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Window Replacement Escondido

When homeowners in Escondido are in need of window replacement Escondido, they can turn to US Window & Door, an experienced and reliable independent business that serves the Southern California region. Our well-trained and highly skilled staff can help you find the replacement windows you need from our vast selection of window styles and sizes in wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. We carry only the top brands of windows that have been manufactured to exceed industry standards, and we guarantee high-quality and professional installation services. If you are looking for window replacement in Escondido, contact US Window & Door to schedule a free in-home estimate at your convenience.

Common Reasons For Window Replacement Escondido

Milgard Ultra Windows - Vertical Sliding Windows with Grids and Picture Windows

There are various reasons for Escondido homeowners to get window replacement Escondido. Whether their old window is malfunctioning or they are looking for a more energy efficient window with curb appeal, Escondido homeowners are choosing US Window & Door for their window replacement Escondido needs.


The most common reason by far is that their old windows are wearing out. Often, they notice that their old windows are letting in a draft even when you shut them tightly, or they start to have trouble opening and closing windows that have begun to warp or swell with moisture. Also, old windows may not look as good as they did when they were new, due to weather damage, mildew, stains, and other cosmetic issues. .

Energy Efficiency

Another major reason for window replacement Escondido is a desire to cut down on energy costs. In the past, window manufacturers made all windows with a single layer of glazing, or glass. In recent years, though, advances in technology have led to the development of highly energy-efficient windows that utilize multiple layers of glazing, gas-filled air pockets, and unique low-emissivity coatings to minimize the transfer of heat between the outside and the inside of the house. Consequently, replacing old windows can lead to significant monthly savings on electricity and/or gas bills.

Curb Appeal

Homeowners also seek out window replacement Escondido to improve the appearance of their home, especially if they are considering putting the house on the market. New windows can brighten up the exterior of a house, adding significantly to its curb appeal. New windows also offer a clean, bright view from inside the house and enhance the quality of light in a room.

Less Maintenance

Also, many of our customers are looking for home window replacement Escondido because they want a product that requires less maintenance than the windows they currently have. They want stress-free windows that need a minimum of care and no painting or touch-ups.

Essence Window Replacement Escondido


Finally, many of our customers are looking for windows that will increase their home’s security. Since we manufacture our windows with security features that meet or exceed local forced entry codes, they are a popular choice for homeowners who want to keep intruders out while making sure their family members can quickly exit through the windows if necessary.

Top Materials For Window Replacement Escondido

Our top-of-the-line Milgard windows Escondido are available in four types of materials: wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. Milgard makes all frames with the highest standards, but each material has certain advantages. Typically the style of the home along with the homeowner’s tastes and budget considerations are the main factors in choosing a frame material.

Wood Frames For Window Replacement Escondido

At US Window & Door, we carry wooden frames in Milgard’s Essence series. These Escondido replacement windows are manufactured with both wood and fiberglass. The wooden portion of the window faces the interior of the house, where homeowners can enjoy the warmth and beauty of the natural wood grain. The exterior of the window, however, is made of much more weather-resistant fiberglass. Also, these windows feature interior channels that drain away any moisture before it can damage the wood.

Fiberglass Frames For Window Replacement Escondido

Fiberglass is an increasingly popular window frame material because it offers many of the advantages of wood with none of the maintenance (i.e., sealing, staining, and painting) that wood requires. Fiberglass composite has the look of wood, and while it doesn’t require painting, it can be painted if the owner wants to change the color. Unlike wood, which absorbs moisture, fiberglass gently expands and contracts at the same rate as the window glass it holds, making it a stronger and more airtight window.

Vinyl Frames For Window Replacement Escondido

Milgard Windows San Diego - Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is the most popular choice for replacement windows due to their relatively low cost, attractive appearance, and energy efficiency.  Because Escondido vinyl windows are UV resistant and trap air in honeycomb-like pockets, they are among the most energy efficient windows Escondido on the market. In fact, installing vinyl windows can in some cases qualify for hero program Escondido funding. Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC),

Milgard’s vinyl windows are heat-resistant and virtually maintenance free. Moreover, the window frames reflect UV rays through two coats of finish, ensuring that Escondido ca vinyl windows can look like new for many years.

Aluminum Frames For Window Replacement Escondido

Aluminum is an ideal material for thin window frames that maximize the view. Because aluminum grows stronger in the extruding process, a thin frame can hold a very large piece of glass. Aluminum frames are especially popular for commercial and industrial Escondido window replacement. They may also be the best choice in homes where you desire an extra-large picture window. While aluminum is durable, it is not as weather-resistant as other materials, and exposure to moisture can lead to corrosion over time.

Available Styles For Window Replacement Escondido

Homes in Escondido run the gamut of architectural styles, though Spanish, Craftsman, and mid-century homes tend to be the most popular. At US Window & Door, we have windows for every style of house, from traditional to modern. The following are the most popular styles for window replacement Escondido.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed windows designed to provide a comprehensive and clear view through an undivided pane of glass. Radius windows are a type of picture window with two right angles and a rounded top.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are beautiful windows that provide excellent curb appeal and add charm to a home’s interior as well. These windows are made of three fixed windows, and the two on each side angle outward from the front of the house. Bow windows are very similar to bay windows, but they are constructed with four or more panes of glass.

Single and Double-Hung Windows

These windows are the most common windows purchased for window replacement Escondido. Both types are built with two sashes. With a single-hung window, only the bottom sash can be opened and closed while the upper sash is fixed.  A double-hung window has two movable sashes; the top can be lowered, or the bottom can be raised.

Horizontal Windows

There are two types of horizontal windows awnings and sliders. Awnings are operated with a crank. When the user turns the crank, the window, which is hinged at the top, opens outward. Sliders are constructed like single and double-hung windows with a sash or sashes that slide to the left or right.

Casement Windows

Like awnings, casement windows are operated with a crank, making them an ideal choice for windows that are hard to reach. Casement windows open outward, like a door, and are popular choices for kitchen windows, as they let in a lot of light and provide ventilation.

Cost Of Replacement Windows In Escondido

The cost of window replacement Escondido depends on a variety of factors, including the frame material, the style of window, the size of the window, and the installation process. At US Window & Door, we promise a quick and professional window installation Escondido with a lifetime guarantee. Because every job is custom, we can only quote a price once we have seen your home and taken some measurements. To schedule a free estimate, please contact us by phone or via our website and one of our staff with schedule a time to visit your home at your convenience.

Installing Escondido Replacement Windows

Our installation process begins with an in-home consultation and estimate. At this time, we will help you learn about the best options available for your window replacement Escondido. We will discuss the advantages of different styles and frame types for your home and work within your budget to propose a cost-effective solution to your replacement window needs.

The next step in the process is the pre-installation, where we take careful and thorough measurements of the areas where we will install your replacement windows your replacement windows. We’ll then get together the tools and the labor that we need and schedule the installation, which we can often complete within a day. Our installation technicians are all highly trained and professional. They will clean up all debris and leave your home as they found it.

Installation is followed up with a detailed inspection to make sure everything was done correctly and to the homeowner’s satisfaction. Once we are satisfied that we have done everything we need to do, we will leave you to enjoy your new windows with a lifetime guarantee of both the windows and the installation.

Replacing aging windows can provide many benefits to homeowners. Replacement windows in Escondido can provide better insulation, making the whole house more energy efficient. New windows can also add a great deal of curb appeal, making any home easier to sell when you put it on the market. To learn more about US Window & Door’s excellent products and installation process, please contact us and get your free in-home quote.