Exterior Doors San Diego

Choosing exterior doors for your home can be a challenge.  Of course you want them to be visually appealing as well as architecturally satisfying to your home.  However, you also want them to be safe.  US Window & Door offers a wide variety of exterior doors that were designed with the many differing styles of San Diego homes in mind.  Check out the available models that are perfect for front doors, back doors, patio doors, and balcony doors.

Plastpro Doors

Exterior Doors - Plastpro Doors

Plastpro Doors represent the finest in fiberglass and steel construction and are quite rugged.  They are both strong and beautiful as the result of Plastpro’s use of a relatively new technology.  By using moisture-protecting Hydroshield technology and strong composite material, Plastpro proudly manufactures fiberglass and steel doors, right here in the U.S.A.

Fiberglass Door Series

The door and its frame are manufactured with high-impact composite materials, creating a splinter-free, water-resistant opening to your home.  In addition, Plastpro doors are insulated with an environmentally-friendly CFC-free foam core that enhances its soundproofing capabilities, as well as providing insulation that is six times more effective than a standard wooden door.  Plastpro doors are made to withstand the elements and have tremendous curb-side appeal, while being Earth-friendly and securing your family from intruders.

Impact Door Series

A unique patent-pending process allows Plastpro to insert a missile-proof shield to reinforce the door (yes, actual military-style missiles!).  Obviously, these impact doors are engineered to withstand extreme elements while protecting your home from any penetration of flying
objects due to high winds.  Impact doors are available in several finishes, as well as the option to insert a specially formulated impact-resistant glass.

Fire-Rated Fiberglass Door and Frame Series

Manufactured with a fire-retardant, environmentally-friendly foam core, Plastpro fire-rated doors have been approved for a Warnock-Hersey fire rating that guarantees that they can withstand high temperatures for a minimum of 20 minutes (these fire-rated doors can also be manufactured to withstand fires for up to 60 or even 90 minutes).  Plastpro’s exclusive poly-fiber material (PF) is what makes the door and its frame meet these strict fire-rating code regulations.  Additionally, each fire-rated product from Plastpro features Hydroshield technology that resists denting, splintering, rotting, warping, and corrosion.

Milgard Windows & Doors

Exterior Doors - Milgard Sliding Doors

Milgard Doors come in a variety of styles and finishes and are quite popular with San Diego homeowners.  Below are some of the different models and series that are available for exterior installation:

Essence Series

The Essence Series patio doors are the perfect complement to a home with natural wood windows, much like the Milgard windows of the same name. These doors have a weather-resistant fiberglass exterior that protects your home from the cold, water, salty air and ultraviolet rays, as well as insects. In addition to this resistance to the elements, the powder-coated exterior will not bend, crack, peel or warp with the contraction or expansion during variation in temperature – plus they will never need painting!

Tuscany Series

The Tuscany Series replacement vinyl door collection is manufactured to high-quality specifications, so the frames won’t absorb moisture, won’t stick, they won’t need to be re-painted and the state-of-the-art rolling assembly means effortless operation year-round.  And, unlike wood, these door frames won’t warp, crack or peel for the life of your home.  They are the ideal choice for a patio door.

Montecito Series

The Montecito Series vinyl door collection by Milgard which has a thicker frame profile for a more contemporary look.  The series includes a standard sliding patio door, but US Window & Door also offers the more elegant French-style sliding patio door – it combines the appearance of a French door with the design and benefit of a sliding door.

Ultra Series

The Ultra Series selection includes doors constructed with standard SunCoat Low-E insulated glass to keep the indoor temperature at a steady level while allowing maximum light in, but harmful rays out.  These doors come with security standards that meet or exceed California’s forced-entry requirements.  For instance, the French doors have five-point locking hardware while the French-style doors have a dual-point locking system.  Plus, the internal mechanisms and rolling system is designed to prevent corrosion for years.

Aluminum Series

Aluminum doors are typically used for strength, rigidity, and durability.  Frames made of this material are typically used in commercial buildings for several reasons, while aluminum’s characteristics make it quite suitable for large openings.  With a contemporary look, they complement the traditional architecture in any home or office.

With so many options, choosing the right exterior doors can be a bit of a challenge.  Don’t worry, US Window & Door is here to help.  If you’re looking to replace your existing exterior doors or install exterior doors for your new San Diego home, US Window & Door is your first choice!