Front Doors San Diego

Tired of seeing money go out your front door (literally)?  Replacing old doors that contribute to air leakage will reduce the amount of money you spend on heating and cooling your home.  In fact, all doors account for nearly 11 percent of the heat loss from the typical American home.

Finding the right door model as well as an experienced team that specializes in front door and entry door replacement in the San Diego area can be a challenge.  However, US Window & Door is available to help you select a door while ensuring the highest-quality of door replacement.  From replacing an old, worn-out entry door to installing a brand new one, we make any renovation a simple, worry-free experience.

Plastpro Door - Front Door with Hydroshield - Custom Door

Wondering why you should consider professional front door installation in San Diego right now?  Apart from adding to the overall look of your home, professional replacement of your front door by the US Window & Door team will also contribute to:

  • Higher home value and improved curb appeal.
  • Reliable protection against the elements and reduced heating and cooling expenditure.
  • Better insulation properties than an old door and exceptionally easy to clean.
  • Adherence to industry installation standards for best possible outcome.
  • Flexible financing options and discount possibilities.
  • Full lifetime guarantee.

Materials that front doors can be made of include:


Fiberglass: fiberglass door frames provide great strength and durability.  They can be painted and look very much wood in appearance and feel.

Front Door - Plastpro Door with HydroShield


Vinyl: vinyl is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and energy efficient, especially when molded with heat-welded joints.  This process makes the frames more resistant to temperature changes.  Vinyl doors are less prone to rotting or splintering and are virtually maintenance-free.


Wood: a natural insulator, wood is strong and easily conforms to various styles of traditional residential architecture.  Wood doors may need more maintenance than other materials, but they display stunning beauty when stained, showing off natural grain.


Aluminum: used for strength, rigidity and durability, aluminum door frames are typically used in commercial buildings for several reasons.  Aluminum’s characteristics make it quite suitable for large openings.  These doors are typically economically-priced as well.

US Window & Door is a family-owned company from San Diego that has been in business since 1987.  Our experienced professionals have contributed to US Window & Door having more five-star client reviews than any other Milgard doors dealer.  In addition, we are proud to offer Plastpro doors that are constructed with heavy-duty components and are impact-rated for severe weather conditions as well as fire-rated.

We work with the best materials and the highest-quality models on the market and our team is fully-licensed, giving you access to impeccable installation work and a full lifetime guarantee.  Plus, you get the assistance of an AMMA-certified installer that doesn’t rely on the work of subcontractors to get the job done.

Ready to make your home more beautiful, energy efficient and modern?  Call the US Window & Door team to help you find the best front doors in San Diego as well as entry doors replacement services: 858-240-2738.  Or, simply request a quote today and one of our team members will get back to you right away.