Plastpro Doors San Diego

Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or revamping an existing one, adding just the right finishing touches makes all the difference. When it comes to entry doors, you probably have a particular set of expectations in mind.

They’ve got to blend in perfectly with other architectural design elements in place while reflecting your one-of-a-kind personality. Though beauty, uniqueness and curb appeal are important, they’re not the only aspects to consider.

Your doors need to offer protection on many levels. They should keep the elements outside where they belong and keep your heating and air conditioning inside; otherwise, you’ll be looking at over-the-top energy bills, and ultimate comfort will be a bit hard to come by. Aside from that, they need to be able to weather the unique challenges Southern California tends to hold in store as well as withstand the typical wear and tear of everyday life.

Plastpro Doors San Diego are designed with all those factors in mind, and the result is an entry door guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Industry-Leading Performance and Unrivaled Appeal

Unmatched strength and beauty describes Plastpro doors San Diego line of fiberglass impact doors perfectly. Plastpro doors San Diego can achieve industry-leading performance as a result of a relatively new and revolutionary technology.

By using moisture-protecting Hydroshield technology and strong composite materials, Plastpro Doors San Diego proudly manufactures their fiberglass and steel doors right here in the U.S.A. Exclusive to Plastpro, the Hydroshield system is made up of a combination of elements you won’t find with other manufacturers.

Water-Resistant Composite Stiles: Stiles are the vertical components of the inner door frame. Traditionally, they’re made of wood or metal, leaving them vulnerable to moisture and changing temperatures. Plastpro uses composite material, so their entry doors help keep the moisture out and stand strong against extreme heat and cold.

Protective Composite Rails: As the horizontal portions of a door’s interior framework, rails are integral to the overall structural integrity of the door. Like their stiles, Plastpro makes their rales with composite materials that are resistant to the elements. They work in tandem with other aspects of the company’s doors to ensure they’re impervious to the wiles of nature.

Fiberglass Skin: Covering the composite inner structure of these doors is a fiberglass-reinforced outer layer. Like the fiberglass body parts of a vehicle, this material repels moisture, heat, humidity, freezing temperatures and normal wear and tear to create a sturdy stronghold against virtually any conditions.

Plastpro developed their system with the requirements of homeowners in mind; as a result, you can rest assured that Plastpro’s Hydroshield technology fully protects your home. They offer a full range of customization options, so you don’t have to sacrifice style and appearance when you come to them for your entry door needs.

Plastpro Doors San Diego Fiberglass Door Series

Plastpro doors San Diego are made to withstand the elements and have tremendous curb-side appeal, while being environmentally-friendly and securing your family from outside elements and intruders.

The patented Hydroshield technology is a water-resistant seal that’s used on every square inch of the door to protect it from rotting, corroding, warping, and mildew damage.  These are simply the very best fiberglass and impact entry doors for the San Diego climate.  Additionally, Plastpro doors San Diego exclusive snap-on doorlite frames enable a clean, sleek installation of in-door glass without the visibility of screws or plugs. The fiberglass door and its frame are manufactured with high-impact composite materials, creating a splinter-free, water-resistant entry into your home.

Plastpro Door - Front Doors San Diego with Hydroshield - Custom Door

In addition, Plastpro doors San Diego fiberglass doors are insulated with an environmentally-friendly CFC-free foam core that enhances its soundproofing capabilities, as well as providing insulation that is six times more effective than a standard wooden door.

Plastpro Fiberglass Door Features Include:

High-Impact Design: Holds up against storms, would-be home invaders, rogue baseballs and any other dangers of everyday life in San Diego

Water-Resistant: Keeps out rainwater and humidity to prevent warping, mold and mildew while the composite materials are impervious to decay

Better Insulation than Standard Doors: Studies show standard doors not equipped with extra efficiency measures are responsible for up to 25 percent of the energy loss today’s homeowners face.

Genuine Curbside Appeal: Plastpro offers a full range of wood-grain finishes, giving you the charm and elegance of authentic wood without the extensive maintenance requirements. At the same time, they provide customized glasswork to further add to the decorative aspect as well as efficiency.

Plastpro doors San Diego fiberglass doors come in a variety of finishes, colors and designs for unparalleled strength and durability as well as the capacity to meld with your architectural concept and unique style. Read Plastpro’s available brochure for more information.

Plastpro Doors San Diego Impact Doors

Southern California weather can be unpredictable and sometimes too harsh on a regular door.  That’s where Plastpro doors San Diego Impact doors come in. With all the benefits and beauty of standard composite doors, these are manufactured with added protection for extreme weather conditions.

Using innovative technology, a unique patent-pending process allows Plastpro to insert a missile-proof shield to reinforce the door. As a result, Plastpro doors San Diego Impact entry doors are engineered to withstand extreme elements – and protect your home from any penetration of flying objects due to high winds or unexpected guests.  These Impact doors are available in several finishes, as well as the option to insert a specially-formulated damage-resistant glass.

Plastpro Impact Door Quick Facts:

  • Unbeatable protection
  • Designed for extreme weather conditions
  • Missile-proof shield for enhanced durability
  • Available in several finishes

Plastpro doors San Diego undergo rigorous testing procedures to continually ensure they provide the highest level of protection for your home and family. They meet or exceed the industry’s standards for withstanding fire, hurricane-force winds and flying objects and pressure differentials; not to mention, missile-proof shields are available for an added layer of security.

Fire Rated Fiberglass Door and Fire Rated PF Frame

Manufactured with a very strong fire-retardant and an environmentally-friendly foam core, Plastpro doors San Diego fire-rated doors have been approved for a Warnock-Hersey fire rating that guarantees that they can withstand high temperatures for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Plastpro fire-rated doors can also be manufactured to withstand fires up to 60 or 90 minutes.

Front Doors San Diego - Plastpro Door with HydroShield

Plastpro’s exclusive poly-fiber material – or PF – is what makes the door and its frame meet various strict fire-rating code regulations.  As a bonus, each fire-rated product from Plastpro features Hydroshield technology that resists denting, splintering, rotting, warping, and corrosion.

Benefits of Fire-Rated Plastpro Doors San Diego and Frames:

20-minute Warnock-Hersey fire rating approval (with 60 to 90 minute fire-resistant designs available)

Perfect for private homes and light commercial use (protect your family and belongings or your business and its assets for years to come)

Environmentally Friendly (Designed and manufactured with a cleaner, greener world in mind)

Energy-Efficient (prevents air leakage, heat escape, excessive heating in direct sunlight, condensation and a range of other efficiency-reducing factors)

These high-impact, fire-retardant fiberglass entry doors create a beautiful entrance to your home or office.  Plastpro doors San Diego fire-rated doors provide water resistance and protection from outside elements, making any home safer.  Plus, energy-efficient replacement doors like these will also help reduce your monthly energy bills.

Available Entry Door Finishes

Plastpro Exterior Doors in San Diego

Today’s homes and places of business are as diverse as the families who own them. Plastpro considers that with each new finish the company adds to its lineup. Some of the options currently available include:

Fir Grain: Fir has a grain all its own. Depending on the type in question and how it’s cut, it can offer either straight, fine grain or flowing swirls and arches or have close-knit knots adding plenty of character.

Oak Grain: Oak is known for its light color and striking grain pattern, giving it the ability to stand out and make a statement whether you use it for cabinets and side tables or entry doors and their frames.

Mahogany: Often associated with elegance and strength, mahogany is famous for its rich, dark color and straight, coarse grain.

Cherry: Cherry wood’s highly sought-after visual qualities include flowing, less-prominent grain patterns than some other woods as well as its inherent brightness and sheen.

Smooth Skin: As opposed to the traditional appeal of wood grain, Plastpro’s Smooth Skin Series brings a more natural, modern option to the table.

These are only a few of the finishes available for Plastpro’s fiberglass entry doors. Whether you’re looking for a rustic appearance, modern elegance or anything in between, you’ll find the right veneer to add the perfect finishing touch to your home or business. With the broad range of decorative, impact resistant, energy-efficient glass choices also offered, the customization possibilities are endless.

In addition to beauty and curb appeal, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or business is protected against any number of unfortunate circumstances.

Plastpro Doors San Diego Pricing And Warranties

Plastpro doors San Diego fiberglass, impact-resistant doors vary widely in price depending on size, finish, added features, glasswork and other customization options. Contact US Window & Door for an estimate on specific entry doors tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Each Plastpro product comes with its own warranty. For single-family residential fiberglass entry doors, warranties range from five years to the entire lifetime of the door with certain limitations in place. All residential glasswork comes with a 10-year guarantee, and frames are accompanied by limited lifetime warranties. Most commercial and multi-family entry doors and products offer three-year warranties.

Plastpro doors San Diego product lines are designed to hold up to typical daily life as well as unexpected issues, giving you a long-lasting alternative unlike any others on the market. Visit the Plastpro website for more in-depth details on the single door and product line warranties.

An All-in-One Solution to Your Entry Door Needs

Plastpro impact and entry doors are the ultimate in safety and protection, giving you and your family peace of mind. They’re also very attractive and can be fitted accordingly and manufactured in different finishes to blend in with any home’s unique style or architecture.

Contact US Window & Door today if you have any questions about fiberglass doors or impact entry doors made by Plastpro. Our professional services include door replacement and installation, and we look forward to making yours a simple, worry-free experience.