. Once the prototype for a door is created, it’s put through an extensive testing regimen to ensure it’s durable, impact-resistant, hard wearing, and overall going to perform well in any home.

How the door looks on your home is not the only concern for Masonite. They strive to make sure the door is going to be perfect for you and able to withstand as much as possible from outside your home, so it will continue to look great and function properly year after year. They work hard to make the best doors possible so you’re going to love how your home looks once your new door is installed.

Masonite Door Surrounded by Windows

Environmentally Friendly Masonite Doors

Masonite strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The material used in the doors is recycled when it can be to protect the environment. All materials are also chosen by the company because of lasting durability to ensure the door will last longer before it needs to be replaced. This cuts down on throwing away old doors and purchasing new ones, which reduces the amount of waste created.

Environmentally-friendly homeowners will be pleased to note Masonite follows all laws relating to purchasing the material and tries to be as environmentally conscious as possible throughout the design and creation of all their doors. They work to reduce the impact on the environment in their manufacturing facilities, through the shipping and delivery process, and through where they purchase their supplies to have the smallest impact on the environment possible while still creating long-lasting and durable doors that are sure to be perfect for any home.

The goal at Masonite is not only to provide doors that look beautiful and last for as long as possible but to make sure they’re created in a way that works to protect the environment, so they do as little damage as possible. They continue to investigate more ways to be environmentally friendly, such as adding more energy efficiency to their doors to ensure they meet or exceed current standards.

Aesthetics are Just the First Benefit of Masonite Doors

The doors from Masonite are designed to be energy efficient. They’re also designed to help reduce noise pollution. Homeowners who may be replacing their door because of drafts coming into the home may be pleased to note their new door from Masonite is not going to have this issue and is designed to limit the chances of this happening in the future.

When there is no draft around the door, the homeowner might also notice there’s less noise from outside getting into the home. The home is quieter, which is more relaxing for the entire family, and the energy bills they pay could be lowered by removing the drafty old door and replacing it with a new door that’s designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Both noise pollution and drafts are a concern at Masonite, so they work to reduce them as much as possible for the homeowner. Lowered noise pollution inside the home makes everyone happy and a lowered chance of heating or cooling escaping through the door means energy is conserved inside the home, which can help lower heating and cooling bills. It’s also better for the environment when energy is not wasted through a drafty door. Homeowners will be pleased with the positive impact getting a new door can have for their entire home and their family.

Quality Control to Ensure You’re Happy with Your Masonite Door

Quality Masonite Doors

Every Masonite door is created through a rigorous testing process to ensure it’s going to be durable, so it lasts longer. Exterior doors are tested to ensure they’re going to be able to withstand any weather conditions, impacts to the door, and more. This enables the company to ensure they’re going to continue to look great no matter what happens and helps the company ensure they’ve created a door that’s going to hold up to whatever does happen.

Masonite also employs stringent quality control in their manufacturing facilities to ensure doors are made to exact specifications, so they will always turn out perfect when they’re made. Every door must be perfect before it’s done being created so it will fit in the doorway right and have no issues with the materials used or the way the door is constructed. This drastically cuts down on the chance any exterior door will have issues in the future so homeowners like you can feel confident they’re purchasing a door that will last.

The quality control enables Masonite to provide longer, more comprehensive warranties compared to other manufacturers. The warranty provided can vary based on door type, but you can be sure the warranty is going to be the most comprehensive in the industry, giving you much less to worry about whenever you decide to purchase a new door for your home.

Choose from a Variety of Styles to Find the Right Masonite Door

One of the biggest advantages of Masonite doors is your ability to choose from many different styles and designs to find the perfect one for your home. Current collections to choose from include panel doors, classic doors, expo doors, craftsman style doors, Artisan Doors, French doors, and much more. Within each collection, you’ll find several different doors to choose from, including fantastic designs that are sure to match your home’s exterior.

Doors can have glass panels with unique glass designs, or other materials incorporated into them to create a beautiful and stylish door. Within each collection, there are different doors to ensure a varied assortment for you to look through to find one that not only fits the style you’re interested in but meets your standards and will be right for your home.

Doors can also be chosen based on whether they can be painted or stained, or whether they arrive with a factory finish already applied. This means you can choose the color of your door to ensure it’s going to fit with the rest of your home. You’ll also be able to choose the material the door is made from, if you would like a fiberglass or steel door to provide extra beauty or strength.

The doors vary in price as well, so you’re going to be able to find the perfect door and make sure it fits in your budget. Costs can vary based on the style, material, finish and more so you’re able to choose a door that will be perfect for your home but that won’t exceed your budget and cause you to spend a lot more money just to find what you’re looking for.

You will want to spend some time looking through all the available options to find the perfect door for your home. Since these doors are created to last longer, you won’t likely be replacing them anytime soon. You’ll want to make sure the one you choose is going to look fantastic with the rest of your home and meet all of your needs so you’ll be able to get as much use out of the door as possible.

Installation of Your New Door

Once you’ve chosen a Masonite door for your home, it will be delivered, and the installation process can begin. It’s a good idea to plan the installation for a time when you won’t need to use that door for at least a day, so the installation process won’t be rushed. Even without rushing through the process, the installation should not take too long.

Keep the area around the door, inside or out, clear to enable the professionals full access to the place where the door will be installed. Also, keep young children and pets away from the area during the installation for their safety.

The installation of your new door is carefully done to ensure everything is done right and to ensure the door will work properly once it’s installed. With installation completed by a professional, you won’t have to worry about the appearance of the door or about its functionality once it is installed.

Caring for the New Door Once Installation is Complete

After you’ve chosen your new exterior door, you’ll have it installed in your home. From this point forward, you’re likely to want to make sure you care for it properly, so it continues to look great and work well. Masonite provides care instructions for all their doors. They can provide you with more information on how to clean the door, what to do if there are any issues, and how to prevent issues from occurring so you can be sure you keep the new door looking great. Knowing how to care for it properly will help you make sure it still looks new many years from now.

Purchase Your New Door Today to Change the Look of Your Home

If you’re looking to boost the appearance of your home or you need to replace a door that’s not functioning properly, one of the Masonite doors is sure to be perfect for your home. Whether you’re looking for a craftsman style door or something more modern, there’s one that’s perfect for your home. Look at the doors now and ask about installation services to get started today. You’ll have your new door in your home quickly and are going to love how it looks and functions.