How to Install a Patio Door Roller

Milgard Windows & Doors provide efficient easy to use sliding patio doors. However, due to weather or wear from use, you will be required to clean your patio door roller. To wash your patio door roller, you will need to know how to install a patio door roller. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

To learn how to install a patio door roller and efficiently complete the process, you will need a 2″ Philipps head screwdriver, 4″ putty knife, sawhorses, replacement rollers, and safety glasses and gloves. Note; it would be good to clean your patio roller at least once a year.

When it comes to how to install a patio door roller for your Milgard sliding glass patio door, you must, first, open the door three-quarters of the way. Then begin to remove the operable panel by locating the adjust holes and removing their covers with your putty knife. Next, insert your screwdriver into the adjustment holes and adjust the rollers one side at a time to move the panel down as low as it can go. You should now be able to remove the panel of your Milgard sliding glass door by lifting it out from the bottom. It is essential that you place the panel onto the sawhorse until you are ready to replace it. Take out the old roller screws with your screwdriver to remove the old rollers

Next, you need to install your new patio door rollers. Make sure you move the rollers to the lowest position and that the new rollers match your old rollers. Then, with your screwdriver, put in the new rollers with the same screws you removed from the old ones. Before, replacing the panel, make sure you clean the track and weather stripping.

The next step in how to install a patio door roller is replacing the panel by inserting it the same way you removed it by placing it into the top of the frame and in at the bottom. Finally, make sure the rollers are on the track correctly, so your Milgard sliding glass door opens and closes smoothly. You may have to adjust the panel upwards to get it to run evenly.

The final step in how to install a patio door roller is to adjust the panel so it is correctly aligned and your door lock works. You will know that is aligned precisely when there is an even reveal up and down the frame jamb. If everything is aligned right, your lock mechanism will operate correctly. Finally, open and close the door a couple of times to make sure everything works properly before replacing the adjustment hole covers.

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