How to Choose between Modern & Traditional Patio Doors in San Diego?

How to Choose between Modern & Traditional Patio Doors in San Diego?

September 21, 2016
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door

Most modern cities make use of the sliding patio door or French doors to give homeowners access to the patio or backyard. However, there are more applications of a patio door available to homeowners today. With a mixture of contemporary and traditional door options with incredible energy efficiency, customizing your home with a patio door to fit your style is a breeze. The reasons to upgrade your patio doors open up new ways to enjoy the interior and exterior of your home.  Below is a list of many of the door styles for patio doors in San Diego.

Traditional Patio Doors in San Diego

Several Traditional Options for Patio Doors in San Diego

Many homes in San Diego make good use of their patio doors with the most common door types are sliding patio doors and French doors. However, if you should only have a single panel door leading to your patio, you have options. A more traditional style of patio door or exterior door is the single exterior door. Many of these doors and frames were made of wood; however, wood rots over time and is susceptible to termites. New doors, made from fiberglass, are much stronger and more resistant. They can last longer which means that you spend less money on repairs and replacements over the year. More Durable materials, lower maintenance costs, and better style options are just some of the reasons why San Diego’s homeowners are switching to fiberglass patio doors.

These new fiberglass door options have expanded the available styles with multiple glass options, handle and locking mechanisms, as well as opening methods. Fiberglass doors come manufactured in several styles including Dutch door styles. Dutch doors are single doors separated in the middle of the door allowing you to open the top of the door for ventilation or view. Couple a Dutch door with a phantom screen and you get a fantastic door style, ventilation, and view to your patio without the hassle of unwanted bugs. A Dutch door style patio door would certainly be a unique patio door option for San Diego. These doors would especially look nice from an area like a kitchen where there may be less space for large opening doors. It would bring a touch of the traditional into the modern home.

Even a standard sliding door can be modified to fit your unique style. Sliding patio doors in San Diego come with nearly endless options for homeowners to match their home style or make a statement. Vinyl patio doors have different frame thickness options which show off more of a well-designed frame or give you a larger glass vista to your patio. The glass in the sliding patio doors can be modified in several variations giving you higher energy efficiency and protection from the elements. Additionally, you can add grids to the glass in a large variety of patterns. These grids help define a standard patio door and can even push it into the classification of a French rail or French Sliding patio door. The grids can be set up on the interior of the glass or the exterior of the glass each with a highly individual styling. Manufacturers also cut into the glass to give a beautiful impression of grids without obstructing the view.

Wood French Rail Patio Doors in San Diego

Another traditional patio door type is the French door. French doors are often in-swing or out-swing doors with grids. Though a French sliding door obviously doesn’t swing in or out, it still maintains the grid pattern to mark it as a French door. French doors that are patio doors in San Diego have 2 to 4 panels which allow for a large opening area and let more light into the house. Homeowners also set several French doors next to each other to allow for more access to the patio as well as additional light. The multi French door set ups usually occur around corners or areas where one single opening isn’t large enough to allow for a four-panel French patio door.

Modern Patio Doors San Diego

Modern Fiberglass Patio Doors in San Diego

While we have discussed some of the modernization of traditional patio doors in San Diego, we have yet to go over the truly modern options for these doors. To begin, each of the patio doors we mentioned have upgrades from the traditional aluminum or even vinyl to fiberglass doors.

Upgrading your vinyl patio doors to fiberglass is another advanced option for San Diego patio doors. Fiberglass is a strong frame material for sliding patio doors, french doors, and even standard entry doors. This upgraded patio door material provides the best in energy efficiency, security, and style. The fiberglass patio door frames come in many colors and are paintable, unlike vinyl doors which can negatively affect any paint put on them. Fiberglass patio doors are a premiere option for patio doors San Diego.

Beyond upgrading the materials of traditional patio doors to modern patio doors, there are also new manufacturing techniques which brought upon fantastic new patio door options for all San Diegans. These new patio doors are called moving glass wall systems. Super sleek and modern, these patio doors are the best solution to open nearly any size wall to the patio or backyard. Moving glass wall systems come in multiple panels that have several operating styles.

Modern Patio Doors in San Diego Moving Glass Wall Systems

Bi-fold patio doors are moving glass walls with panels that stack like an accordion. These patio doors open up a lot of room as the glass and frame are completely transferred to the side of the opening perpendicular to the wall. Many people choose this option so that they don’t have a fixed panel taking up space.

Stacking Patio doors are a stacking glass wall looks like a traditional patio door but with more panels. The additional panels open up more space as they all stack against each other parallel to the wall. While one the size of one fixed panel still takes up space in the opening, it can be a better option than the bi-fold door if you want more screen options that don’t interfere with the door.

Stacking pocket patio doors offer all the benefits of a stacking glass wall with the addition of opening up the entire space. These doors stack and hide away in the pocket of the adjacent wall. If you have the wall space next to the moving glass wall opening, then you have a great option for a stacking pocket moving glass wall system. This door is the ultimate in modern patio door and indoor-outdoor living by creating a space that integrates seamlessly with the interior living space through the patio door opening.

How to choose your Patio Door Style San Diego

With all the options, it can be difficult to choose the best patio door for you San Diego home. Ultimately, whether you choose a traditional patio door or modern patio door depends on several factors.

Opening Size for Patio Doors San Diego

The width of the opening where you want to put a patio door affects which options are available to you. If you only have a small space for a patio door the most likely options are a single fiberglass exterior patio door, a single panel French patio door, or perhaps a small sliding patio door. The medium width openings allow for a full sized sliding patio door, 2 to 4-panel French patio door, or even a small moving glass wall systems. The largest patio door openings allow for any version of the moving glass walls systems as well as to multiple French patio doors or multiple sliding patio doors.

Home Styles and the effects of Patio Door Styles in San Diego

If you ever want to sell your home, it may be a good option to match your patio door in San Diego style to your home’s style. If you have a traditional country style home, a French door or series of French doors is likely to fit in nicely. A stucco home in San Diego is likely to have sliding patio doors though it’s ultimately up to the homeowner to decide what fits the home. A modern home often has a modern patio door like a moving glass wall system or a multiple panel patio door from the large space available in them.

Operational Preference for Patio Doors San Diego

Some people enjoy the operation of a particular style of patio door. Sliding doors are easy to operate and allow for access as soon as the door opens wide enough for the individual using it. French patio doors may seem more like a front door to some people and require a bit more effort to open both panels entirely. A moving glass wall system, while beautiful, requires slightly more work to open and close. It’s always best to visit a showroom to test the different door styles so that you understand how you want to interact with your patio doors.

Warranties on Patio Doors San Diego

While there are many manufacturers and installation companies providing patio doors in San Diego homes, we believe you should always work with a company that provides excellent product warranties. Milgard’s Patio Doors come with a lifetime warranty on their product. You can also get a lifetime warranty on the installation of your product from reputable installation companies. If you have the option, and you do, then why choose a product that could cost you more down the line. These warranties protect the homeowner from dealing with defects and faults in the products and installation product. Don’t get stuck with a bill that you shouldn’t have to deal with by buying excellent goods and services with warranties.

Need an Estimate for Patio Doors in San Diego?

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