How to Measure Window and Patio Door Screens

For you to pick the exact right Milgard window or patio door screen, you need to be able to get the proper measurements. This article will tell you how to measure window and patio door screens. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

For this procedure, you will need a tape measure, and it is always advised to wear gloves and safety glasses when handling or working on your windows and doors.

For window screens, you first need to remove the window screen. When measuring any window or door screen, you want to always measure to the nearest sixteenth of an inch. When measuring the window screen, you want to measure to the outside edge of the screen and to the corners due to the middle being slightly bowed. (A few considerations for a couple of windows. Double hung window screens may contain a crossbar component, and, for vinyl casement and awning windows, you should measure the corner to corner dimensions should be measured from the body of the screen, not the tip edges) Next, measure the crossbar position from the bottom to the center of the crossbar.

Take into consideration any Pull Tabs, Springs, Clips or other hardware and their locations when doing your measurements. (Not applicable for casement and awning windows). Finally, when doing your measurements, you want to consider the type of screen mesh. There are three different types. The most common is the standard fiberglass mesh. It is the most flexible material with the most significant outward visibility. There is also PureView which is made of a fine strand of fiberglass mesh that improves visibility and airflow into the home. Finally, only found in Colorado, Aluminum which is a sturdy screen that keeps insects out and resists rust.

Moving on to patio screens, first see our guide on how to remove and adjust a patio screen door and lock to learn how to remove your patio door screen properly. Once you remove the screen, record the width and height with your tape measure. Like the window screen, always measure to the sixteenth inch, measure to the outside edge of the door screen frame, and measure at the corners as the middle might be a little bowed. (Be sure you do not include the door rollers in your measurements.)

Once again take into consideration any hardware like Pull Tabs and door rollers. Finally, like with window screens, while measuring your patio door screen, take into account the type of mesh. Following these instructions should get you perfect measurements for your Milgard window or patio door screen.

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