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Window Replacement El Cajon

When homeowners in El Cajon notice that their windows are beginning to age, they may want to think about window replacement. Old windows may be letting in drafts and heat, they may be too hard to open or close, and they may represent a risk to home security. For these reasons and more, window replacement El Cajon can be one of the most cost-effective and beneficial upgrades for an older home. At US Window & Door, we offer a wide selection of windows from Milgard,  a manufacturer with an unmatched reputation for quality and craftsmanship, and we are pleased to provide top quality window installation El Cajon.

Benefits of Window Replacement El Cajon

Replacing older windows with new ones can improve a home in many ways; new windows look better than old ones, they’re better at insulating the home, they are more secure, and they can also provide better functionality. Altogether, these benefits make home window replacement El Cajon an investment that is sure to pay off in the long run.

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Common Problems With Older Windows

In the past, most home windows were constructed of wood or aluminum, and while both of these materials make attractive and robust window frames when they’re new, they are susceptible to damage from wind and rain.

Although wood is an attractive material, it absorbs moisture, which can cause it to expand and contract significantly with temperature changes. Also, water degrades wood over time. Old wooden windows are likely to warp and let in air. They may also become tough to open or close. Finally, wood requires a good deal of maintenance, and without it, wooden window frames lose their beauty.

When aluminum gets wet, it will eventually corrode, leaving stains and blemishes that ruin its appearance. Also, aluminum frames do not prevent heat transfer quite as well as other frame types. Fortunately, advances in technology have improved the energy efficiency of aluminum replacement windows considerably.

Enhanced Curb Appeal With Window Replacement El Cajon

Window replacement El Cajon can significantly improve the look of a home both inside and out.  Often,  homeowners choose a color of frame that better complements the exterior of the home than the original color. Milgard’s fiberglassvinyl  and aluminum window frames are available in a wide range of vibrant colors and finishes that will noticeably improve the look of any home.

New replacement windows also look good indoors. Often, new glass offers a clearer view than that of older windows. Thus, window replacement El Cajon can add more light inside the home and improve the view to the outdoors.

Greater Energy Efficiency With Window Replacement El Cajon

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Increasing a home’s energy efficiency is one of the top reasons why homeowners are looking for El Cajon window replacement. Thanks to advances in window manufacturing technology along with Milgard’s high standards for energy efficiency, modern windows of all types do a much better job of limiting heat transfer. In fact, new energy-efficient windows may qualify a home for the hero program El Cajon.

Also, when two windows are attached, they are joined with a mullion, or cap, over the joint which provides an air-tight seal. Milgard’s vinyl-framed windows are also excellent insulators because, unlike metal, vinyl is not a heat conductor. Moreover, vinyl windows are constructed with a hollow center that traps air in multiple chambers, thus slowing any transfer of heat between the indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the frame material, a window’s energy efficiency depends on the glazing or glass. Modern windows are manufactured with double panes of glass, and, in between them, there is a pocket of gas, like argon or krypton, which provides extra insulation. Also, Milgard Windows come with a low-emissivity, or low-E, coating that reflects heat, helping to keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Added Security With Window Replacement El Cajon

A significant benefit of replacing windows is the added security new windows can provide. Older windows, especially those with single panes, can be easy to break into. However, Milgard windows are designed to meet and exceed California’s forced entry codes with multiple-point locking systems. Windows can be further secured with Milgard’s factory-installed window opening control device, a mechanism that limits the extent to which a window can be opened. Not only does a narrow window opening provide both ventilation and security, it is also a safety feature, especially in homes with children who might fall into or even try to crawl out of a window.

Improved Functionality With Window Replacement El Cajon

Old windows can become hard to raise and lower due to warping, swelling, or rust, depending on the window type. New replacement windows are not only much easier to open and close, but some types of windows also offer added convenience. For example, casement windows and awnings are both operated with a crank, which is ideal for windows in a difficult-to-access location, such as behind a counter or above a doorway. Horizontal sliding windows can also be an easy-to-use alternative to traditional vertical windows. Tall casement windows, which open outward like a door, also provide better ventilation than a single or double-hung window of a similar size.

Cost Of Window Replacement El Cajon

The price of new replacement windows can vary according to the frame type, the style of window, added features, and the installation process. With US Window & Door window replacement El Cajon, every job is a custom job, and we are happy to provide you with a free in-home quote. Contact us by phone or via our website, and we will contact you to set up an appointment at your convenience. When we visit your home, we will measure your windows and talk with you about window replacement options that will meet your needs, your preferences, and your budget.

At US Window & Door, we are committed to providing top-quality, friendly, and professional service to all of our customers, and we stand by our work with a lifetime warranty on installation.  Please contact us to learn more about our full range of window replacement options and our installation process.