5 Reasons Why Vinyl Is a Good Door Material in San Diego

5 Reasons Why Vinyl Is a Good Door Material in San Diego

November 30, 2020
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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The city of San Diego is a relaxed, beautiful place with an equally lovely Mediterranean climate. America’s finest city boasts sunny, hot, dry summers, and cool, wetter winters. This sought after climate leaves its residents dreaming about beach days in the summer and pumpkin spice lattes in the fall. However, one should also be thinking about another crucial thing: doors!

Yes, doors. Doors are an essential part of every home, from the front door, to the bedroom doors, to patio doors. They all provide order, privacy, and structure to your home. When it comes to your patio door, it is imperative to choose the right one, since it will be used often and exposed to the elements. Now, good material, in essence, is what makes a good door. But, what makes a door material most suitable? How can you be sure that it tailors to the specific needs that your environment produces?

These are all important questions that you, as a homeowner, undoubtedly have, especially since nowadays, there are many materials to choose from. We recommend that you consider one of the most versatile materials on the market for your patio door: vinyl.

But what is it exactly? Vinyl is an elementary material, made from two simple things: chlorine, which comes from salt, and ethylene, which comes from oil. After being heated, the resulting substance becomes a very versatile and durable material that has found its place in many modern industries.

This material was discovered by accident in the 1920s when a scientist named Waldo Semon came across it while trying to create a synthetic adhesive. Although its discovery might have been accidental, we can definitely call it a happy accident since it has become a favorite of many industries, including car manufacturing, retail, electronics, construction, and healthcare.

You might be wondering what all of that has to do with your house, and specifically, your patio door. This article will explore the benefits and advantages of having vinyl doors in San Diego.

Withstand Varied Weather Conditions

We already know that San Diego weather is either sunny and dry, or cool and wet. These adjusting weather conditions may pose a challenge when it comes to installing a door in your own home. It is something you can not change with the season, and your doors (especially the entrance) are regularly exposed to the elements. Due to this, you will need a strong material that will not let you down, no matter Mother Nature’s mood.

Vinyl Doors - Sliding Door with Grids

Some vinyl door and window manufacturers, like Milgard with their Tuscany, Trinsic, and Style Line series, have a solution. Milgard’s proprietary vinyl formula features unique components such as titanium dioxide and stabilizers, which results in a high-performance product that resists heat with ease. These qualities mentioned above make great patio doors that will withstand San Diego’s varied weather patterns. Why? Well, not only is vinyl anti-corrosive making it great for beach towns, but it is also great at absorbing moisture and wetness, which is an amazing quality to have when the wet San Diego winter comes around.

Okay, but what about the summer? The other fantastic thing about vinyl is that it is also an excellent thermal insulator. This specific material does a great job of reducing heat transfer. This can be attributed to the fact that vinyl does not absorb heat, but instead, it merely reflects it, making it less intense and overwhelming. In other words, having a vinyl door will also keep you cool in the summer, therefore making your home more comfortable during the most fun season of the year.

With the recent heatwave that San Diego has experienced, having a door made out of insulating material is a necessity.

On the whole, vinyl doors are a great idea when the weather is a factor in your door selection  process. They will do a great job of keeping you cool in the summer and will withstand the wetness of winter with no problem. Wooden and steel doors might give up when exposed to the elements for too long, but vinyl will surely always put up a fight.

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Furthermore, vinyl doors will not only increase your level of comfort, but they will also help the environment, and your wallet, due to its energy-saving qualities. Think about how much you spend on cooling and heating. Now think about how that can all be decreased simply by changing your door material!


As discussed before, vinyl is widely used in many industries; from food wrappers to raincoats, to windows and doors. Due to this, vinyl has become very cost-effective without losing its benefits.

In other words, for a low price, you can get a door able to withstand almost all weather conditions for decades, all while keeping you comfortable in your own home, no matter how dry, wet, hot, or cold the weather outside is.

It is hard to understand how a plastic-based material can be so miraculous, but the key to vinyl’s success is the fantastic duo that its versatility and accessibility create. Vinyl really is the most cost-effective and beneficial door material around. Even the most expensive wood or steel doors will not give you as many advantages against weather as an affordable vinyl door would.

It is now apparent that the advantages of having a vinyl door are countless. The low cost of a vinyl door extends to its installation as well. So, not only will you pay an excellent price for the door itself, having it installed in your home will not hurt your pocket either.

In summary, with a vinyl door – especially a patio vinyl door – you get the full benefits of a multi-use material at a very affordable price. San Diego weather will not defeat you or your wallet!

Vinyl Patio Door

Conducive to Customization

We’ve established that vinyl doors present a solution with numerous benefits. Nonetheless, homeowners also need to consider their homes’ aesthetics. After all, your house needs to be safe, secure, and comfortable, but that does not mean that it should not also be beautiful and enticing.

Vinyl once again saves the day by being very easily customizable. If you can turn this material into a sandwich wrapper as well as a raincoat, why not turn it into different styles of doors?

You can choose from a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors when it comes to vinyl. From the Milgard Tuscany series’s traditional appeal to the Milgard Trinsic Series’s contemporary charm or the classic, clean look of the Milgard Style Line series that would suit any architectural style.

You can also have all of these styles in all of the classic colors that Milgard offers.

window styles

These colors are neutral enough to match your exterior cladding or facade, while still being variable, giving you a wide range to choose from. These colors include:

♦ White

♦ Bronze

♦ Classic Brown

♦ Tan

♦ Tweed

♦ Espresso

♦ Silver

♦ Fog

♦ Clay

♦ Ivory

♦ Sand

Keep in mind that once you have chosen a color for your door, it cannot be changed, since vinyl is not a material that can be painted.

To summarize, having a vinyl door will provide many benefits when it comes to San Diego’s weather conditions, while also increasing the curb appeal and the market value of your home. That means you do not have to put aesthetic over usefulness.

Minimum or No Maintenance

Your door is like the business card of your house, even if it is not the front one. It is highly noticeable and a crucial part of the structure. Because of this, homeowners put in great effort to have their doors look clean and well-kept. However, that effort is not needed when it comes to vinyl doors since vinyl is a very self-sustainable material. On top of that, Milgard vinyl patio doors are made with vinyl of the highest quality, making an already “low maintenance” material virtually maintenance-free.

Even with the intense heatwave that took over San Diego recently, or the wet winters that the state’s inhabitants often see, your vinyl door will always withstand all that, no matter if the cycle continues for decades. In contrast, a steel or wooden door would be affected by the weather changes, which would mean replacing it more often.

In other words, a vinyl door will always be a trusty companion, and it will certainly not be one that you have to replace for decades to come. Indeed, the frequent calls to the door company would outweigh the pros of cost-effectiveness and customization: a low priced door replacement is no longer low priced if it needs frequent servicing.

Luckily, as we stated before, vinyl doors would never put you through that, since they will withstand (with great strength) whatever the environment launches at them, and they will always come out victorious. You will not have to do any maintenance on your vinyl door, and you will notice how the material is scratch proof. Because of this, it will not need to be painted, scraped, or stained. No matter how much time goes by, or how the weather in San Diego changes, your door will always look amazing.

replacement windows


We can conclude that vinyl is truly a fantastic material. If it had to be summarized in one word, it would be “durable,” as revealed by its almost superpower-like ability to withstand chemicals, scratches, and any weather-related challenges. Whether it be a strong winter, a dry summer, or a windy spring, your vinyl door will always be there by your side. It will perform its duties for years on end without needing to call a professional or a repairman after a particularly bad storm or a period of intense heat.

Thanks to all of its strengths, a vinyl patio door should last around 30 years. However, Milgard vinyl doors can last even longer than that, thanks to durable, high-quality materials, perfect to withstand any conditions with absolutely no touch-ups required!

Having a durable patio door will save you money in repairs, along with improved energy efficiency and overall comfort.


After reviewing color and style ideas, you can choose a beautiful, affordable vinyl door and get it installed in no time for a great price. A few months later, San Diego summer and its heat will come by, and you will feel significantly fresher. Not only that, but your house will save a lot on energy, helping the environment, too.

Only after getting vinyl doors will you be able to experience the tremendous advantages they bring to the table. Aside from all the benefits we have covered, a patio door will surely turn your house into a stylish oasis.

Having a patio door will allow natural light to make its way into your home, giving it a more attractive atmosphere. The enchanting sunlight portals will surely increase the value of your property. Not only that, but receiving more natural light has been proven to increase vitamin D absorption, helping you keep a healthier body and mind.

If you want this to be your reality, contact US Window & Door and give your home a makeover. Aside from a touch of elegance, it’s also a great financial and environmentally-conscious decision.