5 Exterior Door Styles for Your San Diego Home

5 Exterior Door Styles for Your San Diego Home

May 17, 2021
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door

Every feature of your home should be welcoming, beautiful, and pleasing, especially when it comes to your front door. The front door is one of the most important doors in the house and it gives visitors and passers-by the first impression. It also increases the aesthetics of the curb. 

masonite front door in white

Not all door types and styles are conducive to the weather conditions or the climate of the area you live in, which can significantly affect its longevity and function. Fortunately, there are now a variety of exterior door styles to choose from. Entry doors come in many different shapes and sizes, so it is important to find one that suits your home.

We can help you find the look and design you exactly want for your door and make sure it is perfect for you and your family. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular exterior door styles in the market. Here are the top 5 best choices for the area.

Door with Sidelights

Sidelights are windows that normally flank the door and are located next to each other. It is a window on the left side of the wall, usually in the middle of an open room. The side walls are narrow and mostly stationary, with a small distance between them and the front door. Vertical windows are installed on the sides of the door, and only a few use horizontal windows in the design.. These small windows may not bring a lot of sunshine, but they leave enough to illuminate your door and its surroundings.

Sidelights are a great way to bring natural light into a room when there is little light outdoors. You won’t have to see who knocks at the door when you can see through the small light from outside.

door with sidelights

These windows are ideal for children and even pets as they provide visibility and safety. In fact, doors and side walls are designed for energy efficiency and durability.

Average Price

The costs for adding sidelights to your entrance can be several hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on a variety of factors. However, it can boost your home’s curb appeal and make your entryway more attractive and inviting.

Speakeasy Door

The word speakeasy was originated in the United States during the Prohibition period of the 1920s. It refers to a small window cut into an entry door at eye level, used for the safe greeting of tourists. Speakeasy doors round out their great look with embossed high-definition boards and hammered metal hinges. Structurally, the Signet doors are a combination of interlocking upper and lower rails that dovetail with each other, guaranteeing unmatched strength and durability and outperforming other fiberglass doors in terms of structural strength and longevity.

The Speakeasy door grilles transport us to Al Capone’s era of the prohibition and speakeasy bars - a solid iron door or a seeded glass panel swings open to collect passwords at the speakeasy opening. During the Prohibition era, the speakeasy bar became popular (1920-1933). It got its name because people who visited these bars would refer to them in the public eye in a quiet manner, also known as a “speakeasy” manner. 

speakeasy door

Despite being often raided by the police, they managed to thrive. To gain access, a customer will talk through the grill in the door. The speakeasy was a phrase that described a spot where you could get a drink after prohibition ended. In the early 2000s, the word was reintroduced to define a retro-style inn that served prohibition-era cocktails. These heavy-duty units ensure your personal safety while adding a touch of American nostalgia to the mix.

Also, a speakeasy door grille can be an attractive pivotal point for every entryway. If excessive sunlight is an issue, it can also offer sun protection. 

Rustic styles come in bronze, black, brass, or rust, and you can choose from traditional to ornate types. Some versions resemble door grilles on an ancient castle and have a Gothic or Old World appearance. The speakeasy door grille works well on wide wooden gates, allowing you to see who is trying to gain entry to your yard or crash your party.

Average Price

Speakeasy Front Doors are priced at several thousand dollars on average for a high quality door.

Glass Door

Glass doors and glass walls are hardened through heat, so they last for decades. These doors are made of thick, thermally reinforced, and tempered glass, and are primarily used as an entrance door for retail stores.

One of the biggest advantages of glass doors is that they let in a lot of natural light that flows freely into the house, allowing the homeowner to feel more connected to nature. A sliding glass door is a kind of sliding door whose structure allows convenient entry and exit to the house or from one room to another. 

These kinds of exterior doors are certainly a great addition to any home. It also serves as a door style that can add a touch of personality and color to your front door.

It makes it easy to imagine a large, opening glass door system being built into a new house or an existing home with glass doors. Fresh air fills every corner of the room, creating a place to relax, enjoy, and share with your loved ones.

glass sliding door stacking

Glass exterior doors or Moving glass wall systems which are also known as double doors, accordion doors, or glass panel doors. They have several collapsible glass panes hanging from a rail. A panel operation movement opens the door system, and when the door is pushed open, the panel folds. If three or more panels can be moved and stacked, the system is considered stacking doors or stacking glass doors.

Glass exterior door systems vary, so make sure you know what you like visually and determine the available space, door performance, costs, and your home improvement goals. At US Window & Door, we can help you by comparing door systems and materials that best suit your local climate and answering specific questions about your home. To get a deeper look at the best glass exterior doors for your home, we recommend requesting a quote online.

Average Price

New sliding glass doors cost a few thousand dollars, depending on the size of the door and the space available in your home.

Steel Doors

Steel is the standard choice for security entrances and is more commonly used by commercial property owners, but are also suitable for residential construction. Steel doors are very durable and they offer a good level of security. Steel doors can be made of a combination of steel, aluminum, glass, and other materials, including glass panes and other accessories. 

front door steel door

People often prefer steel because of its accessibility, affordability, and longevity. Steel is very strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions. With proper installation and maintenance, steel doors often last 30 years or more, whle lack of planning and improper installation can lead to problems that add to the unnecessary expenses for homeowners. 

Steel doors are a good choice when safety and durability are the top priorities. They are stronger than wooden doors and do not tear or warp. This is due to the thicker material that they’re made from. If installed and maintained properly, hollow metal doors can cause less damage to the outside of the house. Thick doors and windows provide more protection against damage to the outside and inside of your home and also make it harder for burglars to break into your home.

Average Price

The cost of a steel door ranges widely depending on the quality, design and installation. Make sure you get competitive bids if you are looking for this type of door.


The market for today’s doors offers more security, extensive options, and affordability. In addition, a modernized front door will certainly improve the energy efficiency of your home. Here we explain some of the best ways to replace your front doors, as well as the pros and cons of different styles. 

masonite front door with sidelights

Let US Window & Door help out on your home improvement plans so you can pick out the best exterior door for your home. Get a free quote from our experts to see the best options for your home.