Best Options for Door Installations in San Diego

Best Options for Door Installations in San Diego

July 29, 2016
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door

A long time ago doors were part of a larger production including several expertise areas. It too several individuals from woodworkers, weather stripping installers, framers, door hanging installers, and painters. Today we have more efficient production and manufacturing techniques leaving you with the best options for door installation in San Diego.

Those specialists now work with the manufacturer to complete the door pre-hung before it gets to your home. The only thing left to do is hire the company to purchase the product and install on site.

Milgard Stacking Sliding Doors Installed by US Window & Door
Milgard Stacking Sliding Door Installation in Progress

Many people only buy doors several times in their life and most often it’s not the first home improvement done. However, doors are one of the most used aspects of a home and can take quite a beating over time.

Wear and tear is one of the main reasons for replacing doors. However, there are many types of doors which lead many to replace them based on their door preference type and to upgrade the door with new options.

Moving Glass Walls

Milgard Moving Glass Wall System

Contemporary manufacturing practices have created some of the most beautiful and exciting door options that we have had in centuries. Milgard’s Moving Glass walls systems bring interesting new options to homeowners throughout San Diego.

Below are several of the styles that are bringing new meaning to indoor-outdoor living:

Bi-Fold Door Installation in San Diego

Bi-fold doors are a new option which allows homeowners the opportunity to open up nearly any size space to the outside. The doors are panels on hinges which fold like an accordion allowing for maximum open space with minimal housing requirements for the doors. Due to their operation, these are an attractive option for doors where opening a room to the outside is desired.

Stacking Door Installation in San Diego

Stacking Doors

Perhaps the most typical operation of these moving glass walls is the sliding glass door. These doors stack like a sliding glass door but have more than just the two panels.

These doors can open up a large space through the use of multiple sizes and panels. However, they do increase the threshold width as there are more sliding panels than.

Pocket Door Installation in San Diego

Finally, pocket doors are another standard door option. Many people have these in their homes on a single interior door that houses itself in the wall.

If you have enough space for housing these sliding doors in the walls, then Milgard has adapted this unique door idea to open up a large section of a wall to the exterior while housing all the sliding glass door panels in the wall.

The pocket door housing inside the walls leaves you with the most open space available as the doors are not taking up any section of the opening when not in operation.

Screen Door Installation in San Diego

While screen doors may not seem like the most exciting door option to discuss, modern disappearing or invisible screen doors are a unique option for screen doors. They allow you to keep the entire view unobstructed for your sliding doors or french doors when you need it for open door airflow but are out of the way when you want to enjoy the beauty of your views.

Phantom Screens

Pet Door Installation in San Diego

pet door

Perhaps the cutest door installation available, these small doors allow pet entry and exit when they need it most. Pet doors allow family friend a measure of freedom in their world. Modern pet doors are secure and install seamlessly into existing doors.

Whether you have a small animal or the largest dog in the Guinness Book of World Records, there is a pet door option for you (though we think the large dog should just use the door as it normally operates).

Help save time and allow your pet to take care of their needs by installing a pet door.

Front Door – Entry Door Installation in San Diego

The front door can be one of the most used doors and is almost always the one that guests see the most. Choosing your door can be difficult when you see all the styles and options.

One of the best material options for front doors today is fiberglass. While fiberglass may not seem like your first choice, the benefits clearly place it at the top.

Benefits of Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass doesn’t rot or rust like wood or metal doors. Fiberglass door products come in beautiful stock colors which last much longer than a traditional painted front door. However, painting the doors is also an option with fiberglass unlike other frame materials.

Fiberglass is ridiculously strong in many ways. Plastpro Doors manufacturers impact-resistant fiberglass entry doors that pass missile impact tests. That’s right; the doors can literally take a hit with the force of a missile impact and stay standing.

That impact resistance helps maintain the original look of the door through all sorts of scratches, impacts, weather and forced entry. It increases security through its strength and durability.

These doors are made to last, protect the residents inside, and look great. It’s easy to see why a fiberglass entry door is a much better product than what was traditionally available.

When expertly installed these front doors are a great option for home improvements.

Interior Door Installation in San Diego

Interior Doors - French Doors

Many people are familiar with the bland hollow core doors used as interior doors in many homes and apartments. But interior doors can be just as beautiful and functional as front doors and other entry doors.

Solid core fiberglass interior doors add a hint of class and substance to a home.

It’s easy to see and feel the difference after installing these types of interior doors. They feel heftier and aren’t subject to the headaches that wood doors bring:

No more shaving down the door due to fluctuations in the wood.

No more wood rot or rust like a traditional wood or metal door.

Improved safety from unwanted entry.

The durable fiberglass frame and door don’t settle as quickly as a wood door. They maintain their position better which makes them last longer so you replace them less often.

Finally, they have an extensive list of options from traditional to modern designs and accessories.

Sliding Door, Sliding Glass Door, and Patio Door Installation in San Diego

Patio Door - 4 Panel Sliding Door

A standard patio door style in San Diego is the sliding door. If you have a backyard or patio, there is a good chance the entry door at that location is a sliding glass door.

Many people call these doors patio doors or simply sliders. They offer a wide angle of excellent exterior viewing.

They are usual a large enough entry point to get large furniture in and out. Additionally, they are very easy to operate and secure.

French Door Installation in San Diego

Another great option for either exterior or interior doors is a French door. As a result, many people who are replacing a sliding door choose to upgrade to a four-panel French door with operable sidelights.

They offer a similar view with a touch of class and beauty where most sliding glass doors can’t. There are even options to create new openings for French doors.

Homeowners sometimes choose to replace a large sliding door with two French doors. They are also used to replace a window in a room that has access to the backyard.

Milgard Ultra Doors - French Doors with Grids